Best Coffee For Hangover: 3 Top Picks

If you’re nursing a hangover often, you might wonder: what is the best coffee for hangover? This article will guide you in making the right choice.

Best coffee for hangover
A classic hangover treatment is a cup of coffee

By the time you find yourself waking up with the heavy head and unsteady stomach of a bad hangover, you need to have a plan for getting over the symptoms. One element of the classic hangover treatment is a cup of coffee–but is it really helpful?

Studies suggest that choosing the right coffee can indeed help you get over a hangover faster for a few different reasons. This article will delve into what to look for in the best coffee for hangover treatment, so you can plan and have it on hand for the next time you need it.

How Coffee Can Help Hangovers

Top view of a woman drinking coffee
You can gain benefits from drinking coffee

The first concern to address is whether coffee helps shorten hangover duration or soothe some of the effects of overindulgence. The jury is somewhat out on that question. Some studies indicate that people who drink coffee regularly do see strong benefits from drinking coffee to help reduce some of the hangover symptoms.

Other studies are a little more ambiguous. While the caffeine in coffee certainly helps reduce the fatigue of drinking too much alcohol the night before, it’s also worth considering that coffee can be dehydrating, just like alcohol is. 

The studies that do document benefits to coffee consumption to help treat a hangover suggest that caffeine and some other compounds in coffee work together to accomplish a few things: reduce fatigue and stimulate metabolic processes to help your body clear out byproducts of alcohol consumption. 

Long story short: a cup of coffee won’t cure your hangover outright, but a good brew can take some of the stings out, especially if you drink some freshwater along with it.

Roast Is Important For Hangover Coffee

The roast is one of the key factors to look out for when choosing the best coffee for hangover treatment. Roast plays a significant role in the flavors of coffee, and the last thing you want when your stomach is uneasy is a challenging flavor. 

Personally, if my head is pounding and my stomach isn’t exactly reliable, I don’t want a coffee that’s too heavy, but I also don’t want anything too acidic. A hangover is where a medium roast coffee shines: it’s got enough body and substance to satisfy, without the risk of too much heaviness or bitter flavor and less acidity than light roasts.

Growing Region Also Plays A Role

why are coffee beans roasted - taking a full dip of coffee beans
The region the coffee is grown in is a factor

The same way the roast highlights the characteristics of the best coffee for hangovers, the region the coffee is grown in is also important to helping rather than hindering your hangover relief efforts. This is one of the circumstances under which I would suggest a blend rather than single-origin beans.

Coffees blended from more than one growing region tend to have a more balanced profile, without many heavy flavors or intense–possibly too challenging–notes to contend with. But even when choosing a blend, there are some factors to consider.

In my experience, the best coffee blends to treat a hangover tend to include Indonesian and Latin American beans, or African and Indonesian blends–provided that the roast is right. Indonesian beans can be heady and intense, with earthy and smoky notes, but they also tend to lower acidity.

Many Latin American beans are more lightly roasted, with higher acidity and a sweeter, milder flavor. African beans run the gamut a bit, but the acid levels are usually very balanced, and the flavor profiles interact well with Indonesian beans.

Best Coffee For Hangovers: My Picks

Gevalia House Blend Medium Roast

Gevalia has a worldwide reputation for blending coffee beans from multiple regions into uniquely drinkable, smooth coffee. Their House Blend is the prime example of why.

While it’s hard to find this roast in whole bean format, if you’re suffering from a hangover, you probably don’t want the responsibility of grinding your coffee before you brew. As long as you take care to brew quickly, you’ll avoid stale flavors in favor of notes of caramel, chocolate, and light citrus to perk you back up.

Keto Friendly
Gevalia House Blend Medium Roast Arabica Ground Coffee
$12.99 ($0.65 / Ounce)
  • One 20 oz. bag
  • Ground coffee
  • Keto-friendly
  • Medium roast
  • 100% Arabica beans

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01/27/2023 11:09 am GMT

Seattle’s Best Portside Blend

This blend is a little more bracing than the Gevalia classic, with a somewhat bolder roast, but Seattle’s Best Portside Blend manages to balance out acidity and roastiness in a way that makes for a smooth and balanced cup. It’s full-bodied without being too heavy and rich with just enough acidity to keep things interesting.

Seattle's Best Coffee Portside Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
$8.76 ($0.73 / Ounce)

Seattle's Best Coffee Portside Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12-Ounce Bag

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Stone Street Cold Brew Medium Roast

Cold brew is a refreshing way to caffeinate if you get the sweats with your hangovers. This blend by Stone Street Coffee Company is made for cold brew, and with a medium roast, you get an even more balanced, less acidic result, perfect for helping you get over the post-bender blues. 

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee Beans Breakfast Blend
$14.99 ($0.94 / Ounce)
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Low Acid
  • 100% Arabica
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Whole Bean
  • 1 LB
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