6 Best Iced Coffee Alternatives For A Refreshing Boost

Looking for some thirst-quenching refreshing drinks? Here are the six best-iced coffee alternatives to spruce up your beverage collection.

holding iced latte coffee in a glass with cream on bottom - iced coffee alternatives
Alternatives to iced coffee are perfect for people who cannot deal with jitters

Iced coffee is great. But the significant amount of caffeine is a no-no for those who cannot deal with jitters. Other than that, acid reflux isn’t pleasant either.

I like to switch out the same old iced coffee for something fun, creative, or more forgiving during an anxiety attack. If you’re looking to kick your caffeine habit or are tired of the same old taste as I am, why not check out these six iced coffee alternatives for a pump of energy?

1. Cold Brew

Cold brew is probably the most significant alternative to iced coffee; it’s 65% less acidic and much smoother on the mouth. No hot water is involved in making cold brews, which is the primary factor that pulls out the oils carrying acid in the beans.

Making cold brew requires more time and effort. On the flip side, the process of making cold brew is a tasty journey itself. 

Steep the coffee in cold water for at least twelve hours. Feel free to add ice, milk, or sugar to balance out its intensity.

2. Coffee Smoothie

Is coffee smoothie even a thing? Well, think of it as a day-to-day coffee but more fun and robust on the palate.

All you need is coconut water which serves as the backbone of the drink. Even though coffee isn’t dehydrating you, coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated

Two cups with coffee and a two bowls of frozen banana
You can use frozen bananas in making your coffee smoothie

Look for any fruit that is in season and ripe, preferably some with a sweet note and a thick texture. In my case, I would go for a frozen banana. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds or basil seeds, two tablespoons of any smashed nuts, and one shot of strong coffee

With all things prepped, pop them into the blender and blitz. You can add some more ice if you want.

3. Iced MUD

If you haven’t heard of MUD before, it’s time to have your mind blown. Think of it as the best resort to get your energy pumped without surrendering to your anxiety kick. Created by Shane Heath, MUD is a chai-like powder similar to ground ginger, with a robust earthy note.

MUD is a great energy boost for a lunch break walk. You can drink MUD by itself, but there’s a better way to inject your drink with a creamy base. My trick is adding a few tablespoons of cream, full milk, or honey into the mug before pouring it up and pouring it over a glass.

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4. Iced Dandelion Coffee

Dandelion coffee is no more a stranger. This caffeine-free coffee goes perfectly with ice that brings out the herbal base of the drink even more.

Making iced dandelion coffee isn’t as demanding as making cold brews. With the pre-blend package on the countertop, scoop out a full tablespoon and mix it with hot water, let cool, ice goes in, shake it up and serve—many people like an add-in of chicory root.

5. Iced Cocoa Drink

Iced chocolate has been taking the beverage world by storm, but with iced cocoa drink, it’s here to rock your lunch-break game with some mood-boosting magnesium.

Now, this isn’t your everyday sugar-filled recipe. I want you to get the best organic cocoa powder packed with antioxidants without unhealthy additives or sugar.

Cocoa is packed with serotonin which makes it a good mood booster

The finest cocoa brand is packed with serotonin, a chemical substance for a feel-good moment. Even though cocoa contains about 230 milligrams in every 100 grams of powder, it’s still a stellar alternative to iced coffee for a boost. 

I usually mix two tablespoons of organic cocoa powder with one cup of almond milk, stir it well, and shake it with some ice before serving. A dash of cinnamon ground will game up its flavor profile as well.

6. Iced Golden Milk

What if I tell you that golden milk can make a stellar drink during the day too? Or even better, a breakfast drink.

Iced golden milk latte is not only delicious but also nourishing and nutritious. The anti-inflammatory properties in golden milk from the curcumin found in turmeric can tackle breathing problems, joint pain, fatigue, and more.

There are many recipes out there. I like to play it up with almond milk, ground cinnamon, cardamom, a dash of vanilla extract, and honey before popping everything into a shaker or blender. Once in a while, adding finely ground pepper with condensed milk enhances the final profile of my iced golden milk – and I just love it.

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  • Oanh Nguyen

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