Why Mushroom Coffee? 4 Undeniable Reasons Why It’s A Must Try

Looking for an interesting cup of Joe that can spring you up through the day? Read on to find out why mushroom coffee is worth trying.

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Mushroom coffee started to gain traction during lockdown

Three things pop into my mind when I hear the word mushroom; Super Mario, pizza, and rock n’ roll icons. Imagine my surprise when mushroom coffee started to gain traction during the early days of the 2020 lockdown. 

Believe it or not, the beverage has been around for quite some time. Chaga mushrooms were used as coffee substitutes by the Finnish during World War II as coffee supplies dwindled. It had a recent resurgence as coffee lovers shared the beverage online, and here are a few reasons why mushroom coffee should make your way to your cup as well!

1. It Tastes Just Like Your Regular Cup Of Joe

Mushroom coffee tends to be a little earthy without any sweeteners, while some say it is on the nuttier side. Some contain coffee, while others taste pretty close to the real deal without it.

It tastes like your regular cup of coffee but its a lot healthier

2. Each Type Of Mushroom Can Give a Different Taste

Mushroom coffee typically comes from four types of mushrooms; lion’s mane, Chaga, reishi, and cordyceps. Each type brings a different kick in terms of taste and texture without losing flavor. 

For instance, reishi and cordyceps are often the closest to black coffee visually due to their black color when brewed. It is more robust in flavor but not necessarily stronger. 

Meanwhile, lion’s mane is on the lighter side, comparable to a decaf version of your regular cup of Joe. An interesting type is the Chaga mushroom coffee as it is so smooth; some think it’s like tea but has coffee’s subtle oily texture.

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3. It Comes In Different Flavors

Mushroom coffee makers either brew these mushrooms individually or mix them together to enhance flavor. With the help of some added ingredients, they can provide a variety of mushroom coffee in the market, which coffee lovers can enjoy. Here are some of them that you can try today.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four sigmatic mushroom coffee review
Image source: Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is ideal for those who want to try mushroom coffee for the first time as they offer an array of coffee products ranging from ground coffee to coffee pods made from the four types of mushrooms we have discussed prior. 

I suggest trying their Instant Mushroom Coffee to familiarize yourself with the flavor before going all in. You might want to check out our in-depth Four Sigmatic review to check if it is worth it!

Clevr Coffee SuperLatte

Image source: Clevr

The Queen of Talk Show herself can’t get enough of this brand. Oprah Winfrey touted Clevr’s range of lattes as one of her favorite things, and with good reason – it is definitely good! One of which is the Coffee Superlatte variant.

This instant drink mix is a blend of reishi and lion’s mane mushroom combined with Arabica coffee and ashwagandha for a more complex taste. The product also uses oat milk and coconut cream base to give it a thick, creamy, and almost tropical taste once brewed.

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RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Image Source: RYZE

If you aim to drink a mushroom coffee packed with mushrooms, then RYZE is for you. This instant mix contains six different mushrooms, from cordyceps to Turkey tail. This is combined with MCT from coconut oil to give it a creamy texture and coffee for the caffeine

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4. Mushroom Coffee Is Healthy

Mushrooms contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals without stressing out on calories! Although they are equally healthy.

For example, Chaga mushrooms have higher antioxidant content than other types, so it is ideal for those looking to reduce free-radical damage such as signs of aging. Another is the lion’s mane, which can support brain and nerve functions.

For workout aficionados who are also coffee lovers, cordyceps is the best option, as this type of mushroom can improve endurance and stamina during and after high-intensity workouts and help your muscles recover from the activity.

Why Mushroom Coffee FAQs

Does Mushroom Coffee Contain Caffeine?

Mushroom powder in itself doesn’t contain any caffeine. It was used as a coffee alternative due to its visual and taste resemblance to coffee. However, most mushroom coffee brands contain caffeine as coffee is mixed with mushroom powder, but generally have only half the amount of our usual cup of Joe.


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