33 Most Profitable Things To Sell In A Coffee Shop (Besides Coffee)

Who says that coffee shops can only sell hot tea and coffee? This article will round up the top 33 most profitable items to sell in a coffee shop.

Most profitable things to sell in a coffee shop
Some products not only give you a nice profit margin but can sell quickly and last long

Coffee shops are no longer limited to one product. Those who visit coffee shops now expect them to sell coffee-related drinks, foods, and accessories. But most of these products aren’t profitable; they’re expensive or go bad quickly. 

Luckily, some products not only give you a nice profit margin but can sell quickly and last long. So, what are the 33 most profitable things to sell in a coffee shop? Let’s find out.

1. Coffee Beans In Bulk

Coffee beans in bulk
Many coffee shops offer whole beans, pre-ground, decaf, and different blends

When customers realize how great your coffee tastes, they’ll want to buy some coffee beans for themselves so they can make quality coffee at home, this is where you come to the rescue. Stock up on coffee beans and sell them so your customers can enjoy your high-quality coffee beans without leaving the house.

Many coffee shops offer whole beans, pre-ground, decaf, and different blends. To go the extra mile, you can offer to grind the beans for your customers so they have the perfect grind size for their coffee maker at home. 

2. Coffee Brewing Equipment

When customers buy your fantastic coffee beans, they’ll need equipment to turn those coffee beans into a cup of Joe. Equipment you can consider selling includes;

  • Coffee bean grinders
  • Coffee filters
  • AeroPress
  • French press 
  • Moka pots
  • Mini espresso machines

3. Cake

Cakes have a considerable markup and sell fast

There’s a reason people use the expression, “it sells like hotcakes.” These are countless delicious cake recipes you can whip up or source for customers. Also, cakes have a considerable markup and sell fast, making them a must-sell for any coffee shop.

4. Muffins And Scones

Who doesn’t love munching on muffins or scones with a good cup of coffee? When I visit my favorite coffee shops, it’s impossible not to buy a muffin or scone.

If I’m busy and unable to make lunch, I’ll grab a muffin to go. Like cakes, there’s a big markup for baked goods. 

5. Sandwiches

Popular breakfast choices include egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches

Most morning customers looking for a caffeine kick wouldn’t mind a meal to go with it. Popular breakfast choices include egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches.

Also, feel free to offer grilled options. Popular sandwiches to sell throughout the day include:

  • Grilled chicken and mushroom sandwiches
  • Toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches
  • Grilled mozzarella with bacon or salami

6. Salad

Salad is a healthy option

Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone is willing to put in the effort to prepare and eat their fruits, veggies, and organic meats. This is where you come in. Offer your customers premade salad so they can fuel up without taking too much time out of their day. 

Popular salads include:

  • Cobb salads
  • Grilled chicken caesar salads
  • Feta cheese and tuna salads

7. Yogurt And Oatmeal

Yogurts and oatmeal are nutritious and healthy. They’re also an excellent option to serve health-conscious coffee lovers who prefer to dine in for breakfast. Add plain or Greek yogurt to oatmeal with some berries on top, and you’ve got a hot seller. 

8. Tea

Some customers are sensitive to caffeine, so you’ll need to accommodate them too. You do this by selling high-quality tea.

Popular teas are:

  • Black teas
  • Herbal teas
  • Green teas

Teabags are also super cheap to buy, and you can sell them at huge markups. You can serve tea in-house and also offer packaged teas for your customers to take home. This will be especially popular if you have an exclusive blend your customers can’t get enough of. 

Lastly, teas are also a popular option for health-conscious drinkers. Studies show that drinking tea can prevent heart disease, slow down aging, prevent diabetes, and help you lose weight.

9. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is perfect

For those who want to drink something hot that isn’t coffee or tea, hot chocolate is perfect. Hot chocolate is a great choice for parents bringing their kids along with them while running errands. 

10. Lemonade

If you’re located in a sunny and hot part of the world, selling lemonade is a must. Sometimes in the summer, people will drink less coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, affecting business.

Offer colder drinks as an alternative. If you aren’t selling cold brews during the summer, start now, they will fly off the shelves.

Lemonades are also profitable. You can buy lemonade concentrate at a grocery store for next to nothing. Mix it with water, add a slice of lemon, and sell it at a decent markup.

11. Donuts

Coffee and donuts are a match made in heaven. While donut shops are growing in popularity, coffee shops are timeless. You can keep up with the trends without suffering down the road should donuts become less popular. Your customers will still return for your quality coffee and other sweet treats if the fad passes. 

12. Bagels

Customers who drop by your coffee shop before work might not feel like having a sandwich so early in the day. This is where bagels come in. Bagels are a great breakfast food and are easy to carry for busy customers commuting to work. 

13. Smoothies 

While coffee and tea are comforting, some people prefer drinks that are a little bit more filling and offer some more nutrients. You can offer pre-made smoothies to your customers so they can recharge without getting the jitters. 

14. Juice

A cold drink without caffeine

Juice is also another great breakfast option for those who want a cold drink without caffeine. You can offer pre-made bottled juice for customers to grab with their breakfast snacks. 

Popular choices include:

  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Carrot juice

15. Kombucha 

Health-conscious tea drinkers are all about kombucha. With a unique, funky taste and lots of probiotics, kombucha is popping up in lots of coffee establishments. Unlike fresh juices or iced tea, kombucha also has a long shelf-life, so you won’t feel pressure to sell through the whole batch in one day. 

Check out our guide on how to make hard kombucha at home if you have a license to sell boozy goods or are curious to try it for yourself. 

16. Soup

Customers who like to sit down for lunch might prefer to have soup with their sandwich to get more nutrients in. Soup is especially popular during the winter months when people crave something warm and filling. If you offer your baristas free lunch on their breaks, they’ll also appreciate a hearty soup and some bread. 

Some popular options are:

  • Tomato soup
  • Vegetable soup
  • Chicken soup

17. Tea Strainers

It’s great to offer packaged tea for customers to bring home, but what if they have nothing to brew loose-leaf tea with? Stocking up on strainers will ensure your customers feel more confident taking a chance on your unique tea blends. 

18. Branded Mugs

If your coffee shop has a big following, your customers might like to take a branded mug home. This is especially true if your coffee shop has a unique aesthetic and branding that your customers love. Learn more in our guide on how to create a coffee shop logo

19. Branded Tumblers

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, reusable coffee cups are growing in popularity. Many coffee shops will offer discounts to customers who bring their own cups to encourage sustainability.

To help your customers live greener lives, you can offer branded tumblers and reusable coffee cups to get them started. 

20. Books And Magazines

There’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a book. Some coffee shops like to provide entertainment to their customers and support local authors by selling books, magazines, or literary journals penned by creatives in the area. 


Of course, the biggest bookworms would rather do anything but fold a page of a book, which is why bookmarks will always stay in style. You can offer branded bookmarks or some created by a local artist. They are usually quite cheap, so many customers won’t hesitate to add them to their purchases.

22. Art

Coffee shops are great places to showcase art. Stocking prints by a local artist is a win-win; the artist gets to earn money and reach a wider audience. You also make profits from the prints, and artists are likely to recommend your coffee shop to their friends and peers. Best of all, art doesn’t have an expiration date, so there’s no rush to sell the stock immediately.  

23. Loaves Of Bread

Loaves of bread
Offer the full loaf of bread to go

Many coffee shops have strong relationships with other local businesses, especially bakers. If customers come in to have a slice of your signature banana bread or even a hearty soda bread, you can offer the full loaf of bread to go. Along with some signature coffee beans and equipment, your customers can have the full coffee shop experience at home.

24. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another great option because they’re not going to expire like food or baked goods will. Plus, it means that your customers can introduce your business to their friends by purchasing them a gift card for a special occasion.  

24. Tickets To Special Classes

Many coffee shops host classes in the evening, like yoga, candle making, painting, or allowing customers to blend their own customized tea. You can put up a poster on your window and allow your customers to book tickets in advance. 

Other coffee shops may host the occasional movie night instead and have their customers pre-book their tickets ahead of time. 

26. Plants

Since coffee grounds are often used to fertilize plants, some coffee shops expanded to sell small plants like cacti and succulents and provide free used coffee grounds to customers purchasing them. As long as your team knows how to care for the plants, they have an indefinite shelf life.

27. Souvenirs

If your coffee shop is in a tourist spot, then souvenirs will be a big hit. Consider magnets, t-shirts, or postcards.

28. Branded Notebooks

Artists and writers are known to frequent coffee shops, so branded notebooks and sketchpads will make it all the more convenient for them as their creative fuel and utensils are in one place. 

29. Branded Pens & Pencils 

Your creative patrons will also need something to write or draw with, so some branded pens, pencils, or even markers will be appreciated. 

30. Pet Treats

More and more coffee shops are becoming dog friendly, which means customers can bring their pooches with them to the coffee shop. If this is the case, then some dog treats will keep your customers and their canine companions happy. 

31. Candles

This is another opportunity to build relationships with other business owners in the area

Coffee shops are beloved for having a relaxing atmosphere. Usually, soothing music, plants, and scented candles tie it all together. If your customers have mentioned how much they love your decor or like how the coffee shop smells, they can take a piece home by purchasing a candle.

This is another opportunity to build relationships with other business owners in the area, who will then recommend your business to their friends or peers. 

32. Gift Baskets

Shopping for gifts can be overwhelming, which is why gift cards or hampers are always popular around the holidays. Your customers will be relieved to find pre-made gift baskets in the store to make shopping less stressful.

Consider a hamper with packaged tea, a mug, and strainers for tea lovers. Coffee beans, a mug, and a mini French press are ideal for coffee addicts. 

33. Coffee Body Scrubs

Used coffee grounds have dozens of uses. One of the most popular ways to reuse old coffee grounds is in skincare products, like making body scrubs or face masks. Selling coffee scrubs reduces waste on your end and provides customers with a nice treat. You can combine the coffee grounds with coconut oil, sugar, and other ingredients. 

It’s best to trail these products in small batches as homemade coffee scrubs can expire quickly; otherwise, consider sourcing coffee-based cosmetics with a long shelf-life from beauty brands. 


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