Can You Use Almond Milk In Coffee?

If you’re switching to a plant-based diet or are lactose intolerant, you might be wondering, “can you use almond milk in coffee?” Let’s dig into this alternative.

Can You Use Almond Milk In Coffee
Almond milk is on the rise to become a healthy alternative to dairy milk in coffee

Nutty, rich, and lower in calories, almond milk is on the rise to become a healthy alternative to dairy milk in coffee. It has an interesting flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, while the sweetness level can be adjusted depending on which type of almond milk you purchase. So, can you use almond milk in coffee?

You can but making a perfect cup of Joe with almond milk is a daunting task. You can’t just pour a full jug of almond milk into the cup without measuring the right ratio or skipping the temperature check.

What is the worst scenario, you may ask? Cold milk starts to curdle when the coffee is still hot. Worry not; we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about almond milk in coffee.

Almond Milk Meets Coffee: A Rich And Nutty Marriage

When made right, coffee and almond milk bring out a rich, nutty, and slightly sweetened portfolio with a subtle bitter aftertaste. If you choose sweetened milk, there will be a delightful note of vanilla added to your cup. You might also like these vegan alternatives to coffee creamer.  

As plant-based milk, almond milk is much thinner than dairy milk. For that reason, it’s likely to create a layer of wateriness beneath the foam generated. So you need more almond milk compared to dairy milk or oat milk. Play around with different recipes and adjust as you go to see which ratio works best for your palate.

Speaking of the best type of coffee to pair with almond milk, dark roast with a strong flavor goes a long way in my book. For that reason, I like to choose espresso and froth half a cup of almond milk.

Benefits Of Almond Milk In Coffee 

For most people, oat milk and soy milk are the top calls when searching for the best plant-based milk to make with coffee. However, almond milk does not deserve a bad rap if you know how to pick the right choice that’s not too watery or chalky.

Can you use almond milk in coffee?
Almond milk has much fewer calories than conventional milk

The steady rise of almond milk first comes from its health benefits. As plant-based milk, almond milk has much fewer calories than conventional milk. A cup of unsweetened almond milk only has about 40 calories and is low in fat. Meanwhile, a cup of whole milk adds 149 calories to your daily diet.

Why Does Your Almond Milk Curdle In Coffee?

The curdling problem is caused by a reaction when plant-based milk interacts with the acidity and heat in coffee. The separation happens much faster if you use cold almond milk with hot coffee. 

The good news is there is something you can do about it. Before pouring any almond milk into hot coffee, make sure you gently warm the milk first to reduce the difference in temperature between the two ingredients.

The second way is cooling the coffee if you plan to use it with cold almond milk. Alternatively, opt for a less-acidic coffee such as Sumatra coffee. These beans are grown at lower altitudes and dry-processed, resulting in a lower acidic profile than in other regions of the world.

Best Almond Milk Brands For Coffee

I’ve met people who prefer oat milk or soy milk over almond milk as they are thicker with a similar level of protein as dairy milk. However, if you’re set on almond milk, make sure you check out the best almond milk brands. Check out our round-up of the best vegan coffee alternatives

Earth’s Own

The Unsweetened Original Version has 35 calories in every 250ml cup. This drink is nutty and creamy, making it ideal for coffee.

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Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk has a distinct almond-like profile and a perfect level of creaminess for a cup of Joe.

Califia Farms

Snap a bottle of Califia Farms Original Barista Blend Almond Milk to pair it with your coffee, and you won’t be disappointed. It brings forward a rich texture and full flavor. It is also low in sugar.

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Coffee With Almond Milk Recipes

Frothy Chocolate Almond Milk Coffee

Although you can make this with espresso, if you’re caught for time, instant coffee is still a good choice.

  1. Add four tablespoons of instant coffee and two tablespoons of sugar into a quarter cup of boiled water.
  2. Froth three cups of almond milk until foamy and let it cool.
  3. Combine the chilled almond milk, a quarter cup of cacao powder, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract in a blender and blend well.
  4. Add coffee into a cup and pour the blended mixture on top.
  5. Garnish with more cacao powder or cinnamon powder to your liking, and enjoy.
Coffee with almond milk recipes

Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato With Almond Milk

This almond milk coffee drink is ideal for cooling down in the summer heat.

  1. Brew one espresso shot and let it cool or prepare some cold brew.
  2. Fill a glass with ice and slowly pour chilled or cool almond milk in.
  3. Slowly pour the cold brewed coffee or espresso over the milk.
  4. Add two teaspoons of caramel sauce on top and gently swirl.
  5. For an extra touch, sprinkle some cinnamon powder, and you’re all set.


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