Can Chemex Go in The Dishwasher?

Love your Chemex coffee but hate washing dishes? And also, can Chemex go in the dishwasher? Read on to learn the correct way to clean this coffee maker.

Can Chemex Go In The Dishwasher
You need to consider a few precautions before putting your Chemex in a dishwasher

Chemex coffee is delicious, but hand-washing your Chemex coffee maker isn’t nearly as much fun as drinking an espresso or a latte.

If you have a dishwasher, putting your Chemex in the next load might seem like a great option. So can a Chemex go in the dishwasher, or would that wreck the equipment of this state-of-the-art brewing system? It turns out Chemex is dishwasher safe; you have to take a few precautions beforehand.

How to Clean a Chemex in a Dishwasher

The Chemex website notes its glassware is dishwasher safe as long as you take a few precautions. It also washes up fine by hand.

Starting with a clean Chemex vessel is one of the keys to getting that perfect cup of coffee, but what’s the best way to have a clean Chemex coffee maker? 

Putting Chemex in the dishwasher won’t hurt the coffee maker as long as you remember a few essential tips: 

Remove the Collar and Tie 

The Chemex set’s wood collar and rawhide ties can’t go in the dishwasher without being damaged, so don’t include them. They can be cleaned as needed with a damp cloth. You may also need to remove the filter.

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Don’t Let the Chemex Hit Other Items

A Chemex coffee maker standing at the middle of the table
Place your Chemex coffee maker away from your other items to avoid it from being broken

Don’t put your Chemex next to other items that could knock against it since the last thing you want is a broken Chemex set. 

Stick to the Upper Level 

If it fits well, your Chemex can sit on the top rack of your dishwasher. It may be safer from breakage up there than with pots, pans, and plates. It fits better on the bottom rack. Give it space so nothing can damage it.

Use Your Favorite Detergent 

Once you have your Chemex in the next load of dishes, use your favorite brand of dishwasher detergent. Pods, gels, or powders are all fine.

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Other Ways to Keep Your Chemex Clean 

You may not want to give your Chemex the heavy-duty scrubbing that a dishwasher dishes out, or there might not be room for it in the dishwasher after loading it with cookware and dishes from last night’s dinner party.

No worries, as Chemex can also be easily washed by hand. Here’s how:

  • Swirl with soapy water: A little detergent inside the Chemex carafe and warm water plus swirling around is all it takes to get your Chemex clean. 
  • Use a brush: If your Chemex isn’t coming clean with a quick swirl of soap and water, you may need to purchase a cleaning brush.
  • Use Chemex-brand cleaner: Chemex also sells a liquid descaler and cleanser that works in minutes to remove lime buildup and leave your carafe squeaky clean.
  • Rinse immediately: One way to keep your Chemex carafe clean is to rinse it out after the coffee’s gone. It may take a few seconds but doing this one step will save you from scrubbing later. 

Benefits of Owning a Chemex

A person pouring coffee using chemex into a mug.
Chemex coffee makers can be cleaned easily and their parts are only a few and uncomplicated

One of the best features of the Chemex coffee-making system is its simplicity. With its pour-over style, Chemex is easy to use and results in a superior cup of coffee. Since its parts are few and uncomplicated, a Chemex coffee-making system is easy to clean, too. 

While a Chemex carafe can go in the dishwasher, it doesn’t have to. Dishwashing isn’t necessary if you rinse your Chemex after use and give it light hand-washing. Then your Chemex system will be clean and ready for the next pot of perfect coffee. You might be interested in our Chemex vs coffee maker guide.


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