How to Make A Java Chip Frappuccino Without Coffee: 5 Simple Steps

How to make a java chip frappuccino without coffee is much easier than you’d think. With few simple ingredients and five steps, you’re good to go.

How to make java chip frappuccino without coffee
Frappuccinos contain coffee

Frappuccinos typically have coffee in them. If they don’t, they aren’t a frappuccino. 

Any frappuccino without coffee in it would be called a creme in all technicalities. Luckily, you can turn most frappuccinos into cremes quite quickly – including a java chip frappuccino. In fact, in many cases, you can simply leave the coffee out. 

Below, I’ve put together an easy recipe for crafting a coffee-free java chip frappuccino at home.

An Easy to Follow Recipe In Making A Java Chip Frappuccino Without Coffee

almond milk and almonds in a table
You can use almond milk

For this drink, you’ll need a few simple ingredients. We’ll be using a milk base, but you can choose whatever sort of milk that you want. I prefer whole milk simply for the taste, but those sensitive to lactose may want to try almond milk instead. 

Based on my experience, using almond milk doesn’t change the taste all that much. 

Here’s a list of ingredients: 

  • 2 cups of milk. Again, you can use whatever milk you choose. Whole fat often provides the best results, but healthier options are entirely doable. Remember, the taste of the milk will be diluted by the ice cubes. 
  • Two cups of ice cubes. As a cold drink, you’ll need quite a lot of ice cubes. However, you can use fewer or more ice cubes to your preference. Often, I just eyeball it. Adding extra ice does make the drink less creamy, though. 
  • Four tablespoons of chocolate chips. Semi-sweet chips are my preferred option. You can choose dark chocolate if you prefer a less sweet drink or if you’re trying to keep calories to a minimum. I wouldn’t recommend milk chocolate, as this drink is often sweet enough. High-quality chocolate chips are essential for blend-ability. Cheaper options tend to crumble and don’t produce the same creamy flavor
  • Four tablespoons of chocolate sauce. You can use whatever sauce you prefer. Chocolate syrup is another option, but it will make the drink a bit thicker. Mocha sauce is also a solid option if you want it to taste more coffee-ish. 
  • Whipped cream. You can use a homemade whipped cream or a store-bought option. For simplicity, I often just purchase some at the store. 
  • Blender. Okay, a blender isn’t technically an ingredient, but you will need one to prepare this drink correctly. 

Step 1: Drizzle The Glasses

First, you’ll want to drizzle chocolate inside each of the glasses. While this is partially for looks, it also affects the flavor, so don’t skip it! 

I prefer to place the glasses in the freezer while I do the rest of the steps. It prevents the chocolate from simply running to the bottom of the cup and gets the cup cold.

Step 2: Add All Ingredients Together

Next, you’ll want to add all the ingredients to the blender. This includes ice, milk, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips. In other words, pretty much everything.  

Put them into a blender-safe bowl or cup – whatever you typically use with your blender. You don’t want to use your final cup in these cases. 

Step 3: Mix

Blenders differ from each other

Secure your blender’s lid properly and get blending. Using low speed, blend for about 30 seconds to get everything going.

Then, up it to around max speed for about 20 seconds or so. Mix until everything is smooth. 

All blenders are different. Therefore, you’ll likely have to eyeball it at this point. The main point is to get everything blended. 

After you’ve mixed it thoroughly, taste test it for thickness and flavor. If you’d like it thicker, add more ice cubes.

If it needs more chocolate, add more chocolate sauce and chips. Blend again if you’ve added any extra ingredients.

Step 4: Pour

Once the drink is up to your standards, pour them into your prepared glasses. Add whipped cream on top – whether you bought some at the store or made some yourself. Finally, drizzle some chocolate sauce on the top.

It is essential to remember that whipped cream does affect the flavor of the drink. Therefore, I don’t recommend just purchasing the cheapest thing you can find. A high-quality whipped cream does make a lot of difference in the flavor of the coffee. 

Adding more whipped cream will make the drink creamier, especially if you give it time to “melt” into your drink – or stir it in before you enjoy it. 

Step 5: Serve

You should serve the drink immediately. It won’t nearly be as tasty when the ice melts. 

Add a straw in the top for maximum drinkability. It can often be challenging to drink it straight from the top with all that whipped cream!


  • Kristin Hitchcock

    Kristin first fell in love with coffee on a trip to Brazil - where she learned that the ground coffee found on American shelves was not the end-all. Today, she loves educating other coffee-lovers on how to make the best cup of coffee, no matter what you enjoy.