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A E Inman is a direct response copywriter and humor blogger. When she's not poking fun at her attempts to start a writing business, she can be found in the tea aisle of her local import store, arguing with strangers over the merits of rare tea varietals. She enjoys writing copy while consuming copious amounts of coffee and gunpowder tea.

Does Coffee Upset Your Stomach?

Does coffee upset your stomach

Why does coffee upset your stomach? We’ve got a 3-step process to eliminate troublesome symptoms you should try. There’s nothing worse than having something you enjoy start wreaking havoc on your daily life.  Coffee is said to be extremely healthy; according to researchers, it’s the number one source of antioxidants for most Americans. But if drinking it …

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What Is Orange Pekoe Tea?

Orange pekoe tea

What is Orange Pekoe tea? No, it’s not citrus-flavored. It’s a way of grading tea leaves. Here’s a simple breakdown of this tea grading system. You’re standing in the aisle at the speciality tea store looking over the vast array of tea before you: Green teas. White teas. Black teas. Oolong teas. There are so …

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How To Make Iced Tea From Tea Bags

A jug of orange juice

Iced tea doesn’t have to made with loose tea leaves or some special blend. Any kind of tea can be made iced. Here are three recipes for you to make iced tea from tea bags and enjoy this refreshing drink.

8 Coffee Filter Substitutes

A cup of coffee

Picture this: You wake up to your alarm blaring and stumble into the kitchen to make a pot of hot steamy goodness so you can face the day. You open your trusty kitchen drawer only to find that you’re out of paper filters. Are you doomed to being a caffeine-fiending, cranky mess for the rest of the day?

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Coffee Pot: 5 Easy Methods

How to Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pot with 6 Easy Methods

One of the keys to making great coffee is using clean tools. Not only does it make sense when it comes to cleanliness in general, as it would for all food and beverages, it actually affects the taste of the final product. Knowing how to clean your stainless steel pot is an essential part of making a great tasting cup of coffee if this is your coffee-making tool of choice.

One of your primary concerns when you are cleaning a stainless steel coffee pot is to make sure you get it clean without degrading the material of the pot. Coffee residue and even hot water can eventually stain a pot overtime.

You want your pot to last as long as possible and not break down, while still getting rid of that stubborn coffee stain. Sometimes, a gentle scrub with your dish brush just won’t do, and that coffee residue won’t come off with soapy water.

Cleaning your stainless steel pot can be done with a simple descaling solution, but it’s still important to know what you are doing before you dive in. Using the wrong cleaning tools could result in you ruining your pot completely.