AeroPress vs. Delter

Want to have a good espresso made at home? This article covers AeroPress vs. Delter coffee maker and which brewing device can be a fantastic choice for you.

AeroPress vs. Delter
AeroPress vs. Delter Coffee Maker

The AeroPress vs. Delter Coffee Maker is a battle of nuance. These are similarly priced devices that both brew espresso-like beverages.

The Delter press employs injection brewing, where water infuses with coffee grounds under pressure, yielding a taste profile close to traditional espresso. In contrast, AeroPress utilizes immersion brewing, saturating coffee grounds with flowing water, providing a more versatile taste. The distinctive plunge mechanics between Delter’s pull and push process and AeroPress’s single plunge also contribute to their respective brew qualities.

Let’s look closer at the AeroPress vs. Delter Coffee Maker and find out which one will be your go-to espresso maker.

What Are AeroPress And The Delter Coffee Maker?

AeroPress with coffee beans
AeroPress and Delter coffee makers both brew espresso

AeroPress and Delter Coffee Makers are in their own world when it comes to the type of coffee that they make. This coffee brew is somewhere between French Press and an espresso machine. They are also both based on similar designs that have you pressing down on a plunger to finish off the brewing process.

However, these coffee brewing devices take different approaches to get the job done. With that said, there’s good reason to have an AeroPress vs. Delter Coffee Maker debate. While these might be two very similar ways to brew coffee, there are some key differences in addition to what they have in common.

AeroPressDelter Coffee Maker
Time-tested and proven qualityA newcomer with big shoes to fill
The design makes it easy to cleanSlightly more involved in cleaning
Immersion & infusion brewingInjection brewing
French press coffee with an espresso styleCloser to actual espresso brewing
Built to lastJet seals will eventually need replacing
The low base price includes everything you need to brewThe price gets higher when you factor in replacement seals
Fine espresso-grind coffee Medium-fine grounds 
6.4cm diameter filters6.5cm diameter filters 
One-step brewing methodSeveral steps 
Typically a dark but translucent bodyFully transparent appearance 

What AeroPress And Delter Have In Common

Making coffee using AeroPress
AeroPress and Delter coffee makers are based on a similar design

The AeroPress and the Delter Coffee Maker are based on a similar design. In fact, the Delter Coffee Maker was clearly modeled after the AeroPress and designed to be a rival in an otherwise cornered market.

In a sense, the Delter Coffee Maker is simply an inverted version of the AeroPress design. Despite these obvious similarities, they wind up brewing different types of coffee.

Both brewers allow for experimentation with the coffee-to-water ratio. One gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water is recommended for AeroPress brewers. Delter recommends 12g of coffee to 200 grams of water, which roughly fits into the 1:16 ratio. 

AeroPress Vs. Delter Coffee Maker: The Differences

Here’s where things open up to a whole world of differences.

AeroPress has been an established coffee-making device for years now. It brews reliable coffee and gives you plenty of control over the brewing process. The simplicity of AeroPress hides the depth of skill that you can develop when using this tool.

As far as the flavor goes, you can get as much robust punch as with espresso but with less crema and body. This is also to do with the coffee grounds themselves, as a Delter brewer requires medium-fine grounds, while an espresso grind is ideal for an AeroPress. 

A bartender making coffee
AeroPress allows plenty of control when brewing

The Delter Coffee Maker uses a unique type of brewing known as injection brewing. Rather than having the coffee steep in the water for some time, the Delter Coffee Maker forces hot water through the coffee at a rate you can control. Some people argue that this gives you a better brew than offered by AeroPress, while others suggest that the Delter Coffee Maker struggles when brewing a strong cup of coffee.

Both brewers also use paper filters, although the AeroPress filters are slightly smaller. The AeroPress uses 6.4cm diameter filters, and the Delter brewer requires 6.5cm diameter filters. Although this isn’t much of a difference in size, the texture of the filters is different, too: you would likely struggle if you used these filters interchangeably. 

For brewing, you simply push the AeroPress down, forcing water through the grinds. Whereas with the Delter Brewer, the coffee and water are placed in different chambers. You pull the pump upward until the desired water level and then push the plunger down to brew the pre-infusion; you then repeat the process until all the water has been used. 

What’s Better About AeroPress?

The AeroPress’s simplicity makes it a fantastic choice when brewing coffee.

Beginners will find an easy learning curve when it comes to using AeroPress. This device also has the potential to brew a wide range of roasts and coffee beverages. While it’s not technically espresso, you can use AeroPress coffee as an at-home substitute for espresso in your favorite drinks.

The AeroPress also has no gaskets, seals, or other parts you must replace. It’s just you, the AeroPress, and the coffee. 

The AeroPress brewing process is simpler, too, as all you need to do is push down the plunger. This is ideal for coffee lovers who want quality Joe without a lot of extra steps in the morning. Learn more in our AeroPress review

What’s Better About Delter?

The Delter Coffee Maker takes a completely different approach to brewing coffee than the AeroPress. Injection brewing gives you near-total control over your brew time. This type of brewing lets you decide exactly how much contact the hot water in the coffee grounds is going to have.

The water in a Delter brewer doesn’t immediately come into contact with the coffee grounds. This means you don’t have to worry about over or under-extracting your brew, and you can get started whenever you’re ready. You can even add more water after you’ve begun the brewing process in order to find your ideal coffee strength.

Who Should Get An AeroPress (And Why)?

The AeroPress is ideal for coffee aficionados who want to start experimenting with espresso beverages at home but who aren’t interested in spending hundreds of dollars on an espresso machine. It’s a one-time cost that will last for years.

The AeroPress is also a great idea for people on the go looking to take a high-end coffee brewing device with them wherever they go. You might find our guide on how to store an AeroPress helpful. 

Who Should Get A Delter (And Why)?

The Delter Coffee Maker is a great choice for people with experience with AeroPress but looking for a new spin on a modern classic. The price is similar to the AeroPress, but replacement seals will add up over the years. It’s for those with a bigger coffee budget. 


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