8 Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules For Latte Drinks

These best Nespresso Vertuo capsules for latte drinks will help you experience a flavorful, hot drink while you enjoy the convenience of a single-serve cup.

Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules For Latte
Try these Nespresso Vertuo capsules to make an excellent latte

If you thought a latte, cappuccino, and espresso were the same, then you’d be mistaken. With a Nespresso Vertuo machine, you can make all these drinks with ease and have them come out perfectly every time with the perfect crema topping!

For lattes, consider using a strong yet smooth espresso to help balance the higher ratio of steamed milk in your drink. Nothing is worse than a boring cup of hot milk and weak coffee for your latte. Instead, try these best Nespresso Vertuo capsules to make an excellent latte for your morning (or late-night) pick-me-up.

1. Bianco Piccolo

The Bianco Piccolo is part of the “Barista Creation” collection, and for a good reason. If you’re new to the coffee world, you probably thought that all lattes are the same, but this is a unique espresso and milk combination. Its flavor profile consists of strong notes of biscuits and caramel with a nutty finish, making it an amazing espresso for your latte. 

In addition, the Barista Creation collection is made specifically for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos! A latte, unlike a cappuccino, has a higher milk-to-espresso ratio. This makes the Bianco Piccolo espresso from the Barista Creation collection perfect for lattes since it has a darker roast and more bitter yet still palatable flavor.

2. Bianco Doppio

Similar to the Bianco Piccolo, this is also part of the Barista Creation collection. Its flavor profile consists of biscuit and cereal notes that make it a great espresso for your latte. The difference between this and the Bianco Piccolo is that the Bianco Doppio has a fruitier profile, making it a great transition from the darker roasts to the lighter ones.

This drink is great for those who may find the Bianco Piccolo too bitter yet still want something on the darker side without it being overwhelming. It’s also a bit less creamy than the Bianco Piccolo. However, if you enjoy lattes with minimal milk and are looking for an espresso that will provide a slightly more lively flavor, then you should give the Bianco Doppio a try!

3. Double Espresso Dolce

This espresso is part of the “Original” collection and has a lighter roast than the previous two. Its flavor profile is malty and reminiscent of toasted cereal. It also combines the best of both worlds: Arabica beans from Latin America and Robusta beans from Uganda.

A coffee cup filled with fresh robusta coffee beans
Robusta coffee has more caffeine and a stronger taste

The difference between Arabica and Robusta beans is that Robusta has more caffeine and a stronger taste.

This brew is great for those who don’t want something too bitter and want a smoother finish. It has a body rating of two out of five. The strength and flavor of this espresso, with its lower body and smooth taste finish, make it perfect for morning or afternoon lattes!

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4. Peru Organic

This beloved blend was once only available in original Nespresso pods but has since been released in the Vertuo capsules. It consists of Arabica beans from Peru’s Andres mountains and is a medium-light roast with a body rating of three out of five. Its flavor profiles consist of notes of fruit, toasted cereal, and hazelnut with distinct notes of green vegetables.

That’s because this coffee is grown in the shaded areas of banana and papaya trees, giving it an unmistakable earthy and cereal and fruit flavor.

This espresso is great for those who want something that’s unique, only mildly acidic and bitter, and also sustainable! That’s because Nespresso works closely with the local farmers in Peru to produce a high-quality product that is both delicious and environmentally friendly. In addition to being sustainable, this coffee is also organic. So if you want something unique and sustainable yet still delicious, this espresso from Nespresso’s Vertuo collection is perfect for brewing a morning latte.

5. Toccanto

Like Peru Organic, Toccanto is also incredibly fruity yet has a much lighter, more winey flavor. This espresso is made from beans grown in Central and South America and is a medium-light roast with a body rating of four out of five. Its flavor profile is made by combining Arabica beans from Brazil and Nicaragua.

Both of these countries have rich soil that produces an amazing espresso with a distinct taste.

This espresso is perfect for those who enjoy smooth, delicate flavors and don’t want something too bitter or acidic. It’s also great for making lattes or cappuccinos since its lighter flavor profile won’t be overpowered by the milk! If you want to experience something more fruity and are new to the world of lattes, Toccanto is a great way to start.

6. Tamuka Mu Zimbabwe

If you’re an experienced coffee drinker who enjoys full-bodied and intense flavors, then Tamuka mu Zimbabwe is the espresso for you! This blend from Nespresso’s Vertuo collection is made with Robusta beans grown in Zimbabwe. It’s a medium-dark roast with a body rating of five out of five. Its flavor profile consists of both fruity and flowery complex notes.

While this might not be the best option for those just starting out with lattes, it’s a great choice for more experienced coffee drinkers who appreciate a strong flavor.

This espresso has a lot of character and is perfect for those who enjoy rich, robust flavors that linger in your mouth! It is also great for making lattes since it can cut through milk very easily. It’s also part of Nespresso’s Reviving Origins program, which aims to bring back the lost coffee flavors of different parts of the world, including Zimbabwe.

7. Altissio

Altissio is one of Nespresso’s most intense espresso capsules, with a body rating of three out of five. It is made with an intense and rich blend of Latin American coffee. The flavor profile consists of notes of chocolate and roasted cereal, which is great for making iced lattes that are sweet yet still robust.

This espresso is great for those who want something bold and intense that still has a hint of sweetness to it. The chocolate notes make this capsule perfect for making iced lattes or cappuccinos, as the cocoa adds a nice touch of extra sweetness without overpowering the flavor of the espresso itself. Altissio is also available in a decaffeinated version, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy all the flavor but with a little less caffeine!

All of these Nespresso Vertuo espresso capsules are great options for those looking to make delicious lattes and other coffee drinks. However, when you’re a beginner, sticking with Altissio for its full-body and creamy flavor is a great place to start. As you gain experience, try experimenting with some of the other capsules in the Vertuo range, like Peru Organic or Tamuka mu Zimbabwe, for more unique flavor profiles!

8. Double Espresso Scuro

This delightful Vertuo capsule is made using a blend of Central American Robusta and Arabica beans, making it a unique and rich espresso. The flavor profile is complex, with notes of cocoa, vanilla, and roasted nuts. Keep in mind this double espresso is one of the most intense on the Nespresso line, with a rating of 11.

Automatic Nespresso machine used to create espresso with aluminum capsules
Double espresso is one of the most intense on the Nespresso line

It’s perfect for those who want a really strong espresso base for their lattes or cappuccinos.

The Double Espresso Scuro is also great for making creative coffee drinks and can be used to make iced or hot lattes that pack a serious punch! If you like your coffee sweet, this capsule pairs wonderfully with chocolate or caramel syrups and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! If you liked this post, you might also be interested in our guide on how to refill Nespresso pods.


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