17 Clever Ways To Use Coffee Filters Use Around The House

Everything that you need to know about ways to use coffee filters, including DIY hacks.

Use coffee filters
Use coffee filters creatively

Did you just buy an enormous stack of coffee filters and will probably use less than half the box? Personally, I hate waste. But you don’t have to throw out any filters that get crushed, dusty, or damaged.

I’ve got a ton of smart hacks covering the best ways to use the best coffee filters while cleaning up the house and working in the yard. Coffee filters! Best thing ever! Well, after enjoying a steaming cup in the morning.

1. The Perfect Biodegradable Duster

Since coffee filters are made out of loose paper fiber, they do a great job of picking up dust and holding onto it. You can also choose between bleached or unbleached coffee filters. Unbleached filters contain no lint like paper towels, so polished surfaces gleam under the spotlight.

Rinse them out, air dry, and dust again!

2. Sprout Some Seeds

The fibers in coffee filters absorb fluids. If you are sprouting seeds for your vegetable garden, place them on a wet coffee filter and place it in a zippered storage baggie for a day or two. The seeds will be ready to pot before you blink!

3. DIY Tea Bag

Are you out of your favorite tea bags but have a full tin of loose-leaf? Spoon the proper amount of loose tea into a coffee filter and twist it closed. Steep in boiling hot water for a few minutes. Give your filter a good wring before removing and enjoy a lovely hot cup.

4. To Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

Mix up your own unique dryer sheets with this DIY hack. Mix some vinegar and aromatic essential oils. Set your coffee filters to soak.

The paper will absorb the wonderful scent and share it with your laundry while the oil also softens your sheets.

5. Coffee Filter Too Big? Cut One Down To Size

An Hispanic barista is cutting a paper filter to make coffee
If the filter is too big, simply cut it down so that it sits at the bottom of the basket

Did you buy the wrong box of coffee filters for your maker or machine? If the filter is too big, simply cut it down so that it sits at the bottom of the basket. Most coffee filters use the same weave in their paper, so your ground will drip perfectly through another brand.

6. Double Time As A Water Filter While Hiking

Coffee filters are designed to trap tiny coffee grounds while filtering the steeped fluid into your pot. If you are camping and need some safe drinking water, let it drip through a filter to remove any grit before boiling to kill off bacteria.

7. Two Filters For A Stronger Pot Of Coffee

Does your coffee maker produce a weak cup of Joe? You will get a more robust brew if you use two filters instead of one. The hot water spends more time soaking up that awesome flavor from the ground coffee before dripping down into the pot. Just be careful that your filter basket does not overflow!

8. The Perfect Potted Plant Liner

Your front porch looks beautiful with all your flowering planters. But every time that you move them, they leave behind a trail of dirt. Stop the insanity by placing a coffee filter in the bottom of the flower pot before planting.

Water can drain, but the dirt stays put.

9. Lint-free Sparkling Clean Windows

When you wipe down your windows with a paper towel, there is always a trail of lint left behind. Use a coffee filter instead and get crystal-clear windows with no streaks and no lint! It is certain to become your favorite coffee hack.

10. No-Drip Popsicle Holders

Cute kids eating popsicle
Kids little fingers will get sticky and messy when frozen is gone

The kids love popsicles! But their hands are always a sticky mess when the frozen treat is gone. Flip the coffee filter over and poke the popsicle through it! The conical shape protects little fingers while the paper catches all the drips.

11. Eliminate Rust In Your Cast Iron Skillet

How often have you pulled your cast iron skillet out of the cabinet only to find it covered in rust? After seasoning your pan, place a coffee filter on the bottom. The filter will absorb any water that may drip into the pan, preventing rust from forming.

12. With Baking Soda To Clean Your Smelliest Shoes

Stop flooding your gym shoes with expensive powders! Pour a handful of cheap baking soda into a coffee filter. Twist it closed and push it inside your shoe.

The baking soda absorbs odors while the filter traps the sweat and oils. When you are ready to run, simply toss out the filter.

13. Size and Shape Matter for Your Coffee Filter

Did you know? The brand-name filter is designed to fit in your specific basket, reducing the number of grounds able to escape down into the pot. If shopping for a generic filter, make sure that it is the same paper, shape, and size as the premium version for a better cup of coffee.

14. With Coffee Grounds For A Healthier Garden

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, one of the compounds that your vegetable plants need to thrive. After your coffee grounds have cooled, sprinkle them over your garden or toss them into your compost pile along with the filter! Read our guide explaining more about reusing coffee grounds.

15. Now You Are Cooking With Coffee Filters

Is the recipe calling for a bouquet garni, but you have no cheesecloth or twine to make the bag for your herbs? Use a coffee filter instead. Place all the herbs in the filter and give it a good twist or tie it closed with baking twine. Drop it in the pot and smell all those wonderful herbs going to work in your broth.

16. To Strain Other Liquids

In a pinch, you can use coffee filters to strain wine, broth, or other liquids and remove any sediment.

17. For Crafts

Colorful butterflies. Art projects made by small children.
Reuse coffee filters are used for making craft projects like butterflies

Coffee filters are excellent for various craft projects, especially for kids. They paint them or reuse coffee filters for projects like making flowers, snowflakes, or butterflies.

The Final Word On Ways To Use Coffee Filters

You always knew that coffee filters were necessary to make a nice pot of coffee, but who knew just how versatile they could be around the house? The next time you have a cooking, cleaning, or gardening task in front of you, these coffee filter tips and tricks just might make the job easier and more affordable.

FAQs For Ways To Use Coffee Filters

What is the best way to store coffee filters?

Help your coffee filters keep their shape by storing them in a canister, reused margarine tub, or a plastic bowl with a sealable lid. This keeps dust and odors out of the filters.

Can you make a coffee filter?

If you are desperate for coffee but are out of filters, fold a paper towel to match the shape of your usual filters. It may not catch all the grinds, but it will get you your morning shot of caffeine.

How many coffee filters come in a box?

The most common types of coffee filters often come in a 100-pack. Smaller boxes sold at the grocery store may only have 40.


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