What Is Vienna Coffee? Answered

The City of Music is known to have introduced one of the most flavorful coffees in the world. Wondering, “what is Vienna coffee?” We’ll teach you. 

Have you ever had a moment when you just want to take a break, sit down with a great cup of Vienna coffee, and listen to Mozart’s Symphony No. 41? Thanks to these two Vienna masterpieces, you’ll find that everything is more bearable.

Are you not familiar with Vienna Coffee yet? Then allow me to accompany you as we learn more about this fancy-sounding beverage, made from espresso, cream, and sugar

Vienna Coffee Composition

Vienna coffee is a classic cream-based coffee drink similar to a mocha. Its made of espresso, cream or frothed milk, and sugar. While there are many variations of Viennese coffee, I’d like to stick with the traditional type commonly known as the Einspänner. 

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This classic Vienna coffee packs quite a punch with two to three shots of black espresso topped or infused with whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder. It’s always best served hot. 

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A Coffee History As Rich As Their Music

While enjoying that cup of Einspänner, try to wonder why Vienna is considered one of the cities with the highest quality of life. Is it because of their rich musical history? Probably, although Beethoven would grouchily disagree. 

Before you take a sip, try to envision yourself enjoying this cup of coffee with history’s greatest composers in Vienna. Slowly drink the beverage through the whipped cream. You’ll find that the richness of the espresso complements the creaminess of your topping and a hint of chocolate envelops your taste buds. 

When the Turks unsuccessfully tried to capture Vienna in 1683, they left behind many coffee bean bags, thus introducing the beverage to the city. Consequently, the first of many coffee houses brewed into existence, most notably Café Frauenhuber, which dates to 1746 and serves their version of Einspänner. Rich is their history as they are believed to play table music to their guests courtesy of Beethoven and Mozart themselves.

How To Make Vienna Coffee

What is Vienna Coffee?
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-cafe-worker-pouring-milk-from-pitcher-to-cup-4349966/

Anyone can make this heavenly coffee drink. 


  • Two espresso shots
  • 60ml of hot water
  • 60ml to 90ml of heavy cream
  • Cocoa powder

Step 1: Brew Your Coffee

Brew your espresso shots. 

Step 2: Add Your Ingredients To A Mug

Gently pour your two shots of espresso into your coffee cup or mug. Add the hot water carefully and stir to incorporate these ingredients.

Step 3: Make The Whipped Cream

While waiting for your beverage to cool down, it’s time to create your own whipped cream! Pour your heavy cream into a large bowl and start whisking away until it thickens and becomes fluffy.

We recommend using a stand mixer or an electric beater if you’ll be serving more than two guests.

Step 4: Add The Cream

You get to decide to either pour your whipped cream into your coffee, put it on top with a piping bag, or scoop it with a spoon and gently transfer it to your drink. 

Step 5: Add The Finishing Touches

Add your finishing touches! Sprinkle your cocoa powder on your whipped cream.

Of course, you will appreciate this further with a bit of accompaniment. Get yourself some biscuits (better if unsweetened) and immerse yourself in Viennese culture as you ponder how beautiful life is.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with brewing this exquisite beverage, you can try to play around with it by adding another shot of espresso, sugar, or milk and see which tickles your taste buds. If you want to concoct something unique or something stronger, we recommend finding out how to pick the best coffee for espresso to elevate your Vienna coffee experience.


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