What is Pique Tea?

Pique tea sells wellness-inspired teas in crystal form. Their teas offer numerous health benefits and come in a variety of different flavors. So, what is Pique tea and how can it benefit you?

Pouring tea on a tea cup - What is pique tea
Pique tea was created by a Harvard graduate student

You’ve probably heard of Pique Tea, the company that sells wellness-inspired teas, but what is Pique tea, and what’s all the talk about?

Pique Tea is a cutting-edge tea created by Simon Cheng, a Harvard graduate. Simon mixes ancestral techniques and modern-day science to develop a product that retains its beneficial properties when interacting with our bodies.

These teas are sourced from the most biodiverse locations in the world and forego a triple toxin screen for purity and bioactivity. The minimal foundation intertwined with the Full-Spectrum Isolate Synthesis [F-SIS]™ process results in a product packed full of benefits in the modern world.

Tea Is King

Tea is the most popular drink in the world, aside from water. From the time people learned to navigate the oceans and bring their discoveries from distant lands, tea has been gracing tables in places far from where it naturally grows. 

In modern times, tea has become associated with both high society and, more recently, with health culture. Although tea is a stimulant like coffee, it comes in many forms, including herbal versions, and is touted for its many health benefits. Yet not all teas are created equal. 

Multicultural Friends Laughing and Drinking Tea
Drinking tea has become a part of our culture

The way tea is grown, dried, and prepared contributes to how it affects your health and wellness. Companies that want to produce high-quality teas need to focus on every little detail of the tea-making process. Pique Tea is one of these companies. 

Pique Tea Company Info

Pique Tea was founded in 2014 by Simon Cheng, a long-time tea connoisseur, and businessman. Cheng wanted to discover a new and creative way to capture the benefits of tea. After working with masters in the field of tea cultivation and production, Cheng was able to develop Pique’s proprietary process of turning tea into convenient crystals. 

Their teas are premium quality, organically grown, and brewed to perfection. They’re then put through a crystallization process that doesn’t take away from the health benefits. The process allows tea-lovers to enjoy their favorite cup when on the go. 

All Pique teas are triple-tested and screened for toxins. They contain no preservatives, additives, or sugars. 

Pique Tea’s Popular Brews

Tea collection
Different tea brews

Each Pique tea offers a special taste experience and a powerful set of wellness benefits. 

Sun Goddess Matcha 

This tea boasts a true matcha flavor that has notes of grassiness and just enough bitterness. The calm mental alertness that matcha provides is beneficial for those who want to be sharp without the jitters of excessive caffeine. Matcha is also high in antioxidants and can help boost the immune system.

Ginger Digestion Elixir 

Ginger is well known as a digestive aid. This tea is also great for expectant moms battling morning sickness. If you’re just looking for an after-dinner drink that makes you feel good, this tea also has you covered.

The spicy shot of ginger is comforting and reduces inflammation

Earl Grey 

The fragrant, citrusy scent of Earl Grey is what many of us associate with a cup of English tea. This classic tea is a wonderful daytime energizer, but it also contains theaflavins; compounds in tea that help maintain gut health. 

White Peony 

This antioxidant-rich white tea is touted for its beauty benefits. It nourishes from the inside out, leaving skin hydrated and glowing. With a light, refreshing flavor that features subtle floral notes, it also makes a great iced tea for a hot summer day. 

Electric Turmeric 

Boost immunity and lower inflammation with turmeric, the key ingredient in this herbal tea. It is fermented to ensure maximum bioavailability. The fermentation process makes it easier for your body to digest and process the beneficial herbs.

This tea contains no caffeine. Mix it with milk and some honey for a delicious exotic latte. 

These are just a handful of the many choices available from Pique’s inventory. While the teas are a little pricey, the reviews are excellent and customers seem to love the teas’ convenience, health benefits, and superior taste. 

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