Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee, as the name itself suggests, is a company known for making some really solid coffee makers. This particular 10-cup model does not differ from the norm in that sense – but it does in many others, in a good way.

Top Features

  • Thermal carafe that holds temperature and flavor
  • Capacity
  • Quick brewing
  • Permanent filter
  • Extra features

This particular coffee maker with grinder is a product already tested by many users in their own homes. We are not the first ones to call it solid – in fact, there are thousands of people that share our opinion. But what makes this coffee maker so great?

One reason is that it comes with an array of extra options that make your life easier, your coffee tastier, and your wallet – heavier. Heavier, because this coffee maker is very affordable on its own, but it also actively saves you money with its extra features.

One of the first things you will notice about this product is its pleasant, sleek, elegant look. A stylish mix of chrome and black, it's sure to suit any kitchen. The shape is modern, but also just close enough to traditional to be a safe present for any household.

However, it's not the looks that you really look for in a coffee maker. Fortunately, this particular machine can easily stand its ground in other aspects as well. Let's take a good look at its pros and cons.

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  • Large capacity
  • Quick brewing (up to 20% faster)
  • Permanent filter
  • Delay Brew Feature & more


  • No water indicator on the carafe

This Mr. Coffee product is very well-equipped for something so affordable, but it's not without it's flaws. Although, as you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons – and this is not just our opinion. 

Allow us to give you an extended rundown of what we like, and dislike, in this particular coffee maker.


  • Large capacity

This one is rather huge. It's not the biggest you may be able to find on the market, but we guess that at 10 cups, Mr. Coffee's coffee machine is big enough. Whether you have a large family or a smaller one that drinks unhealthy amounts of coffee, you will be satisfied with this product.

For some people, a 10-cup capacity may seem excessive. However, think of it like this – there are perks that come with not having to go through the entire brewing process repeatedly. You can always heat it up, and it will be there, waiting for you.

Another great thing is that this coffee maker does not come with a hot plate. You may be wondering why this is good? Thanks to not having a hot plate, you will be able to enjoy great-tasting coffee without a burnt smell even several hours later.

  • Quick Brewing

This is something that both Mr. Coffee and the end-users of this product swear by. Having done extensive testing, the company assures that you will be able to enjoy a 20% faster brewing process.

This is especially great in the morning. Who doesn't run around in a complete hurry? Saving some time is never bad, and this is time that you can spend actually drinking the coffee as opposed to waiting for it.

The brewing alone is quicker, but it's also done at a hotter temperature of up to 205°. The end result is fantastic – a richer, stronger taste that you are bound to love.

  • Permanent filter

Great for both your wallet and the environment, a permanent filter is not something you always find in coffee makers. Which is a shame – it's a great feature.

As opposed to having to buy new filters over and over, you can enjoy the Gold Tone permanent filter in this Mr. Coffee brew maker. There's also a water filtration disk that helps remove up to 97% of chlorine.

Chlorine strongly affects the taste of water, and thus, also coffee. Removing it will further improve the taste. Lastly – not using extra paper is good for the planet.

  • Delay Brew Feature & more

One of the fun features this coffee maker comes with is Delay Brew. With this option, you are able to set brew time ahead. Do you know what that means?

It means waking up to the smell of freshly made coffee – without having to make it yourself! You may not be aware of this, but some people use such coffee makers in place of alarm clocks. It's infinitely nicer to wake up to the smell of coffee than it is to a drilling alarm in your ears.

Worth mentioning is that this coffee maker also has a special cleaning cycle. It will help you maintain both performance and coffee taste in perfect shape. And the water reservoir is removable, so it is easy to fill & clear.

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Coffee Maker


The users have reported one inconvenience with this coffee maker.

  • No water indicator on the carafe

While not the biggest problem by itself, we can see how it could be a slight annoyance. You need to be careful when pouring enough water to fill the carafe. This will help you avoid any spills.

Buying Advice

To ensure that this will be a coffee maker that you love, prior to purchase, please consider the following

  • The capacity – is it adequate for your family?
  • The permanent filter – do you prefer buying new filters?
  • The water indicator on the carafe – is it a big issue for you?
  • Quiet

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For something so affordable, this Mr. Coffee brew maker is referred to by many as the best coffee maker with grinder. Surprisingly powerful and large, it has an array of extra features that are sure to satisfy even the biggest coffee connoisseur.

If you want a machine that can brew a lot of coffee quickly, while also keeping the water clean, definitely consider this Mr. Coffee model.

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