What Is a Turkish Coffee Pot Called?

What is a Turkish coffee pot called? Read on to find out the history of this coffee pot and where it got its name.

What Is A Turkish Coffee Pot Called
A Turkish coffee pot is called a cezve and can be found made out of stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramic

A Turkish coffee pot is called a cezve (sometimes an ibrik) and has a long handle that ends in a pouring tube. 

The traditional version is brass or copper, but you can find some in silver and gold variations. More recently, cezveler (coffee pots) can be found made out of stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramic.

How Is Coffee Made in a Turkish Coffee Pot?

Turkish coffee, which is very finely ground from Arabica or Robusta beans, is made by boiling it in water in the cezve. It is poured into a highly decorated porcelain coffee cup and saucer when it has achieved a pleasant frothy state (but not boiling over).  

Turkish coffee is consumed with or without sugar. It is not drunk with milk, and it is always served with a glass of water.  

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The History of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee pot pouring down Turkish coffee in a ceramic
Arabs brought Turkish coffee to the Middle East during the 7th century AD

Turkish coffee was first brought to the Middle East by the Arabs during the 7th century AD. They called it “Kahve” or “Coffee,” which means “drink” in Arabic. The Turks also adopted this name and became known as Kahve-i Türk.

In the Ottoman Empire, coffee houses were first established in 1638, and at that time, the number of cafes had grown to 4500 in Istanbul alone.

A Lovely Tradition 

I confess. I love coffee as much for the ritual as for the brew itself. I love the unique pot, the brewing process like a dance, and the elaborate cups. It makes a lovely moment out of something that can otherwise be relatively pedestrian.

In Turkey, coffee has played a part in traditional weddings. When the bridegroom visits the girl’s family to ask their permission to marry her and for the family’s blessing, the fiancee prepares coffee for the whole family.

To determine if her fiance has the qualities she desires of him, she might use some salt in the coffee rather than sugar. If her husband-to-be drinks the coffee and pretends to enjoy it, she will assume he is agreeable and easygoing.

Are There Electric Turkish Coffee Pots?

Yes, there are electric Turkish coffee pots available. These are usually made of metal and come with a built-in heating element. Some models have a timer so that you can set how long your coffee will stay hot before serving it.

Electric Turkish coffee pots take less time to brew the coffee, but they may not produce the same flavor as an authentic Turkish cezve.

Benefits of Turkish Coffee

a Turkish coffee with delicacies surrounding it
Turkish coffee contains antioxidants that help us protect from free radicals

Because of its unique combination of flavors, Turkish coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world. In fact, it is believed to be superior to any other form of coffee. 

Here are some more of the reasons that a single cup of Turkish coffee is remembered for 40 years.  


Some people feel that the taste of Turkish coffee is incomparable. It combines the aroma of roasted grains with the smoothness of fresh cream. You’ll find yourself wondering why other forms of coffee aren’t as good.

Health Benefits

Turkish coffee contains more antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants help protect us from free radicals, which cause cancer. Green tea contains catechins, but these don’t provide nearly the amount of protection found in Turkish coffee.

Energy Boost

As any coffee lover knows, coffee gives you energy! That’s right. Studies show that caffeine increases metabolic rate and helps burn fat. Coffee is also a natural stimulant that can keep you alert and focused.


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