How To Make A Mocha Iced Coffee In 4 Simple Steps

Discover how to make a mocha iced coffee at home. We have a step-by-step guide to get you sipping your favorite iced coffee in no time at all.

How To Make Mocha Ice Coffee
Mocha iced coffee can be made with simple steps and a few ingredients.

How to Make a Mocha Iced Coffee: The Ingredients


For this mocha recipe, you have to start with 1 cup (240 grams) of cold coffee. You can chill leftover hot coffee from your breakfast batch, or you can make a cold brew just for this kind of coffee. To make cold brew coffee, simply pour water over coarsely ground coffee beans and put it in the refrigerator in a mason jar with a lid.

After 8 or 10 hours, filter the coffee, and magically, you’ll have a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. For this recipe, a stronger type of coffee is recommended. You need one cup of coffee or espresso.

Chocolate Syrup

You will need 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup. However, if you don’t have any on hand, and you do have chocolate milk, simply use chocolate milk instead of regular milk as directed below. Your mocha iced coffee might not be as strong if you use chocolate milk, but many people are okay with that.

Milk, half-and-half, or coffee creamer

You need 1 cup of any one of these options. Alternatively, you can use a non-dairy kind of milk for a vegan treat, such as soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, or rice milk.

Ice cubes

You can use one cup of regular ice cubes or one cup of coffee-flavored ice cubes. The coffee-flavored ice cubes will keep your drink from getting too watered down as the ice melts.

To make coffee-flavored ice cubes, just pour 2 cups of coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze them overnight. Then, you can pop them out of the trays and store them in a zip-top freezer bag until you need them. 


You can use traditional granulated sugar or another sweetener. Simply add enough sweetener until your drink tastes right. 

Instructions For How To Make Mocha Iced Coffee

how to make a mocha iced coffee
By using this recipe, you can make four servings of mocha iced coffee.

Be your own barista by whipping up this yummy iced mocha recipe. Our recipe for making mocha iced coffee makes four servings. 

Step 1. Blend

Using an electric blender, mix together the chocolate syrup, half-and-half, and the coffee. 

Step 2. Add ice

Add the ice to the mixture, half of it at a time, blending the mixture until it is smooth. You may need to pulse the mixture to fully crush all the ice. 

Step 3. Taste It

Take a sip of your drink and add sweetener to taste. If you have to add more, blend the sweetener into the drink.

Step 4. Serve

Divide the drink into four cups, add a straw, and enjoy. If you have an artistic flair, you can drizzle the inside of the glasses with swirls of chocolate syrup before you pour the drinks into the glasses.

Tips For Amazing Mocha Iced Coffee

mocha iced coffee above a ceramic plate
To create the best mocha iced coffee, you must have a high-quality coffee.

For the best mocha iced coffee, the first thing that you have to have is high-quality coffee. The coffee flavor needs to be intense to offset the milk and ice in the recipe. Whether you use espresso, cold brew, or French press coffee, make sure you have a good brand of coffee beans. 

Another way to keep the coffee flavor strong in your mocha iced coffee is to use the coffee-flavored ice cubes described in the recipe above. These are super easy to make and can take your iced mocha coffee to a new level of greatness.

Finally, you can top your glass of mocha iced coffee with something to make the drink pretty. Add a large dollop of whipped cream to the top and drizzle chocolate syrup over the cream as a garnish.

Instead of topping the cream with chocolate syrup, you can shake a light dusting of cocoa powder over the top of the whipped cream, or you can use a peppermint leaf as a cheerful punch of color.

Mocha Ice Coffee Drinks Are Summer Treats For All

These drinks are wonderful all year long, but they are particularly satisfying during the hot summer months when the weather is sweltering. When you have friends over to your apartment, you can wow them by turning your kitchen into your very own Starbucks.

Our iced mocha recipe or another latte-style drink are perfect summer drinks to enjoy out by the pool.

If you have teens and want to give them a sweet treat to enjoy with their friends on a hot day, this recipe for mocha iced coffee is exactly what you want. Not quite as thick and heavy as a milkshake, it still has that sweet, creamy goodness that is so refreshing when the temps go sky-high. 

The Final Word On How To Make a Mocha Iced Coffee

No need to wait to go to the coffee shop to have a delicious frosty mocha iced coffee. You can create one with just five ingredients in your own kitchen whenever you like by using our recipe. 

FAQs About How To Make Mocha Iced Coffee

Are there other variations on this mocha ice coffee drink?

Yes! To make this drink into a frappuccino, you can just add about a half cup of extra ice to the blender. The ice will take away from the sweetness, so extra sweetener might be in order.

Can I add protein powder to my mocha ice coffee?

To add a protein pick me up to your coffee drink, you can add some chocolate protein powder to the blender before you add the ice. This will increase your satiety and keep the drink from being too carbohydrate-heavy.


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