CitiZ Vs. PIXIE: Which Nespresso Machine Is Better?

Knowing the differences between CitiZ vs. PIXIE will give you an advantage the next time you brew the perfect cup of coffee. Read on to find out if the CitiZ or the PIXIE suits you.

CitiZ vs. PIXIE
CitiZ vs. PIXIE

I have always taken my love for coffee for granted. I have always cared more for the beverage than the machines, so it’s no surprise that the first time we had a Nespresso machine, I thought of it as a magic device.

When it was my turn to buy one, imagine my astonishment when I found out there was an array of Nespresso machines. From 1986 to 2015 alone, Nespresso released more than 30 different kinds

Two of them are the highly-rated CitiZ and the PIXIE. Either can be suitable for your daily espresso needs as their features closely resemble each other, but there are technical differences that might appeal to you more.

What CitiZ And PIXIE Have In Common

The CitiZ and PIXIE are under Nespresso’s OriginalLine espresso machines. The former was released in 2009, while the latter in 2011.

These machines can only use OriginalLine pods. You might find our guide on the difference between pods and capsules helpful. 

Nespresso’s OriginalLine espresso machines uses coffee pods

In terms of function, both have a 19-bar pressure pump, allowing you to brew a single or double shot (espresso or lungo). The heat-up time for the water is constant at 25 seconds, and both utilize an auto turn-off feature for your peace of mind. They are also compact and lightweight, although there are dissimilarities in their design.

CitiZ Vs. PIXIE: The Differences

Larger and heavier.Smaller and lighter.
Retro-like design comes in four color options (red, black, white, or chrome).Modern and industrial look with a stainless steel exterior comes in two variations (electric titan and aluminum).
Storage can hold up to 11 capsules.Storage can hold up to 10 capsules.
Water tank capacity is around 30 to 34 oz.Water tank capacity is at 23 to 24 oz.
Pricier.Less expensive.
Utilizes two buttons for brewing; either also serves as an on-off switch.Has a separate button for the on-off switch and a manual lever for the capsule slot.
Milk frothing pitcher integrated into the design.Relies on an external milk frothing pitcher.

What’s Better About CitiZ?

CitiZ is more efficient because it has a larger water tank capacity which lowers the number of times you need to refill, and its capsule storage can hold 11 instead of PIXIE’s 10. There’s no low water indicator, so you may have to inspect it.

The design is compact, and its cord is longer than the PIXIE, so it’s easy to place anywhere in the kitchen. Despite its size, it can fit small and tall coffee cups or mugs compared to the PIXIE, which can only accommodate short ones. 

Some models come with a milk frother that is integrated on its side, an ideal feature for latte or cappuccino enthusiasts. This can be a bit bulky so ensure you have ample space on your countertop.

What’s Better About PIXIE?

An advantage of its smaller and lighter feature is it’s more portable. It is quieter, nearly noise-free even, so it’s perfect for a home or work environment.

laptop, workstaion, office-4906312.jpg
PIXIE is perfect for a home or work environment

What it lacks in tank capacity, it makes up for in features as it has a low water indicator, unlike the CitiZ. Another advantage is its brew, as I noticed that its espresso is tastier, and the crema layer tends to be thicker than what the CitiZ brings.

Who Should Get CitiZ (And Why)?

CitiZ is more user-friendly as its design is very straightforward. This is perfect for beginners looking to invest in a compact Nespresso machine. It’s much more convenient because of its tank size, storage capacity, and the milk frother add-on.

What I also love is the range in color palettes. The retro red design is for you if you’re like me, who’s into anything vintage-looking.

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Who Should Get PIXIE (And Why)?

The PIXIE exudes the feeling of being a barista due to its added applications. Aside from its separate on-and-off switch, it also has a lever that you have to open and close per brew. It can be inconvenient to some, but if you’re the type who relishes the coffee-brewing experience, this is ideal.

Though both the CitiZ and PIXIE have a rinsing and descaling feature, I find the latter easier to clean as its drip tray is effortless to detach compared to the former.

I also love the PIXIE because it’s less expensive but significantly premium-looking due to its stainless steel exterior. Its design is quintessential for accentuating a modern interior.

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