Are All Coffee Pods The Same Size? Answered

Wondering are all coffee pods the same size? This article will answer any question you have about the size of the most common pod coffees and their compatibility.

Are all coffee pods the same size?

When it comes to coffee pods, it’s like a jungle out there. Shopping for coffee pods and a suitable compatible pod machine is like chasing a maze. You need to train yourself to distinguish those ambiguous shapes and sizes.

Pods also go by the name capsules. Not all coffee pods have the same size and can fit into any type of machine you have at home. They may look similar and are the same material, but they vary in size and shape. 

5 Most Popular Coffee Pods 


Are all coffee pods the same size?
Nespresso also teams up with Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and both have two different types of pod machines

Nespresso is a pioneer in the world of pod coffee. Developed by Nestle, Nespresso is the first pod coffee on the market using premium coffee grounds with an intense aroma and a fulfilling flavor. 

Nespresso also teams up with Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and both have two different types of pod machines. Even though Nestle’s same mother company develops the two brands, their pods are not interchangeable.

The Nespresso pod has a unique V-Shape reaching 37mm in diameter and 30mm in height. Meanwhile, the Dolce Gusto pods are a lot bigger. They come in a recognizable U-shape reaching 54mm in diameter and 36mm in height. Dolce Gusto coffee is more affordable with a decent quality standard and comes in various drinks rather than just coffee.

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As the name suggests, Caffitaly takes root in Italy and follows the infused-then-brewed process before being extracted by its compatible machine. Caffitaly coffee pods focus less on the intensity of the flavor but more on the source and blend of the beans. Caffitaly capsules come out in a U-shape with 45mm diameter and 25mm high.


K-Fee is another popular pod coffee originating from Switzerland. K-Fee also goes by the name Espresto in South Africa. K-Fee coffee pods have to go with its namesake machine.

In terms of appearance, the K-Fee pods look like Caffitaly pods in some ways, with 45mm diameter and 25mm high. However, they are not interchangeable. 


Lavazza is famous for its high-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from the Peruvian Andes. Lavazza has developed a variety of pods ranging from dark-roasted and light-roasted to a rich Espresso taste.  

Lavazza creates three different machines, including Blue, A Modo Mio, and Espresso Point, which are not interchangeable. The Lavazza pods have a tub shape of soft plastic with a lid. They are approximately 47mm in diameter and 27mm high.

Easy Serving Espresso

Finally, we have Easy Serving Espresso, also known as ESE. The ESE pods are approximately 44mm in diameter, containing about seven to fourteen grams of coffee.

ESE coffee pods have some of the best world-renowned espressos developed by the Illy Company in 1998. ESE coffee is the best call for those who want to enjoy a beautiful single-serving cup of espresso at home without the hassle of grinding their beans out of a coffee grinder.

Coffee Pod Compatibility

Can you make regular coffee with Nespresso
Wondering which pod machine you should buy and if it fits all types of pod coffee? 

How often have you been scratching your hair, wondering which pod machine you should buy and if it fits all types of pod coffee? 

We all know that different brands have their machines, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy ten different machines for ten different pod coffee packages, does it?

Let’s take Nespresso original pods, for example. These pods are compatible with the Wacaco brand Minipresso. Meanwhile, ESE pods can also go with either Kenwood, DeLonghi, Illy, Breville, and more. 

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