How Many Coffee Scoops Per Cup? Answered

If you want to brew the perfect cup of Joe, you know the right coffee-to-water ratio is essential, so how many coffee scoops per cup are needed? Let’s find out.

Coffee scoops per cup
A coffee scoop with a clip is usually made of stainless steel

A coffee scoop is a lifesaver because it helps you effortlessly weigh out the correct amount of coffee for your brew every single time. Two tablespoons of ground coffee to six ounces of water is the ideal ratio for a strong cup of Joe; that’s exactly how much the average coffee scoop holds. 

One scoop per cup of coffee is the perfect amount, but since coffee scoops can vary in size, you may have to use more. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to select the perfect coffee scoop.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Spoon 

I’ve been buying ground coffee for a long time now, and some brands include a plastic scoop with their pre-ground coffee. If you’re looking for the best coffee spoon, stay away from those flimsy plastic scoops, as most of them aren’t durable.

These spoons are usually too short to be able to reach the bottom of the bag, so I have to put my whole fist into the bag to get to the beans. Check out our explainer on how long coffee beans last.

We also recommend opting for a coffee scoop with a clip, as you can use the clip to secure your bag of coffee to keep it fresher for longer. Not every coffee spoon comes with a clip, so you will have to buy one separately. A coffee scoop with a clip is usually made of stainless steel, but you will also find some other versions made of wood or premium plastic.

Accurate Measurement

Spill ground coffee from white jar
A standard coffee spoon should hold two tablespoons of ground coffee

This is critical to help you scoop out the right coffee-to-water ratio you need for a certain preparation method, especially pour-over coffee. As mentioned earlier, a standard coffee spoon holds two tablespoons of ground coffee, but it’s not uncommon to find spoons that can only hold one tablespoon or one and a half tablespoons of coffee.

If the dimension of the scoop does not reflect the correct measurement, you will end up with a cup of coffee that is too strong or too weak.

Sturdy Material

Other than measurement, opt for a material that stands the test of time and does not affect the flavor of your coffee.

Stainless steel and wood are the most sturdy materials. Between the two, I like to use stainless steel spoons as they are more durable and feel firm on my hand. Most stainless-steel appliances are corrosion-resistant to maintain their sophisticated finish.

A metal clip’s sealing force is more powerful than some wooden spoons I’ve used. This is to ensure oxygen doesn’t sneak in and diminish the coffee flavor. A tight seal will protect your beans from dust and debris, meaning your coffee will stay fresh longer.

Nice Design And Finish

If you’re looking for a handy household item for a coffee fanatic on a special occasion, having a quality spoon with a beautiful, shiny silver finish would be nice. While most spoons with clips come in gray, you will also find plenty of other designs in gold, black, or rose gold. If you get one made of wood, some artisan sellers allow you to have your own name or sentiments carved along the handle as a hand-made gift.

Dishwasher-Safe And Easy To Clean

If you plan to clean your coffee spoon with a clip in a dishwasher after each use, make sure to opt for silicone, stainless steel, thick, durable plastics, or ceramic spoons. These materials are dishwasher safe. If you wash it by hand, go for one that doesn’t stain easily.

Best Coffee Spoons With A Clip 

Norpro Coffee Scoop With Bag Clip

Coffee scoops clip in a bag
It’s designed for measuring and sealing

The Norpro coffee spoon with clip is one of the best coffee scoops. It’s brought to you by a well-established brand known for its excellent vision of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest caliber kitchenware.

The scoop accommodates one and a half tablespoons of coffee. If you want a strong cup of coffee, one heaped spoonful should be enough. This product features a spring-loaded, built-in clip with a long seven-and-a-half-inch handle that’s long enough to reach into the bag.

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Lanskyware Rose Gold Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop With Clip

Rose gold is a stunning choice for coffee drinkers who value aesthetics; this three-piece set is no exception. These scoops hold a tablespoon each, so you need two scoops per cup of coffee. 

They are made of high-quality, heavy-duty, and food-grade stainless steel without sharp edges. Since this is a set, you can use one scoop for your coffee bag and the others to seal sugar or flour. 

They’re also easy to wash. Simply swipe it under hot water or place it in a dishwasher, and you’re good to go.

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Talisman Designs Laser Etched Beechwood Scoop With Clip

This is one of the cutest coffee spoons with clips you’ll come across. You can choose either a nature design with an owl or a woodland design with a squirrel. Each is made of solid beech wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The scoop can hold one tablespoon of coffee, so you should use two scoops per cup. I love how it sits nicely on top of the coffee bag. The only downside is that you need to wash it by hand.

FAQs About Coffee Scoops Per Cup

How Much Coffee Do You Scoop Per Cup?

If you like your coffee strong, then one scoop of coffee per cup is enough, assuming the scoop holds two tablespoons. If you prefer weaker Java, you could use half a scoop.

How Many Scoops Of Coffee For A 4-Cup?

To brew four cups of strong coffee, you would need four scoops. You can cut it down to two or three scoops for a milder brew.

How Many Scoops Of Coffee Do I Put In A Coffee Maker?

For an espresso machine, you need seven to nine grams of coffee to brew one shot. This works out as just under one scoop per espresso.

How Much Ground Coffee Per Scoop?

Most coffee spoons hold two tablespoons of ground coffee, which weighs just under 11 grams. Always check the information leaflet that came with your coffee first, as some scoops only hold one to one and a half tablespoons.


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