7 Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods For Americano Coffee

If you love Americano, you can make your favorite beverage with the Nespresso Vertuo, so what are the best Nespresso Vertuo pods for Americano? Let’s dig in.

Best nespresso vertuo pods for americano
The Nespresso Vertuo – Image source: Nespresso

One of the best things about coffee is that it’s so customizable. Everyone can find the right cup of coffee to match their preferences – it’s all in how you prepare it. Personally, I love the caffeine boost from espresso, but the taste is a bit too intense for my palate.

Fortunately, I discovered Americanos, and they changed my life. By cutting down on bitterness, I can get the same energy but without the undesirable aftertaste. 

Even better, Americanos are super easy to make at home, especially if you have a Nespresso Vertuo machine. If you’re interested in seeing how you like this type of coffee, I’ve compiled a list of the best Nespresso Vertuo pods for Americano coffee. Let’s dive in. 

1. Diavolitto

Kicking things off is this intense dark roast. In fact, the name means “devil” in Greek, so that gives you an idea of how harsh this espresso is. I don’t recommend drinking it straight unless you’re accustomed to such an intense flavor. 

Although Diavolitto is pretty harsh on the tongue, it’s not as bitter as you might expect. Also, adding a bit more water and milk or creamer can allow you to discover more of the milder tasting notes. 

As a dark roast, you’ll notice hints of woodiness and earthiness, so it’s a coffee that will really help wake you up in the morning. This is not a good choice for mid-afternoon or evening coffee since it will give you more of a jolt than you might expect – although it is just a little bit creamy. 

2. Il Caffè

If you know a lot about coffee, you know that Arabica beans are smoother and tastier than Robusta varieties. Caffè mixes both types of beans, which is why it has such a high intensity. This dark roast also delivers a punch when smelling the coffee as it comes out of the machine.

If you’re still a bit groggy in the morning, the odor will help snap you back to reality. 

Il Caffè is much more bitter than Diavolitto but not as acidic. You’ll still notice a strong roasted flavor, followed by a smooth and creamy aftertaste. I’m not one to enjoy coffee at this level, but Il Caffè has a certain personality that I could grow to appreciate.

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3. Altissio

At level nine, Altissio coffee is at the bottom of the high-intensity range, but it is still a dark roast. So, it will wake up your tastebuds but not feel like you’re drinking battery acid. Overall, the bitterness, roasted flavors, and mixture of Arabica beans make this coffee smoother and easier to enjoy as an Americano.

Arabica coffee beans
Mixture of Arabica beans makes this coffee smoother and easier to enjoy

Plus, because it has creamy and chocolatey notes, I highly recommend adding a bit of creamer on top. Hazelnut is my favorite for this kind of coffee, but you can use vanilla or chocolate to make it even smoother. You might also be interested in our espresso with sugar recipes.

4. Peru Organic

Now we’re entering milder territory with the medium-roast, so if you’re not a huge fan of espresso already, you may like using these coffee pods in an Americano. Adding two-thirds of hot water to the mixture can bring the intensity way down, meaning you can casually sip this beverage on any occasion. Then, as the caffeine from the espresso kicks in, you get a boost of energy to start your day. 

The flavor profile of Peru Organic is slightly fruity, with some gentle hits of roasted cereal. Overall, this is a smooth experience that doesn’t overpower your tastebuds. 

5. Orafio

Although Orafio is listed as a level six intensity, it’s much more palatable when served as an Americano. As a medium-roast blend of Latin American Arabica beans, your tastebuds will appreciate the earthiness of the coffee, as well as the delicate caramel aftertaste. I like this coffee because it’s not very bitter already, so it feels much smoother once I add hot water. 

6. Toccanto

At the lighter end of the spectrum, the Toccanto pods are neither bitter nor acidic. With this light to medium roast brew, you can drink this espresso straight and still have a smooth, enjoyable experience. The aroma of this coffee is lovely and sweet, so instead of waking you up with a gut punch, it simply stimulates your appetite. 

As an Americano, this coffee is very mild and gentle on the tongue. The wine and berry notes come through pretty strong, so I would recommend mixing with almond milk or oat milk instead of creamer.

7. Voltesso

Woman in white terry bathrobe drinking cappuccino
Voltesso is almost a dessert-style coffee like a cappuccino

Voltesso is the lowest-intensity espresso, and it’s very easy to drink by itself or as a light-roast Americano. If you add some creamer and a spoonful of brown sugar, it’s almost a dessert-style coffee, like a cappuccino or macchiato. Overall, this coffee is evenly bodied with equal parts acidity and bitterness, although they’re both very mild. 

FAQs On The Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods For Americano

What Is The Nespresso Vertuo?

Nespresso is a high-end coffee brand, and the Nespresso Vertuo is one of their coffee machines. One thing to know about this machine is that you can’t substitute any other pods. Even Nespresso OriginalLine pods won’t work on this machine, so you have to buy Vertuo capsules. 
Depending on where you buy them, these pods are a bit on the pricier side. However, when comparing them to a cup at a coffee shop, they’re far more affordable. Also, when making Americanos, you simply have to press the brew button to get clean hot water, so there’s no need for any additional equipment. 

What Is An Americano?

To make an Americano, you first start with a single shot of espresso, then pour hot water over it. This process helps make the coffee smoother by reducing the harsher elements of the espresso. From there, you can mix your drink however you like, such as adding creamer, sugar, or other ingredients. 
Generally, an Americano has a mixture of one-third espresso and two-thirds hot water. However, you can adjust these measurements based on your preferences. 

How To Choose A VertuoLine Capsule For An Americano?

Typically, the best coffee for an Americano is a dark roast with an intense flavor profile. Because the water smooths out this intensity, you can get a lot more flavor without it overwhelming your tastebuds. So, when choosing a pod for your coffee, pay attention to these elements: 
Intensity Level: Nespresso has a range from one to 11 for coffee intensity. If you use the “correct” amount of water, you can often reduce this number by about a third. Adding creamer or sugar will further lower the intensity. 
Roast Level: Coffee roasts range from light to dark, and darker roasts are generally used for Americanos. However, if you like a milder beverage, light and medium roasts are best. 
Additional Flavors: Some coffees may have a range of unique flavor descriptors, like “fruity,” “nutty,” “caramel,” and “creamy.” Choose the notes that appeal to you. However, keep in mind that most of these elements will be reduced by adding hot water. 


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