What Is Medicine Ball Tea? Answered

Initially part of Starbucks’ “secret menu,” it slowly found its way to become a staple beverage during the rainy season. But what is Medicine Ball Tea, and why does it continue to be a hit? 

A green tea flower is brewed in a transparent glass - What is medicine ball tea
Medicine tea ball is available in Starbucks

You’ve probably heard of the fascinating Starbucks “secret menu,” a list of unique and flavorful blends which you can whisper to your barista

A particular blend caught the coffee conglomerate’s eye in 2016. A store manager is said to have informed the corporate office of how baristas would serve a customized beverage going viral on Instagram.

Stores across the country received one to two dozen orders a day, prompting corporate to make the Medicine Ball Tea an official drink.

What’s Inside Medicine Ball Tea?

The original ingredients consist of a grande-sized hot tea with a bag of Teavana Mint Majesty and Teavana Peach Tranquility, two packets of honey, and half-water, half-steamed lemonade. Some prefer to add two to three shots of peppermint for that extra soothing sensation.

A hand holds a container of Teavana tea sachets
Teavana is one of the main ingredients of Starbucks’ medicine ball tea

Medicine Ball Tea is still available in your nearest Starbucks, but it has since been renamed Honey Citrus Mint Tea to ensure the beverage’s consistency per order. You might detect subtle changes in flavor, but they almost taste the same.

If you still prefer the traditional medicine ball tea, baristas are still familiar with this blend, so you can order it directly!

Let’s talk about the name. Its etymology is difficult to trace; some people think it’s because the teabags inflate. You’ll also see the leaves and herbs inside the teabags, which might explain the “medicine” component.

You might also enjoy spearmint tea. 

Call It The Cold Buster

If you’re feeling sick, who are you gonna call? Cold Buster! This is another moniker given to this beloved beverage as it gained popularity during the 2016 flu season. 

Drinkers said they felt much better a few minutes after consuming the beverage. Is there a scientific explanation behind this? 

For hundreds of years, mint tea has been used as a remedy for cold and flu symptoms as menthol contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to relieving pain. This Teavana variant also contains citrus, rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system. The tea’s taste kind of help as well, since the citrus mint green tea is soothing yet rejuvenating.

Medicine tea ball is soothing yet rejuvenating

Remember that optional extra shot of peppermint? You might consider going for it since it can aid in relieving clogged nose and opening nasal passages.

Peach teas are rich in antioxidants and contain fiber and potassium, which helps your body detoxify. Not to mention, the peach flavor is mild and refreshing, too. Peach teas are also a good source of calcium and fluoride to make your teeth and bones more durable!

Of course, there are other kinds of tea which you can drink whenever you feel under the weather. You might want to check out the best teas to consume when feeling sick.

How To Make Medicine Ball Tea

Learning how to brew this warm and steamy concoction can have advantages. For one, if you feel you are down with the flu, you can opt to just stay at home instead of going out and risk spreading the illness. 

Also, this is an ideal hot beverage if the weather’s too cold. The warmth from your partner’s cuddle can only give you so much.


  • Half a cup of water
  • Half a cup of lemonade
  • Teavana Jade Citrus Mint teabag
  • Teavana Peach Tranquility teabag
  • Half to one tablespoon of honey
  • Half a teaspoon of peppermint extract (optional)

Step 1: Heat Your Liquids

Mix your water and lemonade and heat it until it’s hot. Let me be clear: not boiling but warm enough to let your bags steep without the drink getting cold. Stir it once it’s heated.

Step 2: Steeping Time

Put both tea bags in your hot lemon water and let it steep for about two to five minutes. I recommend the latter to enhance the flavor better.

Also, do not worry if you don’t have Teavana at home. If you can’t find it in your nearest Starbucks, you can use any brand of mint green tea and peach tea that you’re comfortable with.

Step 3: Time To Serve

Add honey to taste, plus the peppermint extract. Stir thoroughly to make sure all the ingredients are incorporated, and you’re ready to serve.


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