10 Best Tea Subscription Services

What’s more convenient than getting tea sent to your door every single month? Keep reading to learn more about the ten best tea subscription services.

Best Tea Subscription Services
Tea subscription boxes let you taste samples before buying it

Tea subscriptions are convenient and a way to try new fun teas. Tea subscription boxes let you experience a sample before buying a full-size item, which can help you navigate this challenging category and save money.

With most tea subscriptions, you can choose the general category of tea that you prefer so you’re not stuck with any teas you dislike. 

Here is a list of the ten best tea subscription services in 2022.

1. Sips By Tea Discovery

Sips collaborates with more than 150 tea brands worldwide to compile their tea subscription boxes. Each Sips By Tea Discovery box has four teas, information about each, and a lovely drawstring bag with single-use tea bags for tasting loose-leaf teas.

Most other tea subscription services are rely on one brand, but Sips by lets you explore teas worldwide. Another distinctive feature is their quiz, which customizes your box based on preferred tastes, caffeine levels, among other things. 

2. Simple Loose Leaf Tea Tasting Box

A major player in the area of tea subscriptions is Simple Loose Leaf. With more than 1,300 reviews on its website alone, Simple has proven itself.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Tasting Box offers far more selections than other monthly tea subscription services. You can select from a range of herbal, black, or green tea boxes, as well as from two to four different teas.

Various kinds of tea, rustic dishware, cinnamon
This tea tasting box offers a variety of teas

While these are loose leaf, you’re not out of luck if you don’t own a strainer. Fortunately, you receive recyclable cotton tea filters in your first order, so you don’t have to worry about being ill-equipped. Loose leaf tea is usually more robust and potent than tea bags so it’s well worth making the switch.

3. Tea Runners

Countless award-winning teas are available from Tea Runners, which describes itself as “the world’s finest tea club.” If the choices in your box don’t suit your fancy taste, you can always choose from more than 15 choices each month.

Pick from four box options for your Tea Runners subscription, each including four loose-leaf teas. The Pure Tea Box is for the tea purist who likes their classic high-grade tea types without extra flavors, while the Original Box includes various tea types and blends.

4. Republic Of Tea

For one-time purchases or recurring deliveries, Republic of Tea offers a choice of bagged and loose-leaf teas packaged in its distinctive tins. Customers have two subscription options: a Tea of the Month Club or Sip by Sip Auto Ship.

Depending on the theme of the customer’s chosen box, they will send a varied selection of teas each month. For instance, customers can pick from choices like Wellness Teas, Green Tea, and the Day of Tea.

Every delivery includes anywhere from 24 to 42 tea bags. Otherwise, you can select “Sip by Sip Auto Ship” if you frequently consume a favorite flavor (or numerous favorites).

After choosing the tea of your choice and the quantity, you can select to have it delivered as often as you’d like, starting at once every four weeks and going up to once every 12 weeks.

Customers who sign up for the “Sip by Sip Auto Ship” program receive free delivery and can change their orders and delivery dates anytime.

5. BlendBee

For those who prefer blended teas to single-origin variations, BlendBee offers a monthly subscription of blended loose-leaf teas that includes two-ounce tea bags every month (40–60 cups), either caffeinated, caffeine-free, or both.

Subscribers can select monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery services; shipping is always free.

Customers have the chance to sample a range of flavors through the monthly tea club and then provide input to guide future delivery. Additionally, they will provide two reusable tea bags for loose-leaf teas to new members.

Blends come in many flavors, including Bliss, Brainiac, and Fall for Chai, among others.

The BlendBee website includes comprehensive information on the premade blend’s ingredients, brewing guidelines, and wellness benefits. Select from various premade mixes or create your unique blend using the company’s wide range of ingredient selections.

All teas come from several small Fair-Trade farms worldwide and are either organic or wild-crafted.

6. Tekuno

Young digital entrepreneur Catherine Jue founded the San Francisco-based business Tekuno, which exports single-origin Japanese green teas and matcha to the United States.

The rare teas in Tekuno’s collection were carefully chosen from small artisan farms and producers throughout Japan. When brewed, the loose-leaf tea’s leaves instantly regain their vibrant green color, fresh appearance, and exceptional aroma.

Green matcha tea
Matcha tea is one of Tekuno’s collections

The selection of loose-leaf teas features a carefully curated selection of teas with various Japanese flavor profiles, including bitter, earthy, floral, umami, and sweet. There is also a sizable range of ceremonial matcha from a renowned Japanese manufacturer.

Tekuno offers two subscription plans for three and six months in addition to its online store. Both subscriptions come with a comprehensive brochure with origin details, flavor notes, and brew instructions, including the time and exact temperature for the best-tasting experience, as well as two types of tea per month from the current collection.

A free handwritten card from Jue can be added for a special touch and is a terrific choice for gift giving.

7. Sakuraco

There is more Sakuraco subscription boxes than meets the eye. And the reason for this is that nothing complements a good cup of hot tea like a plate of savory and sweet treats.

Every Sakuraco box highlights a particular Japanese region and includes 20 seasonal, locally produced delicacies, tea, and an accessory for your kitchen such as chopsticks or a new teacup. One previous box, for instance, was adorned with an abundance of Mt. Fuji snacks, including sencha, Mt. Fuji cookies, a Mt. Fuji-inspired bowl, and a variety of other delightful treats.

Each box also provides bonus reward points you can use to purchase even more attractive items.

8. Atlas Tea Club

The idea behind Atlas Tea Club is to “travel through tea.” This means members get to try tea from the most well-known tea-producing regions every month.

Since tea is single-origin, you can identify the specific origin of every brew. Additionally, recycled tea bags and postcards with information about the teas’ countries of origin are included in each monthly box.

A single monthly choice for the subscription box from Atlas Tea Club includes two big pouches of single-origin tea. Your can customize preferences for caffeine levels and tea types.

9. White2Tea

White2Tea caters to the most devoted tea drinkers who like pu-erh, lapsang, and a wide variety of other exotic, specialty teas. Variety, or the entire variation monthly in the regions, quantities, interpretations, and sorts of tea, differentiates their tea subscription boxes from others. 

The variety and quantity may vary based on what tea you receive, but you may anticipate receiving raw pu-erh, ripe pu-erh, hei cha, white, black, green, and oolong teas.

Assortment of dry tea leaves in spoons
You may anticipate receiving raw black tea

The boxes occasionally include special small-batch teas that are only offered to subscribers and are rarely made accessible to the general public.

10. Amoda

The founders of the Canadian tea firm Amoda set out to import authentic matcha from Japan. Today, they ship across North America and carry practically every type of tea possible.

Choose The Original Monthly Box or The Reduced Caff option for less caffeine and decaff options in the Amoda tea subscription box. Four premium teas, biodegradable tea filters, and a unique discount for the website are all included in the packages.
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