8 Strong Coffee Brands To Get Your Morning Moving

Whether you’re looking for the strongest coffee ever or curious about where to find the best-tasting strong coffee, you’ll love these strong coffee brands.

Strong coffee brands
Best coffee brands with a high caffeine content to keep you alert and ready

Caffeine lovers: we’ve all been there. Before you even get out of bed, you’re thinking about firing up the Keurig or the French press so you can get the energy that you need to get moving. Whether you’re a sleepy parent who has been up all night with a little one or you need some extra caffeine to help you pull an all-nighter, choosing a high-caffeine coffee can give you the boost that you need to make it through the day.

The very strong coffees in our guide are the perfect fit for those who enjoy hot or cold brew coffee with the extra jolt that you want to get you going in the morning. If regular coffee is no longer getting the job done for you, you’re not alone.

No matter what your day-to-day life looks like, we all have times when we could use a little boost of energy to power through the day ahead. If you’re a coffee drinker who is in need of a stronger coffee than your standard cup of Joe, you’ll love our list of the best coffee brands with a high caffeine content to keep you alert and ready to slay your day.

1. Death Wish Coffee Co.

Death Wish Coffee’s medium roast coffee tastes like a standard Robusta bean and Arabica bean blend—but it packs a serious punch. A 12-oz cup of coffee from Death Wish Coffee Company has a little over 700 mg of caffeine, while a standard 12-oz cup of coffee has about 230 mg of caffeine.

Customers love that Death Wish Coffee doesn’t taste different from other types of coffee, even though it has so much caffeine. This type of coffee can be a good fit for those who love the taste of a medium roast but don’t want the acidity that can come with some other higher-caffeine brands.

Death Wish ground coffee is suitable for iced coffee drinks as well—the medium roast lends itself to additives like milk, sugar, and vanilla flavoring. Keep in mind the longer you brew batches of iced coffee, the stronger they’ll get—you may want to cut off your cold brewing time at 24 hours to ensure that you don’t overdo it.

2. Biohazard Coffee

The average cup of Biohazard Coffee comes in at an even higher caffeine level than Death Wish, making it a fantastic choice for the mornings when you need an extra boost to get your day going. With over 900 mg of caffeine per 12-oz cup, this light roast Robusta coffee is one of the strongest coffee brands on the market today.

Coffee lovers appreciate that Biohazard sources its beans from a single source. Each ground coffee bag contains enough for 16 12-oz cups of coffee. While the brand does not currently offer K-cups, Biohazard is working to make this an option for consumers.

The correct coffee-to-water ratio is slightly different from the formula for a standard cup of coffee—Biohazard recommends that consumers mix four tablespoons of coffee with six ounces of water.

3. Black Insomnia

Known as one of the strongest coffee brands in the world, Black Insomnia has more caffeine than both Death Wish and Biohazard, coming in at more than 1100 mg of caffeine in each 12-oz cup. This coffee blend is made from Robusta beans and has notes of macadamia and chocolate.

A popular choice in the fitness community, many coffee lovers use Black Insomnia to get a pre-workout caffeine boost. It’s smart to take it slow if you’re using Black Insomnia to get you moving before you exercise, as your stomach may need some time to get used to the increased amount of caffeine before starting physical activity.

The coffee company is based in the United Kingdom, but they’re happy to ship internationally to the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, and most of Europe. If you’re chugging Black Insomnia first thing in the morning to get the boost you need to get to the gym, you might want to think about creating a cold brew so you’re not sitting around waiting for your cup of Joe to cool off.

4. Shock Coffee

Looking for a strong coffee brand that won’t keep you up in the wee hours of the morning? If you’re used to a standard cup of coffee and feel like you’d like something a little bit stronger, you’re in luck. Shock Coffee can be a great fit for coffee lovers who need an extra boost but don’t want to be stuck with a case of the jitters; Shock Coffee claims to have 50% more caffeine than average in its java. It’s a powerful wake-up call but is not as extreme as Black Insomnia.

Cold brew iced coffee on white marble table.
Using a French press is a great option for a Shock cold brew

The brewers at Shock recommend sticking to the standard two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water ratio. While adding additional grounds to your brew will boost the caffeine content, doing so can change the perfectly honed flavor profile.

Using a French press is a great option for a Shock cold brew — and you’ll increase the caffeine content by 15-20% if you let it brew for 24 hours. If you go with the French Press option, you may want to consider starting out with slightly less coffee than the standard golden ratio. When coffee sits in a French Press, it spends more time in contact with the grounds than it would in a standard Keurig or drip coffee machine, increasing the chance that it could become bitter.

5. Devil Mountain Coffee

This organic coffee option provides you with gourmet flavor—and a serious boost of caffeine. Devil Mountain Coffee isn’t for the faint of heart, with more than 1,500 mg of caffeine per 12-oz cup. The company offers both K-cups and ground coffee options, making it easy for you to get the caffeine that you want, no matter how you prefer to brew your coffee.

The brand was established just below Mount Diablo in California, and the crew at Devil Mountain spent two years perfecting the blend before selling it to the public. After exploring the mountains of South America to learn more about the best coffee blends in the world, the Devil Mountain team got to work preparing the best high-octane coffee creation.

Devil Mountain Coffee Company is known for providing caffeine without the jitters—a tall order when it comes to finding the energy you need. You’ll want to take it slow when you get started with Devil Mountain, especially if you’re used to drinking a single cup of standard coffee in the morning.

Reviewers say that the Black Label variety from Devil Mountain gives all the energy of a Red Bull without the shakiness that many people experience after consuming energy drinks. If you find that the strength of Devil Mountain is a little much for you, think about making it into a delicious blended drink to temper the caffeine content a bit.

6. Gunpowder Coffee

Much like Shock Coffee, Gunpowder Coffee is a great choice for those who want a little extra strength in their cup of coffee — without going too crazy. The brand considers itself the world’s best-tasting high-caffeine coffee. The Gunpowder coffee company prides itself on its fresh signature blend, developed using South American coffee beans.

Gunpowder Coffee is available in K-cups and pre-ground options. Reviewers say that Gunpowder Coffee has an intense kick and is perfect for powering through the late-morning slump that many people experience after their first cup of the morning has worn off. Gunpowder is also a great cold brew option.

Want to get crazy with your Gunpowder? Think about mixing your morning brew directly into your oatmeal for an all-in-one breakfast. You can also switch things up in the morning by adding a splash of coffee to your waffle or pancake mix.

7. Fire Department Coffee

Fire Department Coffee’s Jobtown Extra Strength Coffee is a fan favorite — and customers love that some of the profits earned by the company go to the Fire Department Coffee Foundation, which works to support first responders who have been injured on the job or who are facing health issues. Reviewers say that the Jobtown blend keeps them going through long shifts and has a fantastic taste that doesn’t indicate a higher caffeine content, even though each cup packs twice the caffeine of a standard serving of coffee.

This smoky blend is delicious black — the dark roast is a great fit for those who want a deep coffee flavor. Prefer to make your own ground coffee? No worries—Fire Department Coffee offers both pre-ground and whole-bean options.

The smooth taste of Fire Department Coffee makes it a great fit for adding a boost of flavor to recipes. A word to the wise — if you choose to use Fire Department’s Jobtown coffee or any other caffeinated brew in a recipe that calls for coffee, keep the dish away from little ones. While the water (and often, the coffee flavor) cooks out, the caffeine remains.

If you like baking, check out our list of espresso powder substitutes.

8. Banned Coffee

Young woman enjoying coffee aroma
Fans of Banned Coffee love the aroma of the coffee

With 400 mg of caffeine per 12-oz cup, Banned Coffee is a great way to give your day a jump start. You’ll be able to use your Banned Coffee grounds to brew a standard cup of coffee, create the perfect shot of espresso, or whip up some cold brew.

Fans of Banned Coffee love the aroma of the coffee and say that it lacks the bitterness that many people associate with high-caffeine coffees. The taste of Banned Coffee is super-smooth, and it has a pleasant aftertaste (unlike the bitter or sour taste some people find lingers after a standard cup of coffee).

Coffee lovers who have tried a variety of high-caffeine coffees sing the praises of Banned Coffee as it seems to provide a higher level of energy with less caffeine than other high-octane brands. One factor to consider: Banned Coffee is quickly picking up steam with caffeine lovers, and fan favorites tend to sell out quickly. If you liked this post, you might also be interested in our round-up of the best coffee ice cream recipes.


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