What Is Doppio Coffee? A Great Beverage For Espresso Lovers

What is doppio coffee? Doppio coffee is a double shot of espresso, great for any coffee drinker. Whether you’re an espresso fanatic or new to its charms, a Doppio is sure to please. 

Freshly brewed espresso drink - What is doppio coffee
Doppio is a double shot espresso

Doppio espresso is a favorite drink among long-time coffee-drinkers and caffeine fans across America. A double shot of espresso served in a small shot glass-like container, a Doppio is 60ml of espresso beverage translating to mean “double” in Italian. A single shot typically consists of 1 oz, or 30ml, so we can safely assume a doppio is double.

Whether you are staying up late to cram for a test or need an extra pick-me-up for your morning work shift, a Doppio is an efficient and tasty way to get a little extra energy.

Twice As Nice

Doppio’s were named after the Italian word for “double” or “two.” This is because instead of a single espresso shot, a Doppio consists of two. 

Making a Doppio is a simple process: you simply pull an espresso shot twice, leaving you with two shots of espresso. Usually made by being extracted through a large portafilter, Doppios contain around 50-60ml of coffee, twice as much as a single shot of espresso, known as a solo.

Typically known as an Italian beverage drunk by busy people on the go, Doppio coffee was introduced to the United States by the Starbucks Coffee Company and its CEO Howard Schultz. While it is sometimes considered a type of coffee, it can actually be made out of any espresso and is really an amount of coffee rather than a type.

A man sitting at a table drinking coffee.
Doppio is the go-to coffee of busy people

In Seattle, across the Pacific Northwest, and in some west coast cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, the term “doppio” is used fairly frequently. This means that you can go into almost any coffee shop and get two shots worth of espresso when you ask for a Doppio. In other places across the country, however, you may need to specify your order as the term has not yet caught on elsewhere.

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How to Make Doppio Coffee

Doppio coffee is made from roasted and freshly ground select espresso beans. The beans are then heated and pulled, otherwise known as being brewed through hot water, and come out as small portions called espresso shots. 

When making espresso, it is very important that the espresso beans are finely ground before putting them into an espresso maker. If the grounds are thick, they will get stuck and retain water, making your espresso shot weaker in both taste and caffeine content.

Ground coffee beans in a small bowl
Coffee beans must be finely ground in making espresso

In Italy, Doppios are often served black or with a touch of fresh organic heavy cream. In the United States, coffee drinkers enjoy their Doppio espressos in a myriad of ways including with non-fat milk, topped with foam, with a splash of soy, or even with a couple of pumps of sweetened flavoring. 

While customizing your Doppio is popular due to people’s differing preferences, a traditional Doppio is served black and as-is. They can be very temperamental and the key to the success of a traditional Doppio can lay in any of the following:

  • Water temperature
  • How fresh the espresso beans are 
  • The coarseness of your espresso beans
  • How the espresso beans were roasted
  • How softly or vigorously the ground espresso beans were tamped
  • The quality of your grinder
  • The quality of your water

Making Doppio coffee is surprisingly easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Follow these steps below to make a delicious Doppio espresso:

  • Step 1: Heat your portafilter by pulling a shot of water
  • Step 2: Grind your espresso beans very finely
  • Step 3: Load your ground espresso beans into the portafilter without packing or temping them too tightly
  • Step 4: Hit the sides of your portafilter a couple of times so that the espresso grounds settle
  • Step 5: Use force to tamp the grounds down into the machine’s filter so that no grounds become stuck
  • Step 6: Pull your Doppio espresso shot so that it takes about 20 seconds for optimal flavor—if you pull for longer, you may end up with a Ristretto shot
  • Step 7: Pour your espresso shots from the shot glasses into your doppio cup
  • Step 8: Add milk and flavors as needed to your preferences
  • Step 9: Sip and enjoy!

The Best Machines for Making Doppios

When creating your own Doppio espresso at home, consider using one of the following machines to pull your espresso shots from:

  • Espresso machine
  • Portable espresso maker
  • French press
  • Moka Pot
  • On the stove

Using a high-quality espresso machine can be the difference between a Doppio that is full of flavor and one that tastes flavorless like water.

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