5 Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers

Do you want to find out why so many people enjoy tea? Here are the five best tea for non-tea drinkers.

Best tea for non-tea drinkers

With the United States being at the top of the list of countries that drink the most coffee globally, it’s not surprising that some may get tired of its taste at one point. On the other hand, some may find themselves needing a healthier alternative to coffee, as teas can lower the risk for heart diseases and stroke while promoting other health benefits.

What To Look For In The Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers


What you’ll like will ultimately depend on your preference. However, endless tea flavors are available for you, even if you’re the pickiest. Don’t worry; even avid tea drinkers have flavors they avoid and don’t like. 


Why do you want to start drinking tea? Whatever your reason may be, the health benefits of tea are already enough reason to give it a try. 

Feel free to pick the tea with the health benefits most advantageous to your daily activities.


As a beginner in tea drinking, you don’t have to select the most pricey, nor are you expected to buy a whole box of tea. Go for tea sampler packs that offer an array of tea blends.


Although long-time tea drinkers find the brewing process meditative, newbies might find it tedious. Not being able to brew the tea the right way will also affect its taste. So, go for quick to brew teas that don’t require many steps to follow.

How To Pick The Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers

Loose leaf tea is better than pre-packed tea for a more authentic blend. Therefore, here are some buying tips on choosing quality loose leaves:

Know Your Tea Types

Understanding what each tea type contains helps you recognize how it may affect your health, diet, and lifestyle. The main tea types are:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Oolong Tea
  3. Black Tea
  4. White Tea
  5. Yellow Tea
  6. Pu-erh or Dark Tea

What makes Oolong and Green Tea different? Read more on Oolong Tea Vs. Green Tea: The Essential Guide.

Trust Your Nose

Fresh leaves always result in better-tasting teas. It’s especially true for herbal blends. New tea leaves have a strong aroma and are crisp, while those with no scent are most likely stale.

Rely On Appearance

Steep larger tea leaves to get the most benefits. They also indicate better quality and processing. 

Meanwhile, pale leaves can result in subtle brews, while dark green ones create more robust blends.

Read The Ingredients List

Know what is included in your tea leaves, especially if it has artificial flavorings. These dilute tea’s natural health benefits. The list will also let you know if there are any allergens.

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Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers For The Health Conscious

A great introductory tea is the Japanese Sencha; it’s easy to brew, has a mild flavor, and has many health benefits. It’s one of the most sought-after Japanese green tea globally. Japanese Sencha has a refreshing and mild grassy taste, with slightly sweet notes.

See reviews of Japanese Sencha on Amazon.


  • Boosts energy and immune system
  • Stimulates cognitive activity and fights chronic diseases
  • It can prevent bacterial and viral infection


  • A strong Japanese Sencha brew can cause stomach pains
  • Since the antioxidants disrupt the body’s iron absorption, they can cause iron deficiency and anemia
  • Pregnant women can only consume at most 2 cups a day
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Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers For Those With Refined Taste

Also called Bergamot tea, Earl Grey is made from black tea, and a citrus fruit from Italy called bergamot. As bergamot is also used in medicine and aromatherapy, infused with black tea results in a fragrant, tart brew, making it one of the most recognized teas worldwide.

Check out these Earl Grey reviews on Amazon.

Best tea for non-tea drinkers for those with refined taste


  • Packed with antioxidants and aids in digestion
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Prevents cell damage


  • It can cause muscle cramps and blurred vision when consumed in excess
  • It may heighten anxiety 
  • Bergamot can cause dizziness and heartburn
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The Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers For Chocolate Fans

Coming from trees in the coastal Mediterranean, carob is widely considered a superfood for its many health advantages. Carob Tea is a popular coffee or chocolate alternative. It has a distinctive saccharine flavor. 

Check out these Carob Tea reviews on Amazon. 


  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants 
  • Caffeine-free and gluten-free
  • High in fiber 


  • Some may be allergic to carob
  • It’s not for people who don’t like the taste of coffee or chocolate
  • Since it’s caffeine-free, it’s not suitable for people who want to stay mentally alert
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Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea is called many names, such as Tieguanyin and Ti Kuan Yin. It’s an in-demand oolong tea and is also the first one the West ever tasted. Iron Goddess offers many different flavors with chestnut and velvety notes. 

Check out these: Iron Goddess of Mercy tea reviews on Amazon.


  • It aids in better digestion and supports weight loss
  • Soothes skin issues and improves skin
  • Relieves stress and promotes relaxation


  • Can cause headaches and irritability
  • Those with kidney diseases are advised to avoid oolong teas
  • Pregnant women should drink this tea in moderation
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Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers For Those Avoiding Caffeine

Mint tea is an herbal tea that blends spearmint and peppermint and can be served for any occasion. Newbies can even grow their mint to use for their tea. Mint tea is usually caffeine-free, but some blends will contain some caffeine. 

Check out these Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea reviews on Amazon.


  • Prevents upset stomach
  • Freshens breath and relieves clogged sinuses
  • Eases menstrual cramps


  • Mint tea can exacerbate acid reflux
  • Individuals with Hiatal Hernia or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) should avoid mint tea
  • Some people may be allergic to mint and suffer rashes on their skin
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Testing Criteria

Based on my experience, people mostly don’t like teas because of their bitter taste. So, I looked for sweet, mellow, easy-to-brew blends.

Additionally, these blends are not just teas. They are drinks that excellently introduce the world of teas to new drinkers.

Why You Can Trust Me

Aside from being a coffeephile, I am also a passionate tea drinker. I make it to a point to try at least one tea flavor a month and add them to my list of teas worth ordering. Of course, what you may like may be different from mine, so I suggest you start your tea journey!

The Final Word On The Best Tea For Non-Tea Drinkers

Japanese Sencha is the best for beginner tea-drinkers with its mild flavor and quick brewing; Earl Grey boasts tart notes and is perfect for those searching for a sweeter blend, and Carob tea is best for coffee lovers who want to transition to or include tea in their drinks.

You should order your tea online as those in stores tend to have a shorter shelf life. The journey to finding what tea fits your tastes is fun and exciting. Plus, exploring the many options can be a continuous voyage.


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