The 3 Best Teas For Runners

With the increasing number of people taking up running as part of their active lifestyle, one performance enhancer is tea. So, what are the best teas for runners?

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Tea provides more health benefits essential in sporting events

The old boxing gym I used to go to closed down after the lockdown lifted. I wasn’t fond of doing exercises at home since it’s a bit cramped, so I chose to run around the vicinity of my house. As I was getting insights from my runner friends, they mentioned that you should drink tea instead of coffee in the morning if you’re going for a jog. 

Although its caffeine content is not as much as your regular cup of Joe, tea has just the right amount to rejuvenate you for your run. Most endurance athletes prefer tea over coffee as it provides more health benefits essential in training or sporting events. Since it’s also milder than coffee, you won’t expect any caffeine crashes or energy spikes as you go about your activity.

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What To Look For In Teas For Running

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All tea is healthy but look for teas that’ll complement your activity

We’re looking for a tea that can provide a quality and refreshing cup before and after your run.

Health Benefits

All tea is healthy, but we’re looking for ones to complement your activity. 


We want to take it up a notch and go for something that packs a flavor to boost your motivation further to run. We won’t stop you if you still prefer your traditional black tea.


Let’s say you will be running at least three times a week. If you’re like me, who drinks tea before and after a run, that’s the equivalent of six cuppas a week, and I’m not even counting the ones we drink in our leisure time. I recommend opting for something that won’t hurt our wallets too much.

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How To Pick The Best Teas For Running

There are two things to keep in mind when picking a tea.

  • It has to be within your budget. You’d be surprised how fast your box of tea runs out.
  • You have to be comfortable drinking it. It all comes down to your preference.

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The Best Tea For Runners For The Health Conscious 

The Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea is one of my favorite flavors as it’s quite close to the taste of matcha. Matcha teas are ideal for extending your running distance and prolonging physical activity. A study published by the American Physiology Society shows that green tea extracts such as matcha boost endurance exercise performance by up to a whopping 24%.


  • Made with organic whole leaf green and fine matcha powder
  • Easy to make.


  • It might not be the best option for those who are looking for an authentic matcha flavor
Pukka Supreme Matcha Green, Organic Herbal Green Tea
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The Best Tea For Runners To Ease Cramps 

The Republic Of Tea ginger peach white tea’s aroma is immaculate, and the great thing is it tastes as good as it smells. As white tea is the least processed compared to other variants, it contains more antioxidants such as catechins which help in diminishing muscle damage that is associated with physical activities such as running. It’s highly refreshing, and the dynamic flavor combo of ginger and peach will surely wake you up.


  • Less caffeine and contains more antioxidants
  • Flavorful compared to other teas and also easy to brew


  • Some might find the flavor too powerful
  • A bit pricey for active runners

The Best Tea For Runners For Reduced Caffeine

The Bigelow Cozy Chamomile herbal tea is the perfect tea for your post-run and should be something mild and refreshing at the same time. Chamomile tea, which is known for its calming properties, is the ideal recovery beverage as it contains bisabolol, an active ingredient that aids in keeping inflammation and stress levels in check.


  • Significantly relaxes your muscles after a run
  • Soothing flavor and aroma
  • Budget-friendly


  • May cause drowsiness
  • Caffeine-free, so it’s best consumed post-run

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Testing Criteria

If you love a quick boost of energy for your pre-run like myself, I suggest going for the Ginger Peach White Tea as its dynamic flavor will do the trick. If you’re looking to challenge yourself for the day, go for the Matcha Green Tea.

Alternatively, if you’re a bit conservative, you can go for the traditional black, Earl Grey, or oolong tea.

Why You Can Trust Me

A quick cup of Joe before physical activity will give you that boost of energy you need, but it has its disadvantages. 

For one, there’s a slight chance you’ll feel the acidity which might affect your pace and momentum (not to mention the annoying stomach ache). My friend suggested tea as an alternative, and I have to tell you, it was a game-changer.


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