Caraway Tea Kettle Review: Is It Worth It?

There are so many kettle brands to choose from; picking the right one feels overwhelming. Our Caraway tea kettle review will help to narrow things down. 

Caraway Tea Kettle Review
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Choosing a tea kettle can be daunting; there are just so many to choose from, which is why our Caraway tea kettle review seeks to narrow the choices down. Gorgeous packaging? Check. Stunning looks? Check. Stainless steel cookware that won’t break the bank and lasts for a lifetime? Also, check. 

It’s beautiful packaging, efficient boiling times, and high-quality materials make it one of the best tea kettles on the market today. Let’s dive in. You might also be interested in our reasons why you should use an electric kettle.

What Is the Caraway Tea Kettle?

The Caraway tea kettle is a brand new tea kettle created by the luxury cookware brand Caraway. While Caraway began to produce non-stick cookware in 2019, it wasn’t until August of 2022 that they announced their new tea kettle to the world. This tea kettle sets itself apart, being made of a stainless steel body, free of PTFE, Teflon, and other harsh chemicals.

What Does A Tea Kettle Do?

As the name suggests, a tea kettle is used to help the water boil at an even temperature. Unlike a saucepan, tea kettles, even modern electric kettles, are designed to help bring water to the boil and maintain the temperature. Unlike using a saucepan or your grandmother’s dutch oven, stovetop kettles can help keep your water warm, help you pour it without making a mess, and can help you get better control and stay safe while handling boiled water.

Man pouring water into a cup of tea
Help you get better control and stay safe while handling boiled water

In addition, a tea kettle can heat up water and alert you when it’s ready by whistling. No more worrying about watching and constantly checking the water to make sure it’s boiled.

What Is The Healthiest Type Of Tea Kettle?

It’s important to note that not all tea kettles are made to boil water. Many kettles, such as certain ceramic kettles, are only made to help hold the heat of boiled water for tea. These kettles will not boil water on the stovetop and are not always a safe choice when looking to make water for your morning coffee.

Cast iron kettles tend to rust if not properly cleaned, which can be hazardous to your health. In addition, many materials, such as Teflon and PTFE, are found in bakeware sets and cookware, which can leak toxic chemicals into the water.

Studies have shown that the safest type of tea kettle to use is stainless steel. A stainless steel tea kettle won’t leach chemicals into distilled water and products with low acidity levels, like coffee and tea. Tap water is also low acidity, so chances are slim that stainless steel kettles will cause damage.

What Is The Caraway Tea Kettle Made Of?

Keeping these things in mind, it’s good to know that the Caraway whistling tea kettle is made of high-quality, ceramic-coated stainless steel. Unlike other teapots, you’ll find a layer of durable stainless steel inside of its construction, which helps insulate and keep your water warm, and a gorgeous ceramic coating outside in different colors like marigold, cream, blue, yellow, and more.

How Do You Clean The Caraway Tea Kettle?

To clean the Caraway tea kettle, take a soft cloth (preferably microfiber) and thoroughly clean the outside of the kettle, the inside, and the inside of the spout. Never leave the kettle on the heat to evaporate the water, as doing so will damage the kettle permanently. Use mild unscented soap and water to remove debris after removing it from the packaging with warm soapy water.

Always hand wash your kettles, and ensure the bottom is dry before putting it on the stovetop. Putting a wet kettle on the stovetop can burn the bottom of your kettle and cause permanent damage.

Who Is the Caraway Tea Kettle For?

Those Who Value Health

By far, the biggest market for the Caraway tea kettle is people who want a product that might come with high-quality materials that won’t leach chemicals into their water. If you’re someone who values ingesting clean, non-toxic foods and items and who wants to ensure their tap water is boiled enough to ensure it’s safe, then the Caraway tea kettle is a great investment.

Those Who Value Sustainability

Caraway has a high price point, but they are also known for paying their workers fair wages and for working with sustainable companies like BSCI and SMETA manufacturing partners. They also use non-toxic chemicals for their pots, so you don’t have to worry about the added waste created while making your teapot.

Those Who Don’t Mind Waiting

It takes, arguably, more work to wait for the water to boil in a kettle than to pop it in the microwave. If you have time and don’t mind waiting for high-quality, great-tasting water with your hot tea or coffee, then this is a good product as well.

Pouring hot water using caraway tea kettle
Caraway tea kettle

Those Who Want A Product That Lasts

The Caraway tea kettle is made to last and is built of durable materials. Yes, it is expensive, but it will probably last much longer than a plastic electric kettle would. People who appreciate craftsmanship will appreciate this product. From the ceramic coating to the potholder that comes with the product, and even the design of the handle and nozzle, everything is made to last on the Caraway Tea Kettle.

How Does The Caraway Tea Kettle Work?

Boils Water Fast

This tea kettle claims to boil water fast at low to medium heat. When testing this tea kettle, I found it took around 12 minutes on low to medium heat before I heard a whistle. However, that is to be expected of a tea kettle with durable materials. I recommend using the higher end of the low-medium spectrum for the best results.

If you have an induction stove top, you’ll need a tea kettle that can boil water and still produce a magnetic charge. Unlike perracotta tea kettles or glass kettles, the Caraway kettle has a ceramic coating but a stainless steel interior that still produces a magnetic charge and works well on induction stovetops.

Produces Great-Tasting Water

Can you taste and see the difference between boiled water using non-toxic materials? You bet you can! I boiled my water to make a MUD/WTR iced drink, but before doing so, I poured this water into an empty mug with natural markings at the bottom of the cup. I poured perhaps one of the clearest cups of water I’ve ever seen, and my drink was amazing! It was smooth and truly tasted different than when I used a saucepan for water.

Easy To Pour

The spout works wonders, and the handle actually does make pouring quite easy. I have another tea kettle that simply can’t pour quite as the Caraway tea kettle can. The added potholder makes it easy to get a hold of the hot handle, pour a beautiful cup of water, and then have a steady resting spot for my kettle.

Areas For Improvement

Perhaps the biggest issue I had with this kettle was the difficulty cleaning it out the first time I washed it. While the design is beautiful, it is somewhat on the clunkier end, making it difficult to take out the excess water that was inside of the spout and the excess soap.

In addition, I believe the boiling times were a bit on the higher side, and low to medium heat might not be the best option. While the instructions say not to go any higher than that due to possible damage to the pan, I went a little overboard and went closer to medium heat to get my water to boil.

Caraway Tea Kettle Alternatives

There are so many other tea kettles on the market it’s hard to compare the Caraway to another product. However, on the higher end, you might compare the Caraway tea kettle with the Le Creuset kettle. Similar to the Caraway tea kettle, the Le Creuset is made of ceramic enamel over stainless steel construction. It has a much more classic style that many retro lovers might find pleasing.

Caraway tea kettle in stove with high temperature

In addition, CuisinArt also has its own line of whistling tea kettles that hold up to two quarts of water. However, when compared to the Caraway tea kettle, this one is somewhat flimsy and might not hold up to continued use. Electric kettles are another popular alternative since they stay warm using electricity on a hot pad. However, these electric kettles are highly inefficient, and it’s best to stick with the Caraway, which naturally insulates and keeps your kettle warm.

Caraway Tea Kettle Review Criteria

I reviewed this product by examining the packaging, ease of use, and functionality, in addition to the taste of the water produced. The packaging was exquisite and had everything I needed to get started right away. The booklet that comes with the kettle was very informative and helped me learn how to care for my kettle.

I followed the instructions, cleaned it off, and added water to the max line. Then, I used low to medium heat on a smaller-sized burner and used the potholder to lift the handle. All products worked just as intended, and I made a drink that I’ve tasted countless times before and noticed a significant difference! I also noticed that, as promised, my water was quite warm for almost 30 minutes after I took it off the heat.

Why You Can Trust Me

Like many people, I wasn’t quite sure of the benefits of a tea kettle. I usually use my coffee maker’s hot water or a saucepan to boil water. I came into this review with a skeptical mind but was surprised by the thoughtfulness that went into Caraway’s packaging, its durable design, and its helpful booklet and potholder.

I also used tap water since that’s what’s available to many homeowners, and for the price, there’s no reason this tea kettle can’t make my tap water taste fantastic. The taste was immaculate, and the design of the tea kettle made it easy to alert me when my water was finished. I was running around my kitchen trying to clean and remembered the water, making this a safe investment for me as well!

Caraway Tea Kettle: The Final Word

I thoroughly enjoyed the Caraway tea kettle and am so happy it is now the centerpiece of my oven! I got the cream version, which glistens beautifully under my kitchen light and produces some of the best-tasting water I’ve ever had. For the price point, I think it’s worth the investment since the materials are durable, you get a potholder, and you also have a good kitchen product that is made to last.

Price: 3/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Functionality/Taste: 5/5


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Caraway Tea Kettle Review: Is It Worth It? (2022)
  • Durable
  • Heat Conductivity
  • Versatility

Caraway Tea Kettle: The Final Word

I thoroughly enjoyed the Caraway tea kettle and am so happy it is now the centerpiece of my oven! I got the cream version, which glistens beautifully under my kitchen light and produces some of the best-tasting water I’ve ever had. For the price point, I think it’s worth the investment since the materials are durable, you get a potholder, and you also have a good kitchen product that is made to last.


  • Uses non-toxic materials
  • Makes water taste and look clear and amazing
  • Easy to pour


  • A higher price point than other kettles
  • Longer boiling times on low setting
  • A bit clunky to clean