Best Coffee For Hangover: 6 Top Picks

In this article, we look at where coffee comes into mix when you are hungover. Discover the best coffee for hangover in this article.

Best coffee for hangover
A classic hangover treatment is a cup of coffee

As a coffee lover, you have probably heard the question “what is the best coffee for hangover?”. Of course, there is no such thing as a magical hangover cure. However, drinking plenty of water and replacing all those electrolytes you have lost along the way is what’s really important.

Many of you also consider a small amount of caffeine key to curing the effects of alcohol in your system. But you should keep in mind that coffee is a diuretic and can negatively affect your hydration levels.

If you insist on drinking coffee to cure hangovers, you should only have a small amount and it should be done alongside plenty of water. It should also be noted that the best cure for a night of drinking is time (and maybe a little bit of ibuprofen to help with the hangover headache!). And it goes without saying, but avoiding alcohol will help you avoid a hangover and prevention is always better than the cure.

Can Coffee Help With A Hangover

Can coffee help with a hangover
You can gain benefits from drinking coffee

If you’re craving a caffeine pick-me-up the next day, then you are probably better off having a cup of coffee rather than a sugary energy drink like Gatorade. However, if you are expecting coffee to be a catch-all cure after a night of heavy drinking, then you are in for a disappointment.

All-in-all, coffee can help with some of the hangover symptoms, rather than fix the hangover itself. For instance, it can help reduce fatigue and stimulate metabolic processes to help your body clear out byproducts of alcohol consumption. And avoiding coffee might not be the best option, as this could lead to a caffeine withdrawal headache. On the flipside, caffiend does narrow your blood vessels and increases blood pressure, not to mention the negative side effects it has on your hydration. Your body will already be dehydrated, so we can’t emphasis the importance of consuming liquids enough.

Thus, when it comes to coffee as a hangover cure, a little goes a long way. It’s still better than some other perceived ‘cures’, such as the hair of the dog or junk food, but you should proceed with caution when choosing it. And a large glass of water should accompany any cup of coffee you do decide to have.

Roast Is Important For Hangover Coffee

Roast is important for hangover coffee
Roast plays a significant role in coffee flavors

The roast is one of the critical factors to look out for when choosing the best coffee for hangover treatment. Roast plays a significant role in coffee flavors; the last thing you want when your stomach is uneasy is a challenging flavor. 

If my head is pounding and my stomach isn’t exactly reliable, I don’t want a coffee that’s too heavy.. A hangover is where medium or light roast coffee shines: medium roasts have enough body and substance to satisfy. Whereas, light roasts can be less harsh on a weak stomach.

In the same way the roast highlights the characteristics of the best coffee for hangovers, the region the coffee is grown in is also essential to helping rather than hindering your hangover relief efforts. This is one of the circumstances under which I would suggest a blend rather than single-origin beans.

Coffees blended from more than one growing region tend to have a more balanced profile, without many heavy flavors or intense–possibly too challenging–notes to contend with.

6 Of The Best Coffees For Hangovers

For the basis of this article, we haven’t chosen any decaf coffee options. Of course, there are some excellent options if you want to go down that route and avoiding caffeine could help you if you suffer from anxiety after alcohol. However, for the basis of this article, we have picked brands that will give you a caffeine boost and give you that little bit of energy.

1. Gevalia House Blend Medium Roast

Gevalia has a worldwide reputation for blending coffee beans from multiple regions into uniquely drinkable, smooth coffee. Their House Blend is the prime example of why.

While it’s hard to find this roast in whole bean format, if you’re suffering from a hangover, you probably don’t want the responsibility of grinding your coffee before you brew anyway. As long as you take care to brew quickly, you’ll avoid stale flavors in favor of notes of caramel, chocolate, and light citrus to perk you back up.

2. Seattle’s Best Portside Blend

This blend is a little more bracing than the Gevalia classic, with a somewhat bolder roast, but Seattle’s Best Portside Blend manages to balance out acidity and roastiness in a way that makes for a smooth and balanced cup. It’s full-bodied without being too heavy and rich with just enough acidity to keep things interesting. The heartiness is just what you need when you have a hangover.

Those folks in Seattle know their coffee, and this is another prime example of this. Plus, when you’re feeling a little better, the House Blend and Breakfast Blend go down a treat.

3. Stone Street Cold Brew Medium Roast

Cold brew is a refreshing way to caffeinate if you get the sweats with your hangovers. This blend by Stone Street Coffee Company is made for cold brew, and with a medium roast, you get an even more balanced, less acidic result, perfect for helping you get over the post-bender blues. Cold brews can lessen the headache too (when accompanied by plenty of liquids).

4. Real Good Coffee Company – Breakfast Blend

The Real Good Coffee Company breakfast blend is a light roast made with premium Arabica beans from Central and South America. It offers a mix of smooth flavors that aren’t harsh on the taste buds, but intriguing enough to keep you interested. If there is one cup of coffee that will sit well after a New Year’s Eve level party, then this is the one. Just to note, don’t worry that this coffee is called ‘Breakfast Blend’. If you are only getting up from bed after noon, it’s still a delicious option.

5. Subtle Earth Organic Coffee – Organic Arabica Light Roast Coffee

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is known for being easy on the stomach. It comes directly from the Honduran jungle and it’s laid back flavours will make you want to relax into the day and will help you forget the painkillers and sports drinks you were considering prior to it. As symptoms of a hangover disappear over this delicious espresso, you might even find yourself asking “does any one fancy another drink?”.

6. Lifeboost Organic Light Roast Coffee

Lifeboost Organic Light Roast offers a cup of joe that is ethically sourced, isn’t overly acidic and simply delicious. It describes itself as “low in acid, high in flavor”, which is exactly what most of us look for when having a cup of coffee after a hefty evening of alcohol. We can’t guarantee that a cup of this coffee will give you a ‘lifeboost’, but it will be easier on your stomach than most coffees and might help you get on with your day after a night of drinking.


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