Bulletproof Coffee vs Death Wish Coffee: What’s The Best Choice?

Do you want a filling coffee with tons of caffeine? Here, discover the differences between Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee

When I first got into coffee, I was all about that sweet and creamy life. For a long time, coffee was much too bitter for my tastes, so I steered clear of it. However, as I started sampling smooth, rich blends, my palate changed. 

These days, I’m starting to branch out to try different varieties that would have seemed unfathomable just a few years ago. Two coffee blends that wound up on my radar were Bulletproof and Death Wish coffee. While their names sound like B-action movies, they have both gained cult status. 

So, I rolled up my sleeves, bought both coffees and did some experimenting and taste testing. Here are my results regarding Bulletproof Coffee vs Death Wish Coffee. 

Comparing Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee

For this comparison, I’m looking at the flavor, caffeine content, price, and ease of brewing. Here’s what I discovered about both. 

Flavor Profile

a cup of bulletproof coffee, a bread, a cheese
Adding butter to your bulletproof coffee is a good idea and choice to start

Since I started my coffee journey with creamy and sweet brews, I was hesitant to try both of these at first. However, given Bulletproof coffee’s addition of butter (or some other high-fat ingredient), it seemed like a better choice to start. To ensure that I got the complete flavor experience, I bought both the original Bulletproof coffee and some of the “official” ghee to mix in. 

The flavor was about what I expected. The coffee itself is a medium roast, so relatively mild and less bitter than light roasts. I sampled the coffee first, then added the ghee.

I may have put too much fat in the first cup, as it was kind of overpowering. Overall, though, the fat made the coffee thicker and creamier and cut down on the bitterness. 

For Death Wish Coffee, however, I knew that I had to prep myself for what was to come. Billed as the “world’s strongest coffee,” I was worried that it would pretty much scorch my tastebuds, regardless of its temperature. 

Oddly enough, it wasn’t as strong as I anticipated. While it’s much more of a teeth-kicker than Bulletproof, it didn’t knock me down. That said, I couldn’t quite finish the whole cup.

Partly because of the taste and partly because I didn’t want to stay up too late. 

Winner: Bulletproof Coffee

Acidic Vs. Bitter Flavors

Two issues I usually have with coffee are its bitterness and acidity. Interestingly, the potency of each option depends on how you brew your coffee. If you brew it longer, you cut down on both.

Caffeine also has a naturally bitter taste, which is a significant reason why Death Wish coffee packs such a strong punch. Other factors that can affect bitterness include the type of roast (lighter ones are more bitter), water used, and brewing method (i.e., French press vs. drip brewing). You can find out more about how to adjust acidity and bitterness here.

Caffeine Content

death wish coffee
Death Wish coffee is a good choice to sip in if you are trying to stay up all night

There’s no question that Death Wish coffee has far more caffeine than Bulletproof. So, if you’re trying to stay up all night, a single cup of Death Wish coffee can get the job done. However, if you want a slight boost, Bulletproof is a better choice. 

When I have a lot of work to do during the day, a cup of Death Wish coffee will help me power through with some energy to spare. For other days, however, I prefer the relative mildness and steady boost of Bulletproof coffee (and the flavor is much less intense).

I would say the comparison between caffeine delivery is between a sprint (Death Wish coffee) and a brisk jog (Bulletproof). Overall, if you’re not trying to give your brain a jolt of pure adrenaline, Death Wish Coffe may be too potent. 

Winner: Death Wish coffee for caffeinated people, Bulletproof for everyone else


Oddly enough, both coffees are the exact same price, at least when you measure per ounce. Death Wish coffee comes in 16-ounce bags (unless you buy individual K-cups), while Bulletproof comes in 12-ounce portions. However, you can purchase Bulletproof in five-pound bags if you plan on drinking it regularly. 

When dividing the size by the cost, both blends come out to $1.25/ounce. So, price-wise, there’s no difference

Winner: Tie

Ease Of Brewing

Both Death Wish coffee and Bulletproof coffees offer whole and ground beans. So, brewing is as easy as you like. Personally, I like to grind my beans at home since the process delivers more flavor, and I have better control. 

If you want convenience, Death Wish Coffee does have a slight edge because it sells individual K-cups. However, if you don’t want to contribute to environmental waste (or you don’t have a coffee pod machine), it’s a moot point. 

One primary difference, however, is the mixture of butter (or ghee) and Bulletproof coffee. If you don’t like to add anything to your cup, Death Wish Coffee has another slight edge because you can drink it straight, no chaser. 

Winner: Death Wish Coffee

The Final Word On Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee

Overall, I like Bulletproof Coffee better than Death Wish Coffee. Although Bulletproof coffee is considered a “superfood” by many, its health claims are somewhat dubious. I will say that the mixture of fat and coffee does work well as a meal substitute, meaning that I don’t need to snack before lunch. 

If you want a potent blast of caffeine, though, Death Wish coffee is the way to go. If the flavor is too much, you can add cream and sugar without cutting down on the caffeine content. However, no matter what you do, that bitterness will always be present. 

If you want more detailed info, in this article, our barista explains how much caffeine in death wish coffee.

FAQs About Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee

What is the caffeine content of Death Wish coffee?

Death Wish Coffee contains 54.2 mg of caffeine per ounce, aka 600+ mg per 12-ounce cup. Keep in mind that most health professionals recommend 400-500 mg per day

Is Death Wish Coffee Keto?

Yes, this coffee works on the Keto diet, as long as you don’t add sugar.


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