3 Best Coffees For Office Use

Are you looking for the best coffees for office settings? Learn how to pick good office coffee here!

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Coffee is an essential beverage for almost everyone in the world

Ask anyone in the working sector one beverage they need to survive a workday. The answer you’ll most likely get is coffee. A quick look at the nations’ coffee statistics can prove that we’re seeing more coffee consumption. Since 2015, coffee consumption in the US has grown by 5%

An office setting is one of the most common places to prepare a cup of joe. This guide discusses all you should know about choosing coffee for the workplace.

What To Look For In The Best Coffee For Office

High-quality coffee is vital in the workplace as mediocre coffee may lack the caffeine boost or feel-good sensation that can help improve productivity. When you’re shopping for coffee to drink at the office, make sure it has the following properties:

  • It has a strong and pleasant aroma.
  • Its coffee beans aren’t too dry, greasy, hard, or brittle.
  • It should be packaged in an airtight bag with a clear “roasted on” date.
  • Depending on the roast, its taste should have the right richness, bitterness, sweetness, and extra tones.

The most important characteristic to look for in a coffee is freshness. Like produce, coffee is perishable. Thus, it’ll never do you well to buy old coffee.

How much you consume in a period will also determine your coffee-buying behavior. Since delicious and high-grade coffee cost a pretty penny, you should know where to get them at good deals. Consider buying in bulk if you drink the beverage often.

Buy bulk if you are a coffee lover

Another factor that will impact what you should look for in-office coffee is the grind. For example, your coffee should also match your prep preferences. Pick high-quality medium-ground coffee if you have a Chemex pour-over glass coffeemaker at your office; get a coarse grind if you use French Press.

If you’re unsure what to buy, here’s an informative article about Chemex vs. Drip Coffee Maker.

How To Pick The Best Coffee For Office Settings

One of the most significant changes in coffee consumption is the behavior of coffee drinkers. Did you know that single-cup brewing machines have become 50% more popular in the last five years? Everyone has unique preferences, after all. This difference in coffee taste preferences is most apparent in an office setting.

Choose the best coffee for the office by researching well. Read other coffee lovers’ reviews and client testimonials. Find out how much caffeine you want and the type of beans you prefer, depending on your taste.

Coffee bean varieties dried and on a table.
Consider the type of coffee bean

High-quality coffee beans are 100% organic, fresh, and rich in taste. Fresh coffee always makes the most delicious coffee, so always check the roast date of each pack you buy.

Best Coffee For Office For Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the most popular coffee consumed at work, followed by espresso and cappuccino. Consider Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend if you’re looking for a drip coffee brand. 

Check out these Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Blend reviews to help you decide. 


  • It creates smooth, delicious crema.
  • It’s affordable without sacrificing quality.
  • You can use its coffee grounds in drip coffee makers and espresso machines.
  • It has a well-balanced taste – it’s not too strong and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.


  • This is not the choice for you if you want something strong.
  • The product is already pre-ground, taking away some of the coffee-making experience.
  • It contains a blend of Arabica (60%) and Robusta (40%) coffee beans.
Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Medium Espresso Roast
  • 2.2 Pound (Pack of 6)
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The Best Coffee For Office For A Wake-Up

If you want something strong, consider Death Wish Coffee Co. ground coffee  –  the world’s strongest coffee. This coffee from India and Peru is the go-to choice for getting more from the traditional dark roast. It’s an excellent choice for making dead-eye coffee.

See what other people think of Death Wish ground coffee.


  • It’s two to four times stronger than the average coffee.
  • It keeps you alert without the side effects of having jitters or shakes.
  • It has a rich and smooth flavor with dark chocolate and cherry notes.
  • It comes in whole bean, ground, and K-cup.
  • It’s organic.
  • The brand provides money-saving subscriptions.


  • It’s on the expensive side
  • Its oil beans won’t work in all grinders
  • It has low-quality Robusta beans
  • It doesn’t have light or medium roast options
Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds
  • Day starter ground coffee
  • Quality brew coffee grounds dark
  • Smooth, dark, ground coffee
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The Best Coffee For Office For A Quick Fix  

Instant coffee is often the last resort to coffee choice for many coffee lovers. However, it’s always good to have that backup plan if you ever need it. The good news is that you’ll never go wrong with Folgers Classic Medium Roast Instant Coffee.

Check out these Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee reviews.


  • It’s quick to make.
  • It produces less waste compared to ground coffee.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It has the same amount of antioxidants as ground coffee.


  • It lacks the rich, full-bodied flavor of ground coffee.
  • It contains slightly less caffeine.
  • It may contain more acrylamide, a harmful chemical from roasted coffee beans.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Testing Criteria 

While everyone in our team is a coffee lover, we are also people of diverse tastes and preferences. We’ve researched, tasted, and compared each of these products alongside other top products in the market. As coffee enthusiasts, we’ve tried everything coffee-related from the trending brands to the classic blends.

We’ve looked at everything essential in choosing coffee, including quality, smoothness, complexity, and roast. We also check each coffee brand’s origin and price. Whether you want your coffee for a simple cup of drip or a cappuccino, we’ve considered all these preferences and styles of consumption.

Why You Can Trust Me

Our team isn’t only a team of coffee connoisseurs. We’re also hardcore coffee enthusiasts. We’ve tried, tasted, and compared various types of coffees from different brands, origins, blends, and others.

The Final Word On The Best Coffee For Office 

Finding the perfect coffee for the office can take a long time, which can also be challenging. The good news is that you can find many different coffee types and tastes suitable for office consumption. The most popular kind of office coffee preparation is drip coffee.

Its popularity makes single-cup drip machines and coffee choices for drip coffee readily available. Death Wish is a great dark roast pick for people who need a strong cup, while Lavazza Super Crema is the highest-quality and affordable option. If you lack the time or the equipment to make drip coffee, consider Folgers instant coffee.

If you want more detailed info, in this article, check our Bulletproof Coffee Vs Death Wish Coffee.


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