The Best Vanilla Syrup for Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide

We have chosen best vanilla syrup for coffee. Our list includes a brilliant organic option, low-calorie, and classic vanilla syrups pair perfectly with Java.

Best vanilla syrup for coffee
Vanilla syrup offer something sweet and smooth

For us, it’s hard to deny that Monin is at the top of the class when it comes to the best vanilla syrup for coffee. However, plenty of others are making a case for themselves. Read on to find out about our favorites.

The best vanilla syrups offer coffee drinkers the chance to match the full-bodied flavor of java with something sweet and smooth.

In fact, vanilla syrup is a magically transformative accompaniment to coffee. It can turn even the most bitter cup into an indulgent treat.

However, not all vanilla syrups are created equal, and there are different elements you should consider when matching a syrup with your morning cup of joe. If you’re a vanilla syrup novice, then worry not, as the writer of this blog is a java aficionado who knows what to look for when trying to recreate that coffee shop experience.

This article considers the best vanilla syrups for coffee, examines their flavor profiles, and gives valuable tips for creating your own delicious vanilla coffee.

The Popularity Of Vanilla Syrups

Vanilla comes from the beans of the Vanilla orchid, specifically Vanilla planifolia. Its history is linked to ancient Mesoamerica, with the Aztec and Maya civilizations treasuring the plant and recognizing its outstanding flavoring properties.

Its popularity has continued to modern times, with vanilla being one of the world’s favorite flavoring agents. In its various forms (whole bean vanilla, vanilla pulp, vanilla extract, vanilla syrup, etc.), vanilla is a kitchen staple that pairs well with thousands of sweet and savory recipes.

When it comes to coffee, the likes of Starbucks and other franchises have helped to popularize vanilla syrups.

These coffee shops use vanilla syrups within milk and espresso drinks, such as vanilla lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. It is also a common ingredient within iced coffees. However, the best vanilla syrups pair well with virtually all types of coffee.

Which Vanilla Syrup for Your Coffee?

It can be hard to know what flavor you’ll get if you have not tried a brand’s syrup before. Thus, we have compiled a list of other considerations that may help you choose the right option.


The ingredients are the first thing to consider when choosing the best vanilla syrups for coffee blends. Ideally, you want high-quality natural ingredients with minimal artificial additives or preservatives.

Generally speaking (unless blended with other flavors), vanilla syrup comes from vanilla or vanilla flavoring, along with water and sugar. There may be other additives, but some brands keep their ingredients list as simple and organic as possible.

You can also buy syrups that mix vanilla and other flavors like white chocolate and caramel syrup, both common pairings with vanilla.

Strength Of Taste

Despite all going under the guise of ‘vanilla syrup,’ you would be surprised by the differences in flavors between certain vanilla syrup products.

Some provide a bold punch of vanilla flavor, while others are more subtle on the palette. Your choice depends on your taste, so read online reviews to discover what each brand brings to the table.

Price Point

Flavored syrup prices differ massively, so if you have never tried vanilla syrup in your coffee before, starting at a lower price point is a good idea.

However, if you already know that you love the indulgent sweetener in your brew, consider premium options to get a higher-quality flavoring.


There is little point in buying vanilla syrup in a massive bottle designed with the coffee shop market in mind. The syrup could go bad before you get through it all.

Dealing with oversized packaging can also result in your coffee-making experience becoming a sticky mess. Thus, when buying your vanilla syrup, consider it in a quantity suitable for your coffee consumption. If you decide to make your own vanilla syrup, you should note that it needs to be stored in a dry, cool place with the lid firmly tightened.


If you’re buying vanilla syrup with plans to use it for more than just your coffee, consider whether it will work in other recipes. Some options are more versatile than others.

Some vanilla syrups are incredibly sweet and go well in deserts and some coffees but don’t work with cocktails. In contrast, others have the opposite problem. When buying syrup, look at all the areas you might be using it before you make your choice.

5 Simple But Brilliant Vanilla Syrup-Based Recipes

Before we get to our favorite vanilla syrups, we will share some simple yet brilliant recipes you can make with any syrup on our list.

Vanilla Latte

The vanilla latte adds an espresso shot to steamed milk and then puts in vanilla syrup. Your drink should have 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk with a bit of foam on top. From there, add about a tablespoon of vanilla syrup and a little cinnamon to further enhance the coffee and vanilla flavor.

Iced Black Vanilla Coffee

Here’s an easy one that goes down perfectly during the summer months. Make a cup of coffee (you can use a French Press, an Aeropress, or a drip coffee maker). Then pour it over ice cubes before stirring in some vanilla syrup – it will make the black coffee less bitter and give it a flavor kick.

If you’re using zero-calorie syrup, it will provide you with a zero-calorie caffeine drink that is also delicious.

Vanilla Cappuccino

cup of cappuccino, vanilla stcks, anise stars, coffee bans, sugar and old metallic spoon on old wooden table
The trick to still get the delightful velvety foam is mixing the vanilla syrup with espresso

The trick to a good vanilla cappuccino is mixing the vanilla syrup with the espresso before adding the frothed milk. That way, when you add the milk, you still get that delightful velvety foam that helps to make the cappuccino what it is. This type of drink is becoming a hit in Italian coffeehouses, so if you want to feel like you’re in Florence or Rome, give it a go.

Vanilla Frappuccino

A vanilla frappuccino is a little more luxurious than vanilla black coffee. It has a similar coffee, vanilla syrup, and ice base. However, with this drink, you add milk, which gives your vanilla coffee drink a smooth and silky texture.

How much you add depends on your taste.

Foggy Tea Vanilla Latte

This isn’t a coffee drink, but it is one of Starbucks’ most popular vanilla drinks. Given its popularity, we decided to share it. First, brew some earl grey tea, then add steamed milk.

The milk should be around 2/3 of the cup, with the tea taking up the other 1/3. Add a teaspoon of vanilla latte and a touch of lavender if you have it. Ensure it is culinary-grade dried lavender, as not all lavender is safe to ingest.

Best Vanilla Syrup For Coffee: Our Best Picks

When choosing a coffee syrup, there is an option to suit virtually everyone. Our picks explain why we would select each one, giving you the ideal vanilla syrup for every occasion.

Best Overall Vanilla Syrup: Monin French Vanilla Syrup

Monin is a brand that creates delicious syrups that pair perfectly with coffee-based drinks. Their French vanilla blend is one of their finest syrups out there.

It offers coffee lovers a bold and delightful flavor made with pure cane sugar and natural vanilla extract. It also comes with an easy-to-pour lid, which makes the experience even more accessible. French vanilla has a richer, custardy taste than regular vanilla, and it works perfectly within this syrup to offer something incredible.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Versatile, so it works well in teas, coffees, cocktails, and desserts
  • User-friendly packaging


  • Flavor can be too subtle for some people, with one Amazon reviewer stating that ‘(the) Vanilla taste is too light.’

Best Vanilla Syrup for Value: Torani Vanilla Syrup

When it comes to value, it’s hard to argue with Torani.

They are an established brand that produces delightful vanilla syrup in classy packaging. Not only that, but Torani Vanilla Syrup is regularly available in four packs on Amazon.

It’s a brilliant yet simple syrup from vanilla bean extract and pure cane sugar. It is the ideal vanilla syrup for an iced frappuccino or cold brew coffee on a warm summer’s day. And considering its value, you might have enough syrup to last until you are sipping cozy Autumn vanilla lattes.


  • Offers a balanced taste
  • Versatile – it is also delicious in milkshakes and ice cream
  • Made from high-quality ingredients


  • Made with vanilla essence rather than extract
  • The pump is sold separately

Best Authentic Vanilla Flavor Syrup: DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Syrup

DaVinci Gourmet is one of those brands that is immediately associated with quality by baristas and coffee lovers alike, and rightly so. It is a brand regularly used in artisan coffee shops and holds its own against any coffee syrup producers out there (even Monin!).

And their vanilla syrup is no exception, as it provides a balanced and smooth taste that compliments coffee perfectly. It’s made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar and smells almost as good as it tastes. It is specially formulated not to curdle milk and to hold up well under heat.


  • Consistent taste and texture, which is ideal for your flavored coffee
  • A beautiful aroma
  • Chosen by some of the best coffeehouses out there


  • More expensive than other vanilla syrups on the list
  • Less versatile than other vanilla syrups

Best for the Coffee Shop Experience: Starbucks Vanilla Syrup

Many of us will have gotten our first vanilla coffee from visiting Starbucks. Thus, it’s important to recognize the chain’s influence on our love for the syrup. And thanks to the creation of this product, you can now enjoy it at home!

Their vanilla syrup is a real crowd-pleaser and has a sweeter taste profile than some of the other options on this list. But if sweetness is what you’re looking for, you will love being able to recreate your favorite Starbucks drinks in your kitchen.


  • Starbucks flavors at home
  • Perfect for vanilla lattes and caramel macchiatos as it adds even more sweetness to these indulgent treats
  • Attractive packaging


  • More calorific than some of the other options

Best Real Vanilla Extract Syrup: Ghirardelli Vanilla Syrup

Ghirardelli vanilla syrup is a delightful option that will go well in any coffee shop or coffee lover’s home. They are a brand that is more known for their chocolate products than their vanilla ones, but don’t let that fool you because this is an excellent product.

Ghirardelli is made with pure cane sugar and real vanilla extract, bringing your mochas, hot chocolates, and iced coffees to the next level. It offers a smoother taste than some of the other options on the list, with more of a focus on flavor rather than pure sweetness.


  • Made with real vanilla extract
  • Premium flavor
  • Brand renowned for their quality products


  • One of the more expensive syrups on our list
  • Reports that it goes bad quickly

Best Low-Calorie Vanilla Syrup: Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Vanilla:

One of the big problems with adding vanilla syrup to your coffee daily is that the calories add up. However, it’s good to know that some great low-calorie options remove that issue.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups is one of them. It uses natural flavoring and sweeteners to create a taste that can rival most of the non-skinny options. It’s ideal if you are counting calories or on a weight-loss diet.

It’s also a versatile syrup that goes great with baked goods, takes the calorie-related guilt out of the cocktail night, and can turn your coffee into a vanilla extravaganza.


  • Low-calorie option
  • Perfect for keto/dieting


  • Some claim the taste is not the same as high-calorie syrups

Best Organic Vanilla Syrup: Monin – Organic Vanilla Syrup

Monin is once again at the top of its class with this organic option when it comes to syrup brands. This syrup is made with vanilla bean extract, organically grown pure cane sugar, and natural flavors.

It offers a rich vanilla aroma, which comes from the Madagascar vanilla beans, a vital ingredient. Monin Organic Vanilla Syrup is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. It has no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

And it tastes delicious. In terms of organic vanilla syrup, it doesn’t get better than this.


  • It has everything you would look for in an organic syrup
  • Virtually everyone can try this syrup
  • Beautiful packaging


  • On Amazon, it only has a 3.5/5 for flavor

Best Vanilla Mix: Hollander White Chocolate and Vanilla

If you want to veer away from classic vanilla syrup, you could do worse than Hollander’s White chocolate and Vanilla syrup. It is part of their barista selection, and you can see how it falls into that genre of syrups once you squeeze a little of it into your coffee. It has a seductive, indulgent taste that is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

Hollander is known for producing fantastic chocolate products and, judging from their syrup, they also know what works well in coffee.


  • Mixes two great flavors for coffee syrup
  • A smooth, delicious syrup


  • Vanilla can be overpowered by the strong chocolate flavor

If you are looking for just vanilla, there are better options than this.

Choosing The Best Vanilla Syrup For Coffee

Bottle of homemade vanilla essence on wooden background
Pick a vanilla syrup based on your budget, ingredients, dietary requirements, or taste alone

It is a common misconception that all vanilla syrups are the same. The differences between the ingredients, packaging, and taste are stark, with varieties to meet most people’s needs who like the vanilla flavor.

What you choose will depend if you pick based on your budget, ingredients, dietary requirements, or taste alone. However, we hope our guide has helped you along that journey, and the next time you choose a vanilla syrup for your morning coffee, you may even pick a different one.


Is there a difference between vanilla syrup and vanilla extract?

Yes, there is a difference between vanilla syrup and vanilla extract. Vanilla syrup is a sweet flavored syrup that combines vanilla extract, sugar, and water. Vanilla extract is a solution containing vanillin, the primary flavor found in vanilla beans, mixed with water and alcohol.

How do you make vanilla syrup?

The most simple recipe for homemade vanilla syrup involves one cup of water, one cup of sugar, and one vanilla bean, split lengthwise. The first step is to add the water and sugar into a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove it from the heat and allow the vanilla bean to steep in it for several hours.
Then strain the liquid into a jar and use it as necessary. It should last about a month if sealed and stored correctly.

What are the benefits of vanilla syrup?

Web MD states that vanilla can help reduce sugar intake, as it can often be used as a substitute. However, that doesn’t apply to vanilla syrup, usually made by combining vanilla or vanilla flavoring with sugar and water. Thus, vanilla syrup’s health benefits are limited, although low-calorie syrups might help replace other sugar-based sweeteners.


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