Can You Grind Salt In A Coffee Grinder? Answered

Can you grind salt in a coffee grinder without breaking the machine or affecting your coffee afterward? I have everything explained in this article.

Can you grind salt in a coffee grinder?

Sometimes, your good old salt grinder breaks, but what if your meal is ready in 15 minutes, and now you don't know how to enhance the flavor of your dishes without a dash of this essential condiment? What if I tell you that you can grind salt using a coffee grinder?

Burr and blade coffee grinders can grind rock salt perfectly into a uniform batch of table salt. The only thing you need to know is how to clean it the right way afterward so it doesn't affect the flavor of your cup of Joe. 

How Does A Salt Grinder Work?

Salt grinders also go by the name salt mills. The grinding mechanism in a salt mill is usually made of ceramic or nylon to avoid being rusted by the salt.

You will also find many brands developing chromium and nickel stainless steel salt grinders. The best salt grinders are white alumina ceramic; they are non-wearing, anti-corrosive, and stand the test of time.

Salt Grinder & Coffee Grinder: The Differences 

The difference between a salt grinder and a coffee grinder lies in the blades. The blades in salt grinders chop spices and rock salt into small bits. Meanwhile, the best coffee grinders I have been using are built with conical burrs to grind the beans into the coffee ground.

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How Do You Grind Salt Without A Grinder?

Can you grind salt in a coffee grinder?
Growing up in an Asian family, we always have a mortar and pestle at home

While you can grind rock salt using a coffee grinder, in some cases, you may not even have a coffee grinder at hand to start. So what would you do to crush salt? 

Growing up in an Asian family, we always have a mortar and pestle at home. Put rock salt inside the mortar and smash it using the pestle. This method obviously cannot give you powdered salt, but the more effort and force you put into the grinding work, the more uniform the salt becomes.

If you don't have a mortar and pestle handy, put salt into a plastic bag or a ziplock bag and hammer it carefully with a clean hammer.

Will Grinding Salt In A Coffee Grinder Impact The Coffee?

Grinding salt in a coffee grinder will affect the flavor of your coffee if you don't know how to clean it properly after use. You can grind old beans you don't care about and remove the leftover salt before the new coffee beans go in. Alternatively, uncooked rice also comes in handy if you don't have old coffee beans.

This simple tactic will help remove any unwanted smell and weird taste if you use the coffee grinder for salt or other spices with a strong aroma like pepper. However, I still recommend going for another round of cleaning by using a dry, clean towel to eliminate all the smell and leftover flavor on the burrs and blades before assembling it.

What Kind Of Coffee Grinder Can You Use To Grind Salt?

To answer this question, you have to ask yourself what kind of salt you’re using and how large the batch is. If you only need to grind a small pinch of salt, I recommend using a mortar and pestle or smashing it in a ziplock bag with a hammer to get the salt ready.

If you need to handle a large batch of crystal rock salt, you can use a manual coffee grinder called Hario “Skerton Pro” Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder. As the hopper can hold 100 grams of coffee ground, you can use this handy gadget to grind your batch of salt within minutes.

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