Can Dogs Have Coffee Ice Cream? Answered 

Can dogs have coffee ice cream is one of the most asked questions we – dog lovers – are dying to find out. Here is everything you need to know.

Can dogs have coffee ice cream
Ice cream and coffee are toxic to dogs because they contain xylitol and caffeine

Ever since I adopted my baby boy, Tom, I have become cautious about his diet. Knowing what’s inside dog food and how they react to different treats will help you get rid of unwanted, life-threatening situations happening somewhere down the road.

Living in a tropical country in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, drinking iced coffee and eating ice cream has become a norm. And that’s why coffee-flavored ice cream is one of the best options you can get on the menu.

But to dogs, it’s a big no. Ice cream and coffee are toxic to dogs because they contain xylitol and caffeine. So how much coffee ice cream is dangerous, and is there any other type of ice cream your dog can consume? 

Is Ice Cream Safe for Dogs?

Ice cream is not safe for dogs. Even if the ice cream in your hand doesn’t contain any coffee, you should not give that treat to your dog anyway.

We all know that the main ingredient in ice cream is milk, which dogs cannot digest well. When dogs consume ice cream – and I don’t mean a few licks but a whole serving – they will develop symptoms such as stomach ache, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting.

And that is just the matter of dairy. What about flavored ice cream? Some flavors are just as harmful,  including coffee, chocolate, and green tea. 

Coffee itself contains a high amount of caffeine which can cause toxicity. Dogs are typically more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Overconsumption of caffeine will result in severe hyperactivity, vomiting, elevated heart rate, hypertension, collapse, etc. 

Sugar Is Unsafe For Dogs

Sugar is unsafe for dogs
Excessive intake of sugar will cause your dog to gain weight and eventually lead to other health problems

Another reason why ice cream is unsafe for dogs is that it contains too much sugar. Sugar is addictive, and therefore it may lead to overconsumption. Admit it – how can we avoid those cute puppy eyes when they see such a sweet treat?

And we all know that an excessive intake of sugar will cause your dog to gain weight and eventually lead to other health problems.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Caffeine Toxicity?

If your dog expresses any of these life-threatening symptoms, induce vomiting immediately and give then doses of activated charcoal to decontaminate. This can be done if you take your dog to the vet in time. 

Once you’re at the vet center, make sure you have a clear and accurate answer to how much caffeine your dog has taken. Check how much coffee was left in the cup and how much is missing, what type of coffee it is, and where you got it. These answers will be a valuable source to help the vet identify causes and give your dog the proper treatment.

How Much Coffee Is Toxic To Dogs?

Ingestion of 14 milligrams of caffeine per pound of body weight is the limit. If your dog consumes any amount from 14 milligrams or more, it will lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Higher doses from 23 to 27 milligrams per pound of body weight will lead to cardiotoxicity, seizures, and death. Don’t ever attempt to give your dog a lick out of your coffee drink or coffee ice cream to avoid any unwanted scenario, even though a small amount of dairy product and caffeine is unlikely to be poisonous.

Can Dogs Have McDonald’s Ice Cream?

While McDonald’s ice cream is a real treat for many of us, you should not introduce your ice cream to dogs anyway. McDonald’s ice cream comprises vanilla reduced-fat ice cream, cellulose gum, milk, sugar, cream, vitamin A palmitate, and carrageenan. 

Sugar and cream are on top of the list of what to avoid giving your dog. It’s also a common problem that most dogs are also lactose intolerant. If you don’t want your dog to get upset stomach, don’t introduce them to McDonald’s ice cream.

Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives For Dogs

Real ice creams that contain sugar, dairy, and flavors should be avoided as much as possible. Even though some people say just a lick or two won’t hurt, those attempts may trigger your dog’s addiction. Plus, even sugar-free ice cream can contain xylitol. 

Starbucks Pup Cup

Starbucks Puppuccino is the best alternative to coffee ice cream containing whipped cream made especially for dogs. Rest assured that there’s no coffee, tea, or caffeine in the cup, and therefore, your baby can consume it without any risk. 

However, whipped cream is also a form of dairy. Even though it’s considered safer than ice cream, giving whipped cream to your dog all the time isn’t the best resort. 

Homemade Recipes

Ice-cream alternatives for dogs

Other than pup cups, you can also get your hands on something fun every week with these ice-cream alternatives for dogs: 

  • Freeze low-sodium chicken broth cubes.
  • Frozen smashed plain pumpkins.
  • Organic peanut butter with smashed, ripe banana enhances its natural sweetness.
  • Blended frozen banana.
  • Blended coconut blueberry and honey cubes.


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