Top 18 Alternatives To Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Check out our round-up of the best alternatives to Nespresso pods that taste as good as real Nespresso coffee capsules for your coffee machine.

Alternatives To Nespresso Coffee Capsules
Different Nespresso capsules have flooded the coffee market

When it comes to coffee capsules, Nespresso brand coffee reigns supreme, but they don’t have a monopoly by any means. If you simply don’t like Nespresso, fancy a change or want something cheaper, you do not need to toss your Nespresso machine out for another espresso machine.

The introduction of Nespresso has flooded the market with different types of Nespresso capsule alternatives. To be totally frank, some are bad, some good, and some terrible. Even though Nespresso pods don’t expire quickly, many coffee drinkers still want budget-friendly options.

The flavorful coffee made by Nestle Nespresso machines and the rising cost of the pods has led to a rise in producers offering alternative capsules to Nespresso. However, there are more options, and choosing the right one can be challenging.

But we have sorted out some of the best products that you can use in most Nespresso coffee machines whether you want a pure espresso or consider yourself a home barista keen to make lattes or an americano. Like the best Nespresso pods, this list of the best Nespresso compatible capsules promises you great-tasting coffee.

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1. Peet's Coffee Variety Pack

If you love Peet’s coffee shop coffee, you can enjoy it at home right from your own coffee maker. The capsules are available in four different amazing flavors. This is 100 percent Arabica Coffee, so you already know they’ll taste great.

Even though you can use them for your Nespresso coffee machines, these capsules are not for Nespresso Vertuoline. In terms of flavors, go for Ristretto, Crema Scura, Ricchezza, and Nerissimo.

You should give the Crema Scura a try as it has an intensity level of 9. All of Peet’s caffeinated coffee capsules contain a similar amount of caffeine, so the intensity level is about how bold the flavor is.

They also have a decaf option if you’re looking to cut back on caffeine but don’t want to cut out good-tasting coffee.

Check out our Nespresso VertuoPlus vs. Nespresso VertuoPlus Delux guide.

Peet's Coffee Espresso Capsules Variety Pack, 40 Count Single Cup Coffee Pods, Compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers, Crema Scura, Nerissimo, Ricchezza, Ristretto
  • Contains four (4) Boxes of 10 Peet's Coffee Espresso Capsules, One Box Each of Ricchezza, Crema Scura, Ristretto, and Nerissimo Espresso (40 Espresso Capsules Total)
  • Flavor and Roast: Ricchezza (Berry and Brown Sugar. Medium Roast) Crema Scura (Dark Luscious Crema.Medium Roast), Ristretto (Spice and Chocolate.Dark Roast), Nerissimo (Bittersweet Indulgence. Dark Roast)
  • Designed for Nespresso Original Machines Only: Compatible brewers include Essenza Mini, Essenza Plus, Pixie, CitiZ, Lattissima, KitchenAid, and Creatista. Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines
  • Recyclable: Peet’s aluminum capsules are fully recyclable through our mail-back program. Each aluminum capsule is sealed to preserve that delicious aroma and flavor for an intense espresso experience
  • How to Brew: Peet's capsules are designed for Ristretto (0.85 OZ / 25 ml) or Espresso (1.35 OZ / 40 ml) pulls on your Nespresso Original brewer.

2. Café La Llave Espresso Capsules

These dark-roasted and intensely aromatic capsules have an intensity level of 11, so they pack quite the punch in terms of taste. Café La Llave capsules contain ground coffee inspired by their Cuban origins.

If you’re eco-conscious, the best thing is that the manufacturer, by partnering with Terracycle, has made the coffee pods recyclable. They’re also budget-friendly compared to some of the other capsules on this list. So, it’s hard to find any flaws with Café La Llave.

The product is compatible with Nespresso machines, but it works best with the Nespresso Original Line machines. You can't use this for the Nespresso Vertuo machine.

Cafe La Llave Espresso Capsules, Intensity 11-Recylable Coffee Pods (80 Count) Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine Machines
  • Dark-roasted, intensely aromatic, rich and bold: Cafe La Llave is a bold Latin-style espresso with an intensity level of 11. It is full-bodied, highly aromatic and balanced espresso that will please the senses
  • Recyclable coffee pods: we have partnered with Terracycle for a recycling program that makes Don Francisco's coffee pods recyclable through Terracycle
  • Compatible with Nespresso Originalline brewers: specially engineered for Nespresso Originalline brewers to deliver a high-quality and consistent espresso, shot after shot. Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo brewers. *not affiliated with Nespresso.
  • Four generations strong: our family's expertise extends more than 140 years and is headquartered outside of Los Angeles in the City of Vernon
  • Blended, roasted and packed in the U.S.A.

3. Starbucks Por Nespresso Variety Pack

We all love Starbucks, but it’s not feasible to go there every single morning. So save yourself time and money by getting yourself some coffee capsules to brew at home without the help of a barista.

The manufacturer, Starbucks, has partnered with Nespresso to create these coffee capsules, and they work with most of the Nespresso machines, like Citiz, Expert, Essenza Mini, Crastista, KitchenAid, and Lattissima.

The capsules have varieties of roast intensities that can range from an intensity level of 6 to 11. The capsule is made from 1.35, 3.7, or 0.85 ounces. You can go for Starbucks Columbia, House Blend, Pike Place Roast, Caffe Verona, and more based on your taste preference.

These coffee blends all taste fantastic; after all, Starbucks is beloved for having some of the best coffee out there. So rest assured, you’ll love whichever of these capsules you try.

Starbucks by Nespresso Variety Pack Coffee (50-count single serve capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original Line System)
  • Developed with Nespresso to work perfectly with original line Nespresso machines: Essenza Mini Pixie, CitiZ, Expert, Lattissima, KitchenAid, Creatista
  • Contains a range of roast intensities from Starbucks Blonde roasts (intensity level 6) to dark roasts (intensity level 11)
  • These espresso capsules brew 0.85, 1.35, or 3.7 ounces. Pop in the Nespresso Capsule and select the espresso, ristretto, or lungo brew size
  • Package contains 5 boxes of 10 Starbucks Favorites Nespresso Capsules to make up to 50 cups
  • This variety pack of Best Selling Favorites of Starbucks Nespresso roasts includes Blonde Espresso Roast House Blend, Single-Origin Colombia, Pike Place Roast, and Caffè Verona

4. Lavazza-Espresso, Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco Espresso is a perfect combination of high-quality Asian Robusta and Brazilian Arabica coffee for a delicious taste and powerful punch of caffeine. These capsules are compatible with most Nespresso Original machines and come with different intensities, ranging from 6 to 13.

They’re created using plastic instead of aluminum. 

Expect a combination of dark chocolate and sweet liqueur with an intense aroma. Speaking about its flavors, you can go try Leggero Lungo, Armonico Espresso, Dark-roast Deciso, Avvolgente Lungo, Decaffeinato Ricco Espresso and more.  You should also try its Espresso Rico crema.

Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco Espresso Dark Roast Capsules Compatible with Nespresso Original Machines Blended and roasted in Italy, Decaffeinated with sweet, Rich flavor, 10 Count (Pack of 6)
  • 6 Packs of 10 single serve Nespresso pods with the Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco decaffeinated coffee blend (60 cups total)
  • Velvety decaffeinated dark roast with sweet, rich flavor and aromatic notes of cereals and dried fruit
  • Intensity is 6 out of 13
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Can only be brewed using a Nespresso OriginalLine machine

5. Gourmet Coffee Capsules

These flavorful coffee capsules are compatible with the Nespresso OriginalLine coffee machines. The capsules are high-quality, and the manufacturer claims they’re 100 percent natural, with no added sugar, flavorings, or preservatives.

You can try unique blends, such as Brazil, Caramello, Decaffeinato, Colombia, Brazil, Intenso, Cioccolato, Lungo, Verona, Vaniglia, and Ristretto.

The company offers a 6-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with this capsule coffee, it’s a no loss to you. So, why not take the risk?

Bestpresso Coffee for Nespresso Original Machine 120 pods Certified Genuine Espresso Decaffeinato Blend(Medium Intensity)Pods Compatible with Nespresso Original 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ✔ 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee. . Our Pods are not compatible with VertouLine Machines.
  • Kosher certification: this product is certified kosher by the orthodox union.
  • Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso Original coffee machines
  • High quality 100% natural & unique espresso in convenient Nespresso compatible pods 6 boxes, containing 20 capsules each, 120 capsules total
  • No preservatives, no sugar or flavoring added, Over 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainable coffee in support of small coffee producers. Product from Spain

6. Carte Noir Espresso Lungo

Each capsule contains exceptional flavor as well as an aroma since they’re full of pure Arabica coffee. This brand is highly rated by fans of French coffee, which is all about savoring small cups of espresso.

You will find them similar to the Nespresso capsules. All the capsules come with various levels of intensity to choose from, and you will get around ten coffee capsules in this rich collection. You should also try out its other flavors, like Intense, Decaf, and Corse. 

If you’re concerned about sustainability, the brand claims its aluminum capsules are “zero impact Co2.”

7. Amazon Brand Solimo Ristretto Coffee Capsules

You might be skeptical seeing that Amazon sell their own coffee under the Solimo brand name, but don’t knock these Amazon brand capsules until you try them. While we can be a little snobbish about coffee sometimes, Amazon proved they know what they’re doing, so they at least deserve a chance.

This dark roast coffee contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. They lean heavily towards Arabica, so you don’t need to worry about a bitter-tasting espresso shot.

Apart from Ristretto, the capsules are also available in other flavors like Lungo and Espresso. In this pack, you will get 50 capsules, and it is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine models. The flavors are very strong and rich.

As per the official site, the coffee beans are grown by UTZ-certified farmers, and they have followed better agricultural practices. The beans are roasted as well as packaged in Belgium by expert roasters. If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know Amazon partnered with the Rainforest Alliance too.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Ristretto Capsules 50 CT, Compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers
  • 50 CT Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines. Not affiliated with Nespresso
  • Rich & strong; full-bodied
  • Mix of high-quality coffee beans, creating a genuine Italian Ristretto flavor with a sparkle of acidity and chocolate
  • This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers who implement better farming practices, with respect for people and planet.
  • Roasted and packed in Belgium

8. Café LA Llave Capsules

Alternatives To Nespresso Coffee Capsules: Café LA Llave Capsules
The capsules work great in all Nespresso coffee machines

These capsules are available in five different unique flavors. The capsules work great in all Nespresso coffee machines. Since everyone has different tastes, their espresso brews range in intensity on a numbered scale to keep all their customers happy.

If you’re looking for smooth-tasting coffee capsules, then try Nuevo Mundo. For a strong flavor, go for La Llave Espresso.  They also have decaf, with a strength of 11, so you won’t miss out on taste.

All these coffee capsules listed here offer a satisfying and rich flavor while providing the users with the perfect boost to start the day. You should find them less expensive than buying original Nespresso capsules.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect one and place your order. 

9. HiLine Coffee Broadway Dark Roast

If you love dark, bold-tasting coffee but not a whole lot of caffeine, then HiLine Coffee’s capsules are a dream come true. Each pod contains around 60 to 70 mg of caffeine, so they are not the strongest on this list of Nespresso alternatives.

The capsules are compatible with Citiz, Essenza, Lattissima, Maestria, U, Le Cube and Pixie Nespresso machines.

You’re probably already aware of how fresh coffee is the best. The more oxygen interacts with coffee, and the longer this takes place, the more the flavor and aroma suffer. The good news is HiLine roasts their coffee shortly before shipping, so you’re coffee will be as fresh as possible.

They also come in lots of fun flavors like pumpkin spice, Wall Street dark, Swiss mocha almond, hazelnut cupcake, and tons more, so you’ll never get bored.

10. L’OR Espresso Colombia

L’OR’s espresso Colombia is compatible with Nespresso’s original machines.

If you love a bold flavor, thick crema, and a strong wake-up call, you’ll love these single-origin pods. The Colombian climate is ideal for cultivating coffee beans with strong caramel notes, nutty undertones, and low acidity.

If that’s not appealing enough for you, you can also get different capsules from the same brand sources from Papa New Guinea. They also have the classics like decaf espresso, lungo, and ristretto in different strengths in both single and variety packs.

L'OR Espresso Pods, 50 Capsules Single Cup Aluminum Coffee Capsules Compatible with Nespresso Original Machines, Colombia
  • ESPRESSO COLOMBIA, INTENSITY 8 - A full-bodied espresso with a complex and tangy character that lingers, inspired by the lush landscape of rural Colombia and the legend of El Dorado; bulk pack of 50 capsules, 5 individual boxes that contain 10 pods each
  • INDULGE YOUR SENSES with espresso curated by French Coffee Artists using the finest arabica and robusta beans, perfectly roasted and balanced to create a smooth, rich experience
  • COFFEE CAPSULES ARE COMPATIBLE with Nespresso* Original coffee machine; not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo *Trademark of a third party, not connected to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS
  • 50 RECYCLABLE ALUMINUM CAPSULES to protect and preserve freshness, for a gold standard body, intensity, and crema; visit L'OR USA website to order your recycling kit today
  • A RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED COFFEE, an ethical involvement helping to improve social and environmental conditions within coffee bean plantations

11. Café Bustelo

Café Bustelo’s capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers. Their rich dark roasts are topped with a thick, heavenly layer of crema. Compared to some of the other options on this list, they’re fairly affordable too.

If you hate bitter coffee, then Brazilian coffee might be for you. Due to the climate, the beans tend to taste sweeter than the coffee from other regions.

Café Bustelo Espresso Dark Roast Coffee, 40 Count Capsules for Espresso Machines, 11 Intensity Compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers, 10 Count (Pack of 4)
  • Contains four (4) of 10-count pack of Café Bustelo espresso capsules
  • Blend of 100 percent Brazilian coffee
  • Specially roasted to ensure delicious, full-bodied coffee
  • For use with Nespresso Original Line machines

12. illy Classico

Nowhere does espresso like Italy, so that’s a pretty good reason to trust illy right off the bat.

illy Classico Italian coffee capsules are suited for original Nespresso machines. You can expect a high-quality Arabica coffee when you purchase these capsules. They have a sweet aftertaste, with delicate notes of caramel, jasmine, and fruity orange blossom, leaving you with a smooth brew with little bitterness.

They also offer Classico K-Cups, so be sure to check you’ve picked up the right coffee before purchasing if you’re specifically looking for Nespresso-compatible pods.

13. Colonna Coffee Rubirizi Espresso

Nowadays, many coffee companies are operating with sustainability in mind while still aiming to produce high-quality coffee for their customers. So, you’ll be relieved to know Colonna Coffee sells pods that are fully compostable – while it’s also growing more common to come across reusable coffee capsules.

They also sell aluminum coffee capsules, so make sure you purchase the correct ones.

This coffee is made from washed bourbon coffee beans grown in volcanic African soil. These beans brew a sweet yet mildly spicy cup of Joe. If this isn’t appealing to you, they also have single-origin Brazilian coffee, Colombian coffee, and Guatemala in decaf, espresso, and lungo variations, so there’s bound to be something you like.

14. Gimoka

Gimoka coffee is an affordable option for those in the market for Nespresso-compatible capsules.

This medium roast coffee is a rich Arabica blend with coffee sourced from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and Colombia. It still tastes great while being good value for money.

The Italian coffee brand also sells different capsules that are compatible with A Modo Mio, Lavazza machines, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and offer coffee pods, so always double-check your cart before purchasing to ensure you haven’t picked up the wrong capsules.

15. Amorcaffe Intenso

Amorcaffe is another choice for those searching for Nespresso-compatible capsules on a budget. Their medium roast is a blend of Robusta and Arabica to combine caffeine with taste.

There is more Robusta in this blend than Arabica, so these pods are for those who need a strong pick-me-up in the morning.

As mentioned earlier, exposing coffee beans to oxygen can tank the flavor. Amorcaffe roast their coffee with this in mind. According to their website, their thermoformed capsules keep oxygen away from the coffee grounds, meaning you’ll get a fresh, robust brew every single time.

Plus, they have a long shelf-life, so if you’re not a heavy coffee drinker, you don’t need to worry about your coffee capsules expiring before you’ve finished the packaging. So, there’s no waste,

16. Don Francisco's Old Havana

If you like Cuban coffee, you’re in luck because Don Franciso’s Old Havana coffee capsules are for you. The brand recommends adding lots of sugar for a more authentic Cuban coffee experience – but it’s not a necessity. These are still pretty good on their own since they’re made of pure Arabica coffee and have fruity, citrus, and nutty notes.

Don Francisco’s medium-dark roast capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Line Brewers but not the Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

You can also experience some other worldy flavors right in your living room as they also have a Kona blend, Double French, and even more options to choose from, so you’ll never grow tired of this brand.

Don Francisco's Espresso Capsules, OId Havana, Intensity 8, Medium Roast - 40 count - Recyclable Aluminum Single Serve Espresso Pods, Compatible with your Nespresso Original Line Brewers
  • NUTTY, HINTS OF CITRUS, SMOOTH: A medium dark roasted espresso that transports you to the streets of Old Havana where the word espresso means coffee. Add lots of sugar to make a Cuban coffee. Intensity 8. Medium roast.
  • QUALITY IN EVERY CUP: Sourced from the finest 100% Arabica beans, our coffee is premium, great-tasting, and roasted to perfection. Blended, roasted and packed right here in the US.
  • ALUMINUM CAPSULES: Enjoy the rich, bold, smooth taste of Don Francisco’s Espresso in convenient single serve aluminum capsules. Aluminum provides the best barrier against oxidation and maintains the freshness, aroma, and flavor of your espresso. Compatible with your Nespresso Original Line machine. Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo brewers. Not affiliated with Nespresso
  • RECYCLE YOUR COFFEE PODS: We have partnered with TerraCycle for a recycling program that makes Don Francisco's coffee pods and aluminum espresso capsules recyclable through TerraCycle.
  • FAMILY CRAFTED. SINCE 1870: Spanning 4 generations, our family-crafted coffee has been a tradition and commitment we take to heart. Our family oversees every step of the coffee process with great care, from the farm to your doorstep

17. El Cubanito

Cuban coffee fans have much more than one option when searching for Nespresso alternatives, as El Cubanito is another option. They’re also fairly affordable, which is a win-win for customers on a budget.

El Cubanito sells highly-rated gourmet espresso capsules to capture the essence of Cuban street coffee. These pods have a bold dark flavor with a chocolate undertone while being strong and a little sweet.

El Cubanito - Cuban Gourmet Espresso Capsules - 10 Nespresso Compatible ALUMINUM CAPSULES - Intensity 12 - Cuban Espresso Colada Cafecito

18. Dunkin’ Espresso Bold Roast

You don’t even need to leave your house to get your Dunkin’ fix, although you’ll probably miss their sweet treats with Dunkin espresso capsules.

Dunkin’ espresso capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers but not Nespresso Vertuo Line machines. So, you can enjoy a sweet, smooth, and powerful espresso from the comfort of your own home – saving money and time in the process.

Dunkin’ was actually one of the first fair trade coffee brands, so you can feel good buying this. Dunkin’ also sells K-cups so make sure you’ve picked up the right product before purchasing.

Dunkin’ Espresso Bold Roast Coffee, 40 Count Capsules for Espresso Machines, 9 Intensity Compatible with Nespresso Original Brewers (Each 10 count) Pack of 4
  • Contains 4 boxes of 10 Dunkin’ Espresso Bold Roast Espresso Capsules
  • Bold roast espresso coffee with an intensity of 9
  • Distinctive, well-balanced and velvety
  • For use with Nespresso Original Line machines
  • The boldest way to enjoy the great taste of Dunkin’ at home

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