Nespresso Pods Vs. Dolce Gusto Pods: Which One Is A Better Buy?

Nespresso pods vs. Dolce Gusto pods have been in the debate for ages. It’s time to break down which one is worth your investment and what makes them different.

Nespresso pods vs. Dolce Gusto
Nespresso Pods vs. Dolce Gusto Pods

Many coffee lovers debate whether Nespresso pods or Dolce Gusto pods are better. It’s not fair to say one thing is better than another. Some say Nespresso pods make better coffee with an intense aroma and full-bodied, smooth texture.

Meanwhile, Dolce Gusto pods are more fun with more beverages than coffee. No more crossing swords.

Read on to learn more about the differences between Nespresso pods vs. Dolce Gusto pods, and take your pick.

What Are Nespresso Pods And Dolce Gusto Pods?

Nespresso contains freshly roasted, finely ground coffee beans with added or non-added flavors, depending on which type you get. These pods are easily inserted into a Nespresso machine and go through a patented extraction system before yielding a smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee ready to go. 

Nespresso coffees for caffeine lovers
Pods insert easily into Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso pods usually come in a standardized box of 10 capsules. In terms of size, Dolce Gusto capsules are usually packed in boxes of eight, 16, or 32. You might also be interested in our explainer on the best coffee storage canisters

Dolce Gusto pods tend to be less expensive, and they work in the same way as Nespresso pods but with a Dolce Gusto pod machine. However, Dolce Gusto pods have more than pure coffee blend or espresso.

It’s designed for those who like to play around with different drinks such as hot chocolate, iced coffee, creamy-whitened coffee, milk, and many more.

What Do Nespresso Pods And Dolce Gusto Pods Have In Common?

Both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods come from the same manufacturer, Nestle. They are operated on a utilized capsule system that provides a beautiful cup of joe.

You might also find our explainer on do Nespresso pods fit Dolce Gusto machines helpful.

Nestle factory
Both pods are products of Nestle

Each type of pod is designed to be compatible with the pod machines of the same brand and is not interchangeable.

You might also find our guide on Brazilian vs. Colombian coffee helpful. 

Nespresso Pods And Dolce Gusto Pods: The Differences

Dolce Gusto Pods Nespresso Pods
Wider at the rim Smaller at the rim
Bowl-shaped cup Slimmer, shorter cup
Widely available in stores and supermarkets Should be purchased or ordered online
Offered in a variety of box sizes Offered in a standard box of 10 capsules
Pre-made coffee pods have less fresh flavor Use premium, freshly ground coffee for a better taste
Dolce Gusto has easy blends other than coffee including powdered milk, chocolate milk, café au lait, matcha, cocoa, etc. Premium coffee blend only with fruity flavors, balanced flavors, and intense flavors
Dolce Gusto’s commercial nature doesn’t provide an aroma-packed cup of coffee for an exquisite taste Made of specialty and gourmet coffee with a unique and robust aroma and flavor
Reusable stainless steel pods Available in two forms: Reusable stainless steel pods and BPA-free, sustainable pods
More affordable More expensive

What’s Better About Nespresso Pods?

Nespresso pods are about freshly ground, premium coffee with a distinctive series of flavors designed for balance and intense coffee lovers. Even though Nespresso pods are hard to find and cost more, they provide you with the most satisfying specialty coffee to get you through the morning on a high note.

What’s Better About Dolce Gusto Pods?

Dolce Gusto pods are my go-to option whenever I crave a different type of drink that doesn’t break the bank or when I don’t want to go out of my way to Starbucks.

I can reuse them any time just by filling them up, sealing them, plugging them into the machine, and waiting for my blend to come out at the ready. Plus, a box of Dolce Gusto pods is available in multiple sizes and variations that go for both long and short cups. 

Who Should Get Dolce Gusto Pods (And Why)?

I would recommend Dolce Gusto pods for those looking for a wide array of flavors and non-coffee drinks like hot chocolate and milk in their kitchen. These pods are easy to use and reasonably priced, so you don’t have to overthink investing in one.

Best coffee for energy
Dulce Gusto is for those looking for a wide array of flavors

Plus, Dolce Gusto machines are also cheaper for your everyday use.

Who Should Get Nespresso Pods (And Why)?

If you’re a connoisseur looking for the purest form of coffee, then Nespresso pods are the best choice. Nespresso pods and machines dish up some of the best espressos that get you through the day with a full-rounded coffee of a higher quality.

If you’re not on a budget, investing in a box of Nespresso pods is worth it. If you love Nespresso, you might be interested in our Nespresso Pods Vs. Capsules guide.

FAQs About Nespresso Pods Vs. Dolce Gusto

What is the best-tasting coffee pod?

The best-tasting coffee pod is strong, has a good aroma, and has good packaging like the Glorybrew The Duke K-Cups. This coffee pod has a robust, chocolatey flavor without any hint of bitterness. Plus, it uses biodegradable pods made with renewable resources compatible with all pod coffee machines.

What is the best pod coffee machine for home use?

We recommend Lavazza A Modo Mio Espresso Coffee Machine Deséa pod coffee machine. It’s convenient to use, has a decent water tank size, includes a dishwasher-safe cup, and does not splash when you use it. It also has a subtle sound alert that tells you when your drink is ready.

Which Nespresso pod is best for iced coffee?

The best Nespresso pod for iced coffee is something like the Lungo Arabica Forte. This brand is specifically made to create iced coffee using your Nespresso machine. It is darkly roasted, giving a strong taste with subtle notes of dark chocolate.


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