What Is Blonde Coffee: A Detailed Guide

What is blondecoffee? Is there something different about a blonde roast? Learn more about this unique style of roasting coffee beans! 

What is blonde coffee - lightest roasted coffee beans in a black coffee mug
Blonde coffee is the lightest coffee roast.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy trying different types of coffee. You have probably tried light roast coffee, medium roast coffee, and numerous darker roasts. One type of coffee that you may have heard about is called a blonde roast coffee.

If you have been to Starbucks recently, there is a chance that you may have seen blonde espresso, French press, and other brewing methods on the menu. Many coffee drinkers have gotten into blonde roast coffee, and it can be found easily on Amazon. 

What is a blonde roast? Is blonde coffee good for you? Learn more about this type of coffee before you order a latte from the barista at the coffee shop! 

An Overview of Blonde Roast Coffee

Blonde coffee is exactly what it sounds like. This is one of the lightest coffee roasts out there. Unlike its darker counterparts, blonde roast provides the coffee beans with a chance to shine.

There is a detailed process that goes into producing blonde roast coffee. Some factors that play a role include: 

The Quality of the Beans

Many light roast coffees are Latin American and could even taste a bit fruity, particularly if they are Arabica coffee beans. A blonde roast is unique when compared to other coffee roasts. In order to produce this coffee, specialty coffee beans are needed.

When you are producing a lighter roast, the flavor of the coffee bean itself is going to shine through. If you don’t use the right coffee beans, the flavor will be off. 

The Roasting Process

Once you have the right coffee beans, you have to roast them the right way. For example, a medium roast is dropped from the roaster after the first crack, right before the beans reach the second crack. A darker roast goes through the first crack and second crack before it is dropped. 

In contrast, a blond roast is dropped from the roaster itself immediately following the first crack. Because blonde roast coffee beans do not spend a lot of time in the roaster, the beans are relatively dense. This could make them hard to grind.

The Grinding Process: Set it to Fine

woman preparing coffee for her breakfast
Set the grinder to fine to produce finer coffee grounds.

Because blonde coffee beans are so dense, they need a particular type of grinder. Blonde coffee beans are particularly hard. Therefore, they can wear out a coffee grinder quickly, causing your burrs to dull.

When using a grinder to produce a blonde roast, set the grinder to produce finer coffee grounds. That way, the water will pour through the coffee slowly. This increases the amount of time it takes for your coffee to brew.

That way, you extract all the flavor and essential oils from your blonde coffee beans. 

Use Soft Water for the Best Flavor

Even the hardness level of your water can impact the quality of your blood coffee roast. Hard water, while it is typically good for extraction, does not work well with blonde coffee beans. The high mineral content is too tough on the blonde roast.

Instead, you should use soft water. Soft water is more delicate on blonde coffee beans. As a result, the natural flavors of blonde coffee will shine through. 

The Acidity Level

Finally, a blonde roast also has a higher acid level. If you add milk or cream to a blonde coffee roast, you may find that cream or milk starts to curdle. This has to do with the acid in your cup.

The acidity will give you a cup of coffee with extra character. It will also make your coffee taste a bit stronger. When you sip blonde coffee, you can actually taste the acid level.

It is similar to the sharp bite you get when you eat certain cheese. On the other hand, this acid will also break down dairy products. You may even watch them curdle.

If you are committed to adding dairy to a blonde cup of coffee, wait for the cup to cool down. You may have more success at a lower temperature. Or, you can add the cream to the cup first.

Then, you can add your coffee to the cream. That way, the creamer doesn’t overheat. 

Final Word on What Is Blonde Coffee

Blonde coffee refers to the way the beans have been roasted. You have a light roast, a dark roast, and a medium roast. A blonde roast is even lighter than a light roast. The beans are actually dropped from the roaster right after the first crack. 

When you drink blonde coffee, you have to use a specific grinder because the beans are so hard. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the water, as soft water is better than hard water for blonde coffee. Finally, blond coffee also has a higher acid level.

This could cause your milk and cream to curdle. Try letting blonde coffee cool down before you add cream or milk to it. 

FAQs About What Is Blonde Coffee

Why are blonde coffee beans so hard? 

Because blonde coffee beans do not spend a lot of time in the roaster, they are still relatively dense when they are dropped. Because they are dense, your grinder may have a hard time cutting through them. You may need to get a special grinder in order to grind blonde coffee beans. 

Is there a way to reduce the acid level of blonde coffee beans?

There isn’t really a way to reduce the acid level of large coffee beans. If you would like to drop the acid level, you may have to roast them for a longer amount of time. Then, it won’t be a blonde roast.

If you are having trouble with your milk and cream, try adding your dairy product to the cup first. Then, add your coffee to the cream. That way, your cream will not overheat.


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