Is A Coffee Scoop Equal To One Tablespoon? 

Is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon? Get tips on how to get the most accurate scoop measurement for each cup you make.

Is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon?
The traditional and standard coffee scoops can hold 10 grams of ground coffee

Do you want to make sure that you put the right amount of coffee every time? Do you want to minimize the coffee going to waste? You might have heard that a coffee scoop equals one tablespoon.

However, this is wrong. A coffee scoop does not consist of one tablespoon. Instead, the standard coffee scoop contains two tablespoons.

With that said, you may still have many other questions. What if you’re baking a coffee cake and the recipe calls for coffee measured in teaspoons instead? We’ll answer these coffee-related questions and more.

Amount Of Coffee In Each Scoop

Have you ever wondered how much ground coffee goes in each scoop? The traditional and standard coffee scoops can hold 10 grams of ground coffee. Depending on your preferences, you can use less or more than a scoop to make your coffee weaker or stronger.

When you translate this into tablespoons, each scoop will contain two tablespoons of coffee. Remember that every tablespoon equates to three teaspoons. Thus, you’ll need six teaspoons to get one scoop of ground coffee.

An issue you might have is the tablespoon size. Some tablespoons are bigger than others, which creates more confusion, and even teaspoons have varying sizes. If you’re unsure about the spoons you’re using, go back to the coffee scoop.

If you have a kitchen scale, use your kitchen scale instead for more accurate results.

Coffee Scoops And How Much Coffee They Make

Coffee scoops and how much coffee they make
You can say one cup of coffee holds eight ounces of water and three teaspoons of coffee

One scoop of ground coffee is ideal for a cup that holds six to eight ounces of coffee. In other words, a cup of coffee holds up to eight ounces of water and two tablespoons of coffee. Or you can say one cup of coffee holds eight ounces of water and three teaspoons of coffee.

If you want to make more cups of coffee, you’d have to add more scoops for each one if you have a drip coffee maker that can make up to twelve cups. You’d have to place twelve scoops, twenty-four tablespoons, or thirty-six teaspoons of ground coffee for the best results.

Don’t forget to include the right amount of water, too. So eight ounces times twelve cups equal 96 ounces of water. Depending on how much water evaporates, you can push the water content up and make it a flat 100 ounces. You might also be wondering, is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon?

Getting The Right Coffee To Water Ratio For The Best Results

You’re ready to make coffee with your freshly ground beans and your scoop, tablespoon, or teaspoon. If you want to make the perfect cup, you want to know if there’s a “golden ratio” for brewing coffee. Fortunately, there is such a golden ratio in the coffee world.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) golden ratio is 18:1. In other words, the perfect cup has 55 grams of coffee for 1000 mL of water. The best way to figure out the golden ratio when you brew is to use a kitchen scale and a little math.

Getting the correct ratio is essential if you’re making premium-quality coffee with a complex and delicate flavor profile. Thus, you may want to be extra precise. Use a kitchen scale for the best results.

However, if you’re using pre-ground coffee or regular beans, measuring with the coffee scoop, tablespoon, or teaspoon is fine.

Feel Free To Experiment With Your Coffee And Water Proportions

Remember that this golden coffee-to-water ratio may not suit your tastes. That’s perfectly fine. 

The best way to find the perfect coffee-to-water ratio that suits your liking is to experiment with every batch you make. Use the golden ratio as your starting point. If you feel that the resulting brew was too weak, try adding ground coffee the next time you brew

Tips On Measuring Coffee Without A Scoop

Is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon?
If you’re a stickler for accuracy, use the measuring spoon

Let’s say you’ve misplaced or lost the coffee scoop. You may need a good cup for studying or working well. The best alternative is to use a tablespoon to measure your ground coffee.

You can use the regular tablespoon or a measuring spoon that measures one tablespoon. If you’re a stickler for accuracy, use the measuring spoon. Tablespoon measurements are great if you need to use half portions. 

Another alternative is to use teaspoons if you don’t have access to a tablespoon. Remember that six teaspoons equal one scoop. Thus, if your coffee maker typically requires two scoops, you’d have to put in twelve teaspoons to get the right blend.

FAQs About Coffee Scoops

Should I Use A Coffee Scoop To Measure Coffee?

You can easily measure coffee for brewing even when you lose your scoop. Since a scoop is equal to two tablespoons, use a tablespoon instead. If you only have a teaspoon, use six teaspoons to make a scoop of coffee.

Is It Better to Use A Scoop, Tablespoon, Or Teaspoon?

Use your coffee scoop to get the ideal amount of coffee for each brew. It’s there for a reason, and that reason is that it’s the standard size. Yet, there’s also nothing wrong with using tablespoons or teaspoons to measure your coffee.

Where Do I Buy A Coffee Scoop?

Most coffee makers or coffee grounds include a coffee scoop. If you want a new coffee scoop, you can find many scoops on Amazon and other online stores. For example, they come in various materials and designs, like the Wooden Coffee Scoop.

Do I Need To Know My Coffee To Water Ratio?

Yes, especially if you’re making more than one cup. Knowing how much ground coffee and water you’ll need to make multiple cups is essential in getting a great-tasting brew. Remember that the brew ratio drastically affects the coffee’s strength, mouthfeel, and flavor.

What Is The Golden Ratio For Brewing Coffee?

The golden coffee to water ratio is 1:18. For example, 55 grams of ground coffee are best paired with water measuring 1000 mL. This golden ratio is based on the SCAA’s research and recommendations.

Can I Use Less Or More Ground Coffee Than The Standard Or Recommended Amount?

Every person has unique coffee preferences, so you can customize how many coffee grounds you use when you brew. You may prefer bitter or weaker coffee, so add or reduce the amount.

What Ratio Do I Use For Cold Brew Coffee?

For the best results of a cold brew coffee, use the 1:5 ratio of coffee to water. This proportion gives you enough space to add other things like milk, cream, and sugar. If you’re using a high-strength French press, use the 1:7 ratio and the 1:12 proportions of coffee to water for a low-strength French press.


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