What Is The Clip For On A Coffee Scoop? Answered

This article will answer your question, “what is the clip for on a coffee scoop?” and list down some of the best coffee spoons with clips you can buy online.

What is the clip for on a coffee scoop?
A coffee scoop with a clip is usually made of stainless steel

You might be wondering, “what is the clip for on a coffee scoop?” The clip attached to the handle of a coffee scoop will keep your coffee bag sealed after you scoop it out each time.

Not every coffee spoon comes with a clip, so you will have to buy one separately. A coffee scoop with a clip is usually made of stainless steel, but you will also find some other versions made of wood or premium plastic.

Whenever you need to measure coffee, simply unclip it and measure out the desired amount of coffee you need, then refold the bag and clip it. I usually use it for my ground coffee bags, but it can go with whole beans as well. A coffee spoon with a clip like this can be used for sealing coffee bags, sugar, and other kitchen items.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Spoon With Clips

I’ve been buying ground coffee for a long time now, and some brands include a plastic scoop with their pre-ground coffee. However, they normally don’t come with a clip. Even worse, the spoon is too short to be able to reach the bottom of the bag, so I have to put my whole fist into the bag to get to the beans.

If you’re looking for the best coffee spoon with clips to accompany your coffee bags, stay away from those flimsy plastic scoops, as most of them aren’t durable. Check out our explainer on how long do coffee beans last.

Accurate Measurement

This is critical to help you scoop out the right coffee-to-water ratio you need for a certain preparation method, especially pour-over coffee. A coffee spoon should hold at least one tablespoon of ground coffee.

Can, spoon, and spilled ground coffee
A coffee spoon should hold at least one tablespoon of ground coffee

If the dimension of the scoop does not reflect the measurement it states in the description, you will end up with either too little coffee that makes a watered-down drink or too much coffee for a bitter brew. Check out our explainer on is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon.

Sturdy Material

Other than measurement, opt for a material that stands the test of time and does not affect the flavor of your coffee. You don’t want to get a flimsy plastic scoop as they are mostly made for disposable purposes. For that reason, you will end up seeing plastic coffee spoons at the landfill rather than staying in your cabinet.

The best materials you should invest in your coffee spoon with clip are stainless steel or wood. Between the two, I like to use stainless steel spoons as they are more durable and feel firm on my hand. Most stainless-steel appliances are corrosion-resistant to maintain their sophisticated finish. 

A metal clip’s sealing force is more powerful than some wooden spoons I’ve used. This is to ensure no leaks for oxygen to sneak in and mess with the coffee flavor. A tight seal will protect your beans from dust and debris, meaning your coffee will stay fresh and flavorful longer.

Nice Design And Finish

If you’re looking for a handy household item for a coffee fanatic on a special occasion, it would be nice if you have a nicely done spoon with a beautiful, shiny silver finish. While most spoons with clips come in gray, you will also find plenty of other designs in gold, black, or rose gold. If you get one made of wood, some artisan sellers allow you to have your own name or sentiments carved along the handle as a hand-made gift.

Dishwasher-Safe And Easy To Clean

If you plan to clean your coffee spoon with a clip in a dishwasher after each use, make sure to opt for silicone, stainless steel, and thick, durable plastics or ceramic spoons. Those are considered some of the best materials for a dishwasher as well as for everyday dining and cooking. If you wash it by hand, go for one that doesn’t stain easily.

Best Coffee Spoons With A Clip 

Norpro Coffee Scoop With Bag Clip

Norpro Coffee Scoop With Bag Clip
Its designed for measuring and sealing

The Norpro coffee spoon with clip is one of the best items you can find online. It’s brought to you by a well-established brand known for its excellent vision of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest caliber kitchenware.

The scoop accommodates one and a half tablespoons of coffee. It features a spring-loaded, built-in clip with a long seven-and-a-half-inch handle that’s long enough to reach into the bag.

This one comes in a sturdy stainless steel design serving two simple purposes: measuring and sealing. It also comes in a good weight that’s substantial enough and fits most of my coffee bags like a charm.

Norpro Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip Stainless Steel 1.5 tbsp 7.5" x 1.5" x .75"
  • Measures: 7.5" X 1.5" X .75"/ 19cm x 4cm x 2cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 tablespoons
  • Stainless steel construction. You'll use this ingenious gadget again and again.
  • The tablespoon scoop features a spring-loaded, built-in clip to reseal Coffee or tea bags for freshness.
  • Scoop with long 7.5"/ 19cm handle, allowing you to reach the bottom of the bag.

Lanskyware Rose Gold Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop With Clip

If there’s one color I love the most whenever I’m out searching for stainless steel items, that is rose gold. Coffee spoons are no exception. 

This is a set that comes with five different items. They are made of high-quality, heavy-duty, and food-grade stainless steel without sharp edges. These scoops can stand the test of time and do not bend easily.

Since this one comes in a set, you can use one for your coffee bag and the other four to seal other items like sugar or flour. I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a gift to surprise your loved ones, thanks to its lovely color, and nicely done finish.

They’re also easy to wash. Simply swipe it under hot water or place it in a dishwasher, and you’re good to go.

Coffee Scoop 1 Tablespoon Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop Clip Set of 3 Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip (Rosegold)
  • [Material]Stainless Steel. Size: 17.4cmx3.7cm/6.85inx1.46in. Capacity:20ml. weight:40g
  • [Multifunction Scoop]1Tbsp/20ml Coffee scoop set simple but dual-purpose; 2 In 1 unique design makes it practical when using; Long handle to reach the bottom of bags
  • [Packaging Includes]3 Pieces coffee scoop. It can be used in coffee shops, homes or offices. Start enjoying a perfect cup of coffee
  • [Clip Design]Serrate shape of clip with powerful spring, perfectly reseal food packages for freshness; Thick spoon and handle, firm and never gets deformed; Handy in size, convenient to carry
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantee]If you're ever unhappy with your Scoop & Clip, return it for a full refund of your purchase price OR a free

Talisman Designs Laser Etched Beechwood Scoop With Clip

This is one of the cutest coffee spoons with clips you’ll come across. You can choose either a nature design with an owl or a woodland design with a squirrel. Each is made of solid beech wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The scoop can hold one tablespoon of coffee, and I love how it sits nicely on top of the coffee bag. The only downside is that you need to wash it by hand.

Talisman Designs Laser Etched Beechwood Scoop with Clip | Nature Design | Wood Coffee Spoon |, Cute & Functional Kitchen Tool, | Small Wooden Utensils
  • Coffee scoop/clip in woodland design by Talisman Designs is made of solid beech wood
  • Scoop holds up to 1 tbs. of coffee, tea, sugar, etc. and also acts as a built-in sealing clip
  • Simply slide the end of the bag into the slit in the spoon/clip for proper sealing
  • Dual use product is perfect as a gift or for everyday use
  • Hand wash recommended


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