Enjoy A Keto Diet With Our Bulletproof Tea Recipe

Looking for a new but tasty bulletproof tea recipe without damaging your keto diet? Look no more because we’ve got you all covered. Ready your pens and notebook!

Ketogenic bulletproof matcha latte tea, with coconut oil and ghee
Give bulletproof tea a twist using our recipe

You may have heard of the benefits of bulletproof coffee, but what if you do not care for coffee, or you are trying to avoid caffeine? Bulletproof tea gives you all the benefits of bulletproof coffee but with tea rather than coffee. In only a few minutes and in four easy steps, you can create a delicious cup of bulletproof tea.

What’s In Bulletproof Tea?

Bulletproof coffee is actually a brand of coffee that is intended to be consumed in place of a normal breakfast. The recipe includes 2 cups of coffee, MCT oil, and butter. Those who drink it say that the fat level in the coffee helps curb hunger cravings and gives the one who drinks it energy to start the day.

Bulletproof tea works on the same general principle, except that instead of coffee, tea is used as the base drink. Bulletproof tea includes hot tea, MCT or coconut oil, and butter. 

Equipment Needed For Bulletproof Tea

senior man preparing a hot tea
Equipment needed for bulletproof coffee are all in your kitchen

You probably already have the equipment in your kitchen to make bulletproof tea because it only requires a few very basic kitchen items.

You will need a way to make hot water for your tea, so as long as you have a stovetop and pot, microwave, or electric tea kettle, you can make your tea. Also, you’ll need a way to mix the oils and fats with the coffee. Stirring will not be enough because you really have to whip it all together, or it will separate into unappealing layers of fat and tea. 

To blend the tea with the oils, you need a blender. You can use a traditional blender or a stick blender. Additionally, a milk frother will probably work too.

Ingredients For Bulletproof Tea

To make bulletproof tea, you need just a few ingredients.

  • 1 tea bag – You can choose whatever kind of tea that you like to drink. Black tea, green tea, or rooibos tea are all great options, but if there is another kind of tea that you like, it will probably be great as well. Even herbal teas will be good to use for bulletproof tea. You probably want to make the tea a little stronger than normal so that the flavor doesn’t get lost as you add ingredients. 
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter – if you are a purist, you may want to use grass-fed butter, but traditional butter or even ghee should work just fine.
  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil or coconut oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides oil (MCT oil) is a kind of fat that helps your body burn fat. It is made from coconut oil, so if you don’t have it on hand, feel free to substitute it with coconut oil. You can buy both MCT oil and coconut oil from Amazon or your local grocery store.
  • Sweetener to taste – for true bulletproof tea, use a no-calorie sweetener like stevia. However, if you don’t care, you can use granulated sugar or honey to sweeten your tea. 

Instructions For Making Our Bulletproof Tea Recipe

1. Brew the Tea

Prepare your tea with ten ounces of boiling water and let it steep for about two to three minutes. Remove the tea bag and discard it.

2. Prepare the Blender

Measure your coconut oil or MCT oil and the butter into the blender. Add the hot tea. If you’re using a milk frother or stick blender, put the ingredients in a tall mug or container in which you could blend them together.

3. Blend

Blend the tea on high speed for about 20 or 30 seconds or until it is frothy and creamy. 

4. Enjoy

Put your tea into your serving glass or cup and serve it immediately. 

Benefits Of Drinking Bulletproof Tea

Happy friends meeting and drinking tea
Bulletproof tea gives you a quick burst of energy the keeps your blood sugar at a healthy level

In low-carb, high-fat diets, the idea is that consuming larger than normal quantities of fat can curb one’s appetite, especially when combined with intermittent fasting. When you use high-quality fats, the benefits begin to stack up, making bulletproof tea a great way to start the day.

Bulletproof tea is a keto drink that typically includes coconut or MCT oil. MCT oil is a form of coconut oil that is processed to have only medium-chain fatty acids which are processed in the liver, giving a quick burst of energy that keeps your blood sugar at a healthy level.

Also included in bulletproof tea is butter. Purists use grass-fed unsalted butter, which is higher in beta-carotene and other vitamins than traditional butter. You can choose whatever form of butter you like, even using ghee if that is what you have available.

Why You Should Consider Bulletproof Tea Rather Than Bulletproof Coffee

While most people love to start the day with a hot cup of keto coffee, there are just as many people who are not coffee drinkers. If this is you, bulletproof tea is the solution. If you are a tea drinker, you can still have a bulletproof drink for breakfast.

Another reason you might choose keto tea over bulletproof coffee is that you may be trying to reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet. By using our bulletproof tea recipe, you can have bulletproof tea by using your own caffeine-free tea.

This means that even if you want to make something warm to sip later in the day, you won’t have to deal with the effects of caffeine-loaded coffee that might interfere with your sleep.

Final Word On Our Bulletproof Tea Recipe

If you are looking for an addition to your diet that will give you a burst of energy first thing in the morning and help curb your cravings later in the day, you may want to try bulletproof tea. It has the taste and texture of a creamy tea latte, and it is fairly quick and easy to make. 

FAQs About Our Bulletproof Tea Recipe

What is the difference between bulletproof tea and bulletproof coffee?

The only difference between bulletproof tea and bulletproof coffee is that one is a tea recipe and the other a coffee recipe. They both are keto recipes that have lots of fat to help you start the day satisfied and full of energy.

Is bulletproof tea with coconut oil good for you?

Bulletproof tea with coconut oil is frequently used for those on a keto diet. This diet is high in healthy fats. Those who try to do the low-carb ketogenic diet in the most healthy way possible try to choose fats that are good for you. 

Coconut oil is one fat that does have health benefits. It helps burn fat, increase cardiovascular health, and boost brain function.

What kind of tea can I use for bulletproof tea?

You can use any kind of tea that you prefer for your keto low carb tea. Whether you like black tea, matcha tea, chai, green tea, or any other kind of tea, you can include any of them in the basic bulletproof tea recipe.


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