What Is Super Coffee?

What is Super Coffee? Super Coffee is a naturally-sweetened or unsweetened, pre-made, superfood coffee drink that tastes great and contains ingredients friendly to various specialized diets.

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Super Coffee use pea protein and MCT oil

As a lactose-intolerant person who is trying to reduce sugar in my diet, I have difficulty finding pre-made coffee drinks like Super Coffee that I can drink without worry. The Super Coffee drinks that use pea protein and MCT oil instead of dairy are great for vegans and keto dieters. And, being unsweetened or using monk fruit sweetener makes it great for dieters and diabetics.

What is Super Coffee? Let’s look more closely at what makes Super Coffee special, including its ingredients, products, offers, and reception. 

The Super Coffee Formula

Super Coffee, owned by Kitu Life Incorporated, is a coffee brand created by three brothers to fill the need for a diet-friendly coffee without sugar. Their mission is to make products that taste great without the sugary additives in standard lattes and frappuccinos. The Super Coffee brand is only seven years old as of 2022, but it is taking off alongside other industry giants.

How does Super Coffee deliver the same great taste as standard drinks? The company substitutes standard ingredients for superfoods. Each drink contains either milk protein isolate or pea protein, which allows a dairy or non-dairy choice. 

Monk fruits inside a basket
Super Coffee uses monk fruit as a sweetener

Instead of standard sugars, Super Coffee comes unsweetened or uses monk fruit as a sweetener. Monk fruit sweetener has a glycemic index of zero, which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. As a result, it’s a tasty sugar alternative for coffee drinkers on various diet plans like keto or diabetic diets.

Different products come with different features, like vitamins and antioxidants or protein and MCT oil.

Super Coffee Products

Super Coffee products come in packs of twelve bottles. They taste best when refrigerated, falling under the umbrella of cold brew drinks. However, many customers enjoy drinking them out of the bottle, on ice, heated, or as a mixer in other combinations.

Super Coffee currently has four categories of products:

  • Coffee drinks
  • Creamer
  • Coffee pods
  • Coffee grounds

You can find vanilla, mocha, dark roast, and hazelnut flavors in their store. Super Coffee’s pods are compatible with several machines in the Keurig family and others. 

The brand’s four milk protein isolate flavors are:

  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut
  • Mocha

Meanwhile, their non-dairy pea protein flavors include: 

  • Coconut
  • French vanilla
  • Sweet cream

Super Coffee creamers come in all the same flavors except mocha as well as seasonal varieties, like white chocolate peppermint. 

Some customers think the monk fruit sweetener is too strong. Thankfully, Super Coffee has a catalog of unsweetened and unflavored products. However, the brand currently does not sell any decaffeinated or reduced-caffeine drinks.

Super Coffee Subscriptions, Promotions & Shipping

All Super Coffee cold brew drinks come in 12-packs, and all creamers come in 3-packs. However, at in-store retailers, you can find singles of their products. On their website, you can enlist in a subscription service that will send your order every few weeks. You are free to adjust the frequency, amount, and variety of your subscription at any time. 

Super Coffee offers plenty of promotions on its site, allowing buyers to take advantage of free shipping and discounts on large orders. The brand provides promo codes regularly for buyers to save money at checkout.

Super Coffee also has the Super Cash Rewards program, which is completely free to join. A Super Cash account accumulates points through purchases that you can redeem for one of many pre-selected rewards.

Super Coffee ships throughout the United States, but not internationally. 

Is Super Coffee Good?

Super Coffee occupies a critical niche in the market by providing a plant-based reduced-sugar coffee solution. There is no question that the brand’s products are healthier than lattes and frappuccinos sold by competitors like Starbucks and Dunkin.

smiling woman drinking a cup of coffee
People has mixed opinions regarding the taste of Super Coffee

However, customers have mixed opinions about the taste. Some find the Monk fruit sweetener too strong, and others feel that the coffee lacks flavor. It works well as a fitness supplement or an ingredient of a protein drink, but it might not taste just like your favorite frothy cappuccino. 

Compared to other diet caffeine solutions, Super Coffee is still one of the best options. If you are interested in a creamy coffee drink that isn’t heavily processed, I suggest giving it a try. 

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