What Is Vodka And Iced Tea Called? A Must-Try Fascinating Alcoholic Beverage

Mixing alcohol with tea is perfectly fine when done occasionally, so what is vodka and iced tea called?

What is vodka and iced tea called - Vodka Sweet Tea, Long Island Tea, John Daly
Mixing vodka and iced tea would create a drink called Vodka Sweet Tea

I often got an earful from the elders when I played with my food and drinks when I was young. I remember the first time I added lemon juice to my hot chocolate and thought I had just invented a new delicious drink. It was worth it, even with the stomach ache I got after. 

Now that we are a bit older, we have moved on to more thrilling things to add to our drink – alcohol. One of the easiest to make is  Vodka Sweet Tea, which has the most accessible ingredients. An iced tea, a bottle of vodka, and sugar are all you need for a refreshing swig.

What Is Vodka and Iced Tea Called?

The drink can be confusing as this combination has many names. For instance, people may refer to it as a John Daly, but this beverage also calls for lemonade. Some will call it a Long Island Iced Tea, but this drink doesn’t even contain tea, and aside from vodka, rum, tequila, and gin are also mixed in. 

The closest by definition is Vodka Sweet Tea.

What Is Vodka Sweet Tea?

Vodka Sweet Tea is an alcoholic beverage made from iced black tea sweetened with honey, syrup, or sugar and spiked with a shot or two of vodka. It is served iced.

serving iced teas
Vodka sweet tea is sweet due to sweeteners

Though purists may argue that the vodka and iced tea combo is not supposed to be sweet, the taste of the original blend can be too strong because of the alcohol and bland because of the black tea. Adding natural sweeteners can slightly offset the alcohol and give the drink flavor.

3 Vodka Sweet Teas To Try

A number of brands have released their own blends of ready-to-drink vodka sweet tea. Here are some of the tastiest ones to try!

1. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka

Branded as the first Deep Eddy product, this alcohol beverage uses organic whole leaf black tea, a vodka base that is ten times distilled, and local clover honey as a sweetener. 

When served on the rocks, this Texan concoction becomes a refreshing beverage with a smooth finish and leaves behind a subtle chocolate aftertaste, but not without robust black tea undertones. You will still feel a kick, as the drink features a 35% ABV.

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2. Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea

Starting with the bottle itself, it is sweet-looking and aesthetically pleasing. The same can be said in terms of taste. Compared to the other ones on the list, the Sweet Carolina retains most of the southern iced tea flavor, which may explain its thicker texture when poured. 

Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea has a thick texture

A drawback is some might find it too sweet. You can offset this by mixing a splash of water or adding it to lemonade to make yourself a John Daly. Don’t be fooled by its delightful flavor when you drink it on the rocks, as this beverage is also 70 proof (35% ABV).

3. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

As the company known for creating the first hand-crafted sweet tea flavored vodka, Firefly boasts two variations of this beverage – the original Sweet Tea and the Skinny Tea, the latter using a sugar-free sweetener for the health conscious.

Flavor-wise, it is modestly sweet and blends well with the earthy and floral notes of the tea. If you are looking for that perfect moderate blend of vodka and iced tea, Firefly hits the mark. 

A downside is you might not notice the alcohol creeping in before it is too late. Normally, it takes around five to eight shots of 35% ABV before you become intoxicated, so try to monitor and drink responsibly! 

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How To Make Your Own Vodka Sweet Tea At Home

dried hearbal tea - how are tea leaves being processed
It’s easy to make your own home-made vodka sweet tea

If you plan to host a party in the future, It is easy to concoct your own vodka sweet tea for the group! Here is the fastest way to make one at home.


  • Four to six tea bags (preferably black tea)
  • One bottle of vodka (750 ml)
  • Four to six teaspoons of sugar syrup or honey

Step One: Transfer Your Vodka

Pour the whole bottle into a pitcher or a large glass jar. Keep the bottle as you will transfer the vodka back.

Step Two: Add The Tea Bags

Let the tea bags steep for at least 30 minutes or up to two to three hours for a stronger tea flavor.

Step Three: Sweeten And Transfer Back

Add your teaspoons of syrup or honey and mix thoroughly before pouring it back into the vodka bottle. You can use a funnel for easy transfer. 

Let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. You can serve it on the rocks if you are in a rush.


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