Where Can I Buy A Cheap Coffee Table?

Been wondering, “Where can I buy a cheap coffee table?” This fixture shouldn’t hurt your pocket if you know where to look. Learn more about where to buy a cheap coffee table!

where can i buy a cheap coffee table
Local carpenters can usually furnish cheaper but sturdier coffee tables

There’s no shame in spending a small amount for your first coffee table. If it makes you feel any better, my first one was just around $35.00. With more than 27,000 furniture stores in the United States, looking for something that’s budget-friendly is a walk in the park.

I always suggest scouting for local carpenters in their area since; they can usually furnish cheaper but sturdier coffee tables. You can also negotiate a ‘package rate’ if you’re looking to request other furniture. 

If this option doesn’t pan out, you can always visit the nearest furniture stores since they sell economical coffee tables too! On the other hand, you can also order online! 

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Low Quality.

different coffees in a mug above the wooden table
A coffee table from Walmart can last for a very long time with proper maintenance

Sure, the coffee tables at Walmart or Target won’t be able to match the exquisiteness of the Fendi Casa’s and the BD Barcelona’s, but in my book, functionality trumps style any day of the week.

Affordability can be because of several factors – raw materials used, the height and width of the table, its shape, etc. As long as it can accentuate your living room, hold your steaming cup of Joe, and store small items and reading materials!

A coffee table from your nearest Walmart can last you years with proper maintenance.

Best Cheap Coffee Tables In The Market

a cup of coffee in a wooden table
Andrey coffee table is made from recycled rubber tree materials

Ashley Furniture

Espresso Finish Classic Rectangular Coffee Table

This coffee table has the simplest design on our list and is the perfect size for those who have limited space. It can fit into any home given its 18 in. lengths and 31.5 in. widths. Its downside is that it doesn’t have any compartments or lower shelves.

Andrey Coffee Table With Bin Drawer

Introducing the very first coffee table that I bought. Its espresso brown paint and dark finish are a sight to appreciate. It has a shelf to hold your books and magazines and a storage bin to place your small items such as car keys, remotes, or other essentials. 

I also love this coffee table because it’s made from recycled rubber tree materials. Talk about efficiency and being eco-friendly!


Open Cubby Coffee Table

The Open Cubby is a modern take on the traditional coffee table; the Open Cubby is made from hickory wood and features black metal grid panels for a sturdier frame.

It has a substantial space below that can serve as a holder for your reading materials and small appliances, and gaming consoles. 

Furinno Modern Simplistic Criss-Crossed Coffee Table

This is the ideal coffee table for the homeowner with kids and limited space. It’s small in size, standing at around 16 inches tall and 35 inches wide, and its rounded edges prevent your energetic kids from getting minor scratches or injuries.

Despite its compact stature, it features a shelf to hold some of your items.

Its thematic outdoor design makes that picnic vibe perfect when spending quality time with your kids. How about hosting a coffee social with your kids? You can read more about the babyccino drink and why it’s safe for your little ones!


VIHALS Coffee Table

I love assembling my furniture, and it’s why I’m fond of roaming around IKEA. It has three compartments – two shelves and storage space on its side. It also comes with casters, allowing you to effortlessly move it around your living room.

You can use it as a side table if you’re looking to replace it as a coffee table sometime. It adds another thematic furniture to your living space, plus the extra storage wouldn’t hurt.

KVISTBRO Coffee Table

I had to add this to the list because of its versatility. Its primary function is a storage table to safely keep anything from books to pillows. 

It looks a bit flimsy given its basket design, but you’d be surprised that its tabletop can hold up to 22 pounds! It’s easy to open and easy to carry around. If you feel like it, you can use it as a footstool as you watch your favorite series.


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