What Is A Babyccino Drink?

Want to give your baby something delicious when you visit a coffee shop? Learn more what is a Babyccino drink and fall in love with this little decaf treat.

A little toddler is sitting in a garden and is drinking from coffee cup
Babyccino was first popularized by the Aussies

Moms, dads, and babysitters are loving the Babyccino trend, an adorable, social-media-worthy drink trend first created by Aussies. 

Fret not, parents — while some versions of the Babyccino can pack a decent sugar punch, this kid-friendly cup is loaded with calcium and only comes in decaf. 

Here, we’ll check out how coffee culture enthusiasts are enjoying their morning trip to Starbucks with their little ones in tow. 

What Is A Babyccino Drink?

The exact recipe for a Babyccino will vary depending on your barista, but you can depend on a few things: it’ll be small, it’ll be cute, and it’ll be decaf. 

Some coffee shops create an adorable little Babyccino topped with marshmallows, while others simply use a frother to create coffee-esque drinks for little ones.

Still other shops use decaf espresso topped with milk, creating a babyccino that’s more similar to its grown-up counterpart than other versions.

Concerned About Caffeine?

If you want to make a babyccino for your little one, or you want to order one at the local coffee shop, rest assured that the small amount of caffeine in decaf espresso isn’t likely to do any harm to your little one. 

The amount of caffeine in one shot of decaf espresso is less than the caffeine in a soda. Prefer to leave out the espresso altogether? No worries — your baby will still love sipping on a cup of warm, frothy milk.

Creating A Babyccino At Home

Mature woman preparing a drink in her kitchen - What Is A Babyccino Drink
It’s easy to make your own Babyccinno drink at home

Want to create a Babyccino for your little one in the comfort of your own home? Easy. If you want to include decaf espresso in your Babyccino, you’ll need an espresso machine. If you’re just going the steamed milk route, a milk frother is the only piece of equipment you’ll need. 

Babyccino Recipe

Standard Babyccino


  • Shot of decaf espressso
  • Milk of your choice (non-dairy milk is fine)
  • Cinnamon, cocoa powder, or marshmallows


1. Prepare the decaf espresso in a small coffee cup (the standard for a babyccino is an espresso cup). 

2. Steam your milk on the stove or the microwave. 

3. Remove milk from the heat source, use a milk frother to whip milk into foam.

4. Carefully pour milk over espresso, starting at the center and moving outward in a circular motion. 

5. Top with marshmallows (if your child is under the age of two, skip the marshmallows — they’re a choking hazard), cocoa powder, or cinnamon. 

6. Allow the drink to cool to an appropriate temperature before serving to your baby. 

Three Babyccino Recipe Variations

Babyccino - whipped milk or cream with cocoa or cinnamon powder and marshmallow
Make your own Babyccino drink recipe

Want to switch it up from the standard Babyccino recipe?

Try these three tips: 

1. Skip the espresso altogether. Instead, add a few drops of vanilla extract or chocolate syrup to your little one’s babyccino, providing a flavor boost to the milk they already love. 

2. Get creative with toppings (be sure to consider choking hazards and choose age-appropriate options). Thinly sliced fruit, chocolate chips, and sprinkles can all be fun ways to spice up your child’s drink. 

3. Top your kiddo’s Babyccino with a bit of whipped cream or cool whip. 

The Final Word On What Is A Babyccino Drink

Your little one loves to play grown-up, and enjoying a Babyccino at the coffee shop can be a fun way to spend some time relaxing with you. Making your own Babyccino at home can also be a special time to bond with your kiddo. 

FAQs On What Is A Babyccino Drink

What is the nutritional information for Babyccinos?

The exact nutritional information for your Babyccino will depend on whether you use decaf espresso or just milk. The type of milk you use will make a difference as well.

If you go with the standard Starbucks Babyccino recipe (simple frothed milk in a 2 oz. espresso cup), your baby will get 34 calories, 1.84 grams of fat, 2.56 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.83 grams of protein. 

At what age can my baby have a Babyccino?

If your baby is six months of age, they’re good to enjoy a decaf Babyccino with you at your local coffee shop. Of course, if you have concerns, or aren’t sure whether dairy is a good fit for your little one, be sure to check in with your pediatrician. 



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