Teabloom Glass Teapot Review: Is It Worth It?

Are you searching for a brand-new, unique glass teapot? Learn more in our Teabloom glass teapot review to determine if this glass teapot is worth the price tag.

Teabloom glass teapot review
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Tea is synonymous with relaxation. Taking the time to sip a warm cup of tea can be the afternoon pick-me-up you need. That’s why so many tea lovers like myself invest in quality teapots and accessories that bring out the best in their favorite beverage.

Teabloom glass teapots are one such accessory, but are they worth the cost? If you’re like me, you’re wondering if these fragile-looking teapots can stand up to the stove and if they’re worth the price.

The Teabloom glass teapot is made with a heat-resistant, borosilicate glass body and stainless steel accents. I was pleasantly surprised at its abilities. Let’s dive into this Teabloom Vienna glass teapot review so you can find out more about this beautiful and surprisingly handy tea accessory!

What Is The Teabloom Glass Teapot?

Teambloom was founded in 2016 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They specialize in tea products, such as handcrafted loose-leaf teas and tea bags; they offer herbal teas and true teas. 

The Teabloom glass teapot is one of their signature items. It’s made with a heat-resistant borosilicate glass body and stainless steel accents and has a removable loose-leaf tea infuser basket. The Teabloom Vienna teapot comes in various sizes, so you can enjoy a 24 oz. brew, 30 oz. brew, or 37 oz. brew.

What makes Teabloom’s teapots so special? For starters, they’re beautiful.

Teabloom produces the Vienna teapot as well as a collection of other glass teapots. The Vienna tea maker stands out with its sleek, elegant, classic design. It’s a combination of modern style and classic tea brewing.

The main thing that drew me to this particular glass teapot is its heat-resistant borosilicate glass body. This means you can place the teapot directly on your stovetop and heat the water for brewing.

Teabloom states they are committed to not just sustainability in their materials and design but also in their hand-selected teas and products. They claim this borosilicate glass teapot allows tea enthusiasts to enjoy a clean-tasting tea, which I believe since borosilicate glass is actually used in scientific and laboratory settings for its durability and chemical resistance.

Plus, the removable infuser basket makes it easy to separate your tea leaves from the brew, so when you’re drinking tea, you don’t get loose leaves in your cup. The Teabloom glass teapot is just one item in their collection of tea accessories and delicious tea combinations.

Teabloom Glass Teapot Pricing

Now, looking at this teapot, I admit I was adamant it was going to be pricey, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was fairly affordable. I think the Teabloom glass teapot is a great option for tea lovers who want something beautiful yet functional. It’s a great gift for someone special or something to treat yourself with.

A woman pouring tea from a glass teapot
Combination of durability and elegant design

It’s pretty durable, but the removable stainless steel infuser feels a bit flimsy and lightweight. Overall, I’m impressed by the combination of durability and elegant design for such an affordable price point. The ridges on the glass make this teapot seem more like a piece of art than just a functional kitchen tool.

Who Is Teabloom Glass Teapot For?

It’s easy to dismiss this teapot as a novelty item, but I believe it to be so much more! It’s the perfect gift for tea lovers or anyone who needs a little zen in their lives. If you fit into one of the following categories, I’d consider you a good candidate for this beautiful teapot.

Those With Time To Spare

Are you someone who loves to take your time with a warm cup of tea? If so, this is the perfect tea kettle for you.

With the Teabloom Vienna glass teapot, you can create a relaxing and mindful brewing experience. For me, it was quite a calming experience brewing the tea and watching the bubbles form in the glass.

However, it is much slower than getting boiling water out of, let’s say, a Keurig. If you’re someone that devotes a little extra TLC to your cup of tea in the morning and doesn’t mind waiting for hot water, this teapot is for you!

Entertainers & Hosts

If you’re someone who loves to entertain and host, then this teapot is a must-have! Not only does it make a great conversation piece, but it also looks beautiful with its sleek and modern design.

The removable infuser basket makes it easy to separate the tea leaves from the brew. This gives you a neat, clean presentation that your guests will love! Also, the look of the boiling water and the color you get from the different teas makes for a beautiful and inviting presentation.

Tea Enthusiasts

Maybe you’re an avid tea drinker? Perhaps you love to experiment with different types of teas or blends? If so, then this teapot is practically tailor-made for you!

You can use it to make all your favorite teas and blends or try something new. Just be sure to follow the instructions and use the correct water temperature. For instance, this teapot can be used to boil water directly and then insert a teabag later, but if you’re planning on using Teabloom’s flowering tea, they recommend putting already heated water into the pot, then placing the flowering tea. 

How Does Teabloom Glass Teapot Work?

When I first took a look at this glass teapot, I was curious to see how it worked. After all, being able to watch the tea brewing process is one of its main features.

Thankfully it’s not as complicated as I thought it would be! Below are some of the features I tested and everything you need to know about how this teapot works.

Heat Resistant

So, the first thing I wanted to test was the heat resistance of the glass itself. Needless to say, this teapot passed with flying colors. The borosilicate glass is able to withstand sudden changes in temperature.

This means that you can use it to boil water directly on the stove without tempering the glass first. I did, however, follow the directions on the box and removed the tea strainer and steel parts when boiling. With medium heat, I got this stovetop-safe glass teapot to a rolling boil in about five minutes, which is super fast in my book!

Smooth Pouring

In addition to the heat resistance, I wanted to check the pouring capabilities of this teapot since Teabloom is known for its luxury tea-drinking experience. What’s a good tea-drinking session without smooth pouring? A lot of glass teapots have a tendency to drip or “leak” when pouring.

Thankfully, the Teabloom Vienna glass teapot has a built-in drip-free spout that ensures a smooth and clean pour every time. The pour was smooth and drip-free.

Clean Taste

Teabloom also claims that thanks to their products made of glass instead of ceramic, the taste of your tea is free from any unwanted odors or flavors. I brewed a tea I’ve drank for quite a while now with a recognizable flavor – English Breakfast Tea by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Like most people scrunched on time, I use ready-made tea bags.

I brewed the tea with boiling water directly in the teapot and inserted a tea bag after steeping for three minutes. After making sure it was steeped correctly, I gave it a taste, and yes – there is a noticeably better quality taste as opposed to using a stovetop saucepan.

Do I think the glass is the sole reason for this? I’m not sure, but it certainly helped give me a beautiful brew!

Areas For Improvement

The one issue I have with this teapot is its glass handle. Do not grab it by the handle when it’s hot. It warms up along with the rest of the pot and will burn you!

Also, as I mentioned earlier, be sure to remove the steel parts when boiling. This teapot is made to last, but the metal pieces can heat up and cause it to break if you don’t take them off.

Other than that, this is a great teapot, and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to an electric kettle or if you just want to enjoy a good brew with a pleasing design. I do wish they found a way to make their handle easier to touch. I also thought it was strange that you need to pour water already at a high temperature when using Teabloom’s blooming tea flowers, but that’s an issue of preference.

Teabloom Glass Teapot Alternatives

Teabloom isn’t the only brand out there that has a glass teapot or tea gift set. There are a few other options you can consider if Teabloom’s Vienna Glass Teapot isn’t quite up your alley. Check out our Caraway tea kettle review.

HIWARE is another brand that has a nice glass teapot with a removable infuser. It is made of borosilicate glass and features a comfortable handle that’s slightly bigger than Teabloom’s teapot. It also has a fine metal strainer that allows you to pour tea without any leaves getting into your cup! It’s highly rated on Amazon for a good reason.

Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, Ehugos Stovetop Safe Large Tea Pot
Image source: Ehugos Stovetop

Ehugos Stovetop Safe Large Tea Pot is another great option, especially if you’re looking for a bigger-sized teapot. At 52 oz. at the same price as Teabloom’s Vienna Glass Teapot, you get a lot more for your money; it is also stovetop safe and has a removable infuser as well. This is a great option if you plan on making tea for more than one person at once or if you’re looking for a celebration teapot for larger gatherings.

Teabloom Glass Teapot Review Criteria

When I took a look at this teapot, I had a few criteria in mind that would help me determine if it was worth buying or not. When reviewing, I kept putting myself in the shoes of someone who truly wanted to enjoy the experience of watching tea bloom in a beautiful pot.

First, I looked at the design of the teapot – does it look nice? Does it have any features that would make it easier for me to use? I liked the overall look of the Teabloom Vienna Glass Teapot, and I loved the fast brew time, but I do think that for younger kids, it’s best to keep a closer eye on them while they’re using it because of its glass handle.

Second, I tested the quality of the tea made in it. I wanted to make sure that the taste of my tea was consistent and pleasant without being overpowered by any unwanted odors or flavors. What I found was a good, consistent flavor that was slightly better than what I normally get from my stovetop saucepan.

Finally, I evaluated the price point of this teapot. While the teapot itself is a bit pricey (more so than using a saucepan), you do get what you pay for here. Not only are you getting a beautiful teapot that can brew tea quickly, but you’re also getting a quality product that will last for years to come, and that makes pouring your tea more convenient and makes for a beautiful experience.

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve spent the last few years exploring different teas and coffee and analyzing their composition, flavor, and aroma. I have also been known to be a bit of a tea and coffee enthusiast, as I love experimenting with new brewing methods to see what produces the best flavor and aroma!

But I’m also someone who enjoys practicality, and I know that most working, everyday people don’t have time or money to spend on junk products. That’s why I strive to bring you honest and accurate reviews on products that are both affordable and effective.

When it comes to the Vienna Glass Teapot by Teabloom, I kept all of this in mind and even continued my morning routine of feeding the dog and making breakfast while brewing my tea. The end result? I do love this teapot, and I think it’s a great investment or gift for tea drinkers that just want a bit of escape and luxury in their everyday life (just like me)! Don’t forget to check out our Beanbox review.

Teabloom Glass Teapot: The Final Word

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with the Teabloom Vienna Glass Teapot and think it’s a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy their tea in a beautiful way. Not only does it brew tea quickly and has an enticing design, but it’s also made of high-quality materials.

This teapot is truly heat-resistant and produces a great-tasting cup of tea in minutes – it’s a great deal, and I highly recommend it! You might also be wondering, do tea bags get old?


  • Great price point
  • Beautiful design with clear glass
  • Fast brew time
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe glass 
  • Lead-free
  • Heat-resistant 


  • Glass handle may be a bit too hot for younger kids
  • Smaller sizes may not be suitable for large tea parties or gatherings
  • Drip spout kind of hard to clean
  • Can’t make Teabloom flowering tea directly on the stove



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