Coffee or Energy Drinks: Which Is The Better?

Many people wonder, which drink is better: coffee or energy drink? There are a few key points to note; however, coffee still has the edge on energy drinks.

Today coffee is recognized as one of the most popular drinks not only in the United States but globally as well.

Millions of people rely on coffee to start their days. While coffee has been around for centuries, it is rising in popularity among millennials.

A recent study released by Bloomberg shows that the demand for coffee has remained high during the past few years.

While coffee remains a popular drink among all demographics, energy drinks are also rising in popularity. This has led many people to wonder which of these two drinks is better: coffee or energy drink?

There are a few key points to note; however, coffee still has the edge on energy drinks.

An Overview of Coffee or Energy Drink

Coffee and energy drinks are both popular; however, they are very different beverages. Coffee is a beverage steeped in tradition with a rich history.

Energy drinks are seen as the unique, trendy, modern drink specifically designed to help people alleviate fatigue and get through the day. While coffee certainly helps people wake up in the morning, it seems that energy drinks were designed specifically for alleviating fatigue.

Therefore, when looking at coffee versus energy drinks, it is important to focus on what sets them apart. Therefore, both coffee and energy drinks will be evaluated not only on taste but on their health impacts as well.

The Benefits of Coffee

A group of people sitting at a table with a plate of food, with coffee.
The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The main benefit of coffee is that it helps people stay awake. Coffee does this in the form of caffeine.

Globally, caffeine is among the most studied stimulants on earth.

While the average amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee can vary depending on the amount of time it takes to brew, how large the serving is, and how the drink is prepared, coffee is among the most caffeinated beverages in the world per fluid ounce.

Therefore, this is one of the main benefits of coffee. Caffeine helps people wake up. At the same time, there are a few other benefits of drinking including:

While these benefits are nice, there are a few drawbacks to note as well. These include:

  • Many people who drink coffee on a regular basis need to be wary of becoming dependent in the form of caffeine addiction.
  • Some people might not like the bitter taste of coffee and may prefer something sweeter.
  • Coffee is a dark beverage that could create an acidic environment in the mouth, leading to dental cavities in addition to unsightly teeth stains.

Therefore, it is a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of coffee carefully.

The Benefits of Energy Drinks

A person sitting on a bench drinking an energy drink.
The Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks

During the last decade, energy drinks have increased markedly in popularity. They are mainly consumed by teens and younger adults; however, as the younger generation continues to enter the workforce, they are going to become more common among middle-aged individuals as well.

Some of the benefits of energy drinks include:

  • They include a mixture of sugar and caffeine, providing an instant energy boost
  • Because of the sugar content, they are also sweet, making them palatable to younger people
  • There are countless verities of energy drinks, allowing everyone to tailor their choice to meet their needs

At the same time, there are also numerous downsides including:

  • A typical energy drink has four to five times the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, which can lead to cardiovascular complications, such as hypertension
  • An average of 20,000 people end up in the emergency room every year due to energy drink consumption
  • A large number of people mix energy drinks with alcohol, which makes it hard for people to feel their level of alcohol intoxication, leading to dangerous health consequences

Therefore, everyone has to monitor their energy drink consumption carefully. They can be dangerous if they are consumed in high amounts or if they are combined with alcohol. If you like this post, you might enjoy reading about the best coffee for pre-workout.

The Final Word on Coffee or Energy Drink

Coffee cup and coffee beans.
Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Now that the cases for coffee and energy drinks have been clearly laid out, it is obvious that coffee comes out on top. Our relationship with coffee is a time served and, therefore, its health impacts are more predictable.

While coffee has its benefits and drawbacks, there are too many unknowns when it comes to energy drinks.

Furthermore, there have been some disturbing reports published regarding the health impacts of energy drinks.

Therefore, for those who are looking for a beverage to give them that “pick me up,” it is better to go with coffee.


  • Aisling O'Connor

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