10 Keto Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Let’s take a look at 10 keto coffee creamer alternatives that will elevate your morning coffee game. 

Keto Coffee Creamer Alternatives
Ketois a low-carb and high-fat diet that also tends to be low in sugar

When I switched to a keto lifestyle, I was initially worried about how it would affect my morning coffee routine. Keto, which is a low carb, high-fat diet, also tends to be low in sugar. The coffee creamers I was using up to that point were incredibly high in carbs and sugar and thus could no longer be what I flavored my coffee with. 

I am not the type of person who enjoys their coffee black, so I went on the hunt for keto coffee creamer alternatives. I found several great options that provided the nutritional benefits my diet required without sacrificing flavor. 

Assuming you bought the best coffee for keto, let’s review some of my favorite keto coffee creamers and what makes them the perfect alternative to traditional creamers. 

1. Prymal

The folks at Prymal make outstanding coffee creamer. The creamer is gluten-free, non-GMO, and has 1g of net carbs. It also has zero sugar. The creamer gets its sweetness from stevia and monk fruit, two common keto-friendly sweeteners. They come in a variety of fun flavors like Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, or Salted Caramel.

This creamer eliminates all of the unpronounceable and blood sugar-boosting ingredients in traditional creamers without still tasting amazing. 

2. Better Half Coffee Creamer 

If you need a little cream in your coffee to make it palatable, but you aren’t a fan of “artificial” flavors, try Califia Farms Better Half Coffee Creamer. It is a dairy-free half-and-half that is a mixture of almond milk and coconut cream. It is keto-friendly, vegan, and Whole30 compliant. It’s also a great value if you’re looking for quality keto creamer while on a budget.  

3. Laird Superfood Creamer

Laird Superfood Creamer is another great unsweetened option for keto folks that don’t care for any particular flavor in their coffee. This non-dairy creamer is made with all organic ingredients, including extra virgin coconut oil and coconut milk powder. Coconut milk powder comes from coconut milk, and it gives your coffee a creamy texture reminiscent of regular milk. 

4. Bulletproof Instamix Creamer

Bulletproof is a huge brand in the keto world. Bulletproof coffee is a combination of black coffee, butter, and Brain Octane Oil derived from coconuts. It is full of healthy fats that are said to help trigger weight loss and dampen sugar and hunger cravings. 

The Instamix creamer is a powder that contains both grass-fed butterfat and their signature Brain Octane Oil. This brand is a bit pricier, but a single bag lasts a long time. 

5. Peak Performance Collagen Creamer

There is increasing evidence that collagen is good for your hair, nails, gut health, and joints. This grass-fed, non-dairy collagen creamer is a great way to increase your collagen intake and make your coffee taste great at the same time. 

The ingredients in this powdered creamer include organic coconut milk powder, Acacia fiber, bamboo shoot extract, and collagen peptides. When added to coffee, the result is a smooth, slightly creamy texture with a slight hint of sweetness from the coconut. 

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6. So Delicious Organic Creamer Coconut Milk 

The dairy-free organic coffee creamer from the popular So Delicious brand is just that – delicious! It is just sweet enough to curb the bitterness of black coffee without tasting overwhelmingly like coconut. Unlike many other keto-friendly coffee creamers, this is not a high-fat option. This means that it probably won’t help with ketosis, but it won’t hurt your progress either. 

7. Left Coast Performance Keto Coffee Creamer 

This keto coffee creamer alternative is packed with healthy fats and has a delightful chocolate taste. The main ingredients in this creamer are coconut oil, MCT oil, ghee butter, and cacao.

The caveat with this particular creamer is that, due to the heavy amounts of fats present, it must be blended into your coffee rather than stirred. If you don’t blend it, the oil will sit on the top of your coffee, which isn’t a pleasant sensation while sipping. If you have one, a handheld immersion blender works great. 

8. H.V.M.N MCT Oil Powder Keto Creamer 

Another highly-recommended powdered keto coffee creamer is the chocolate MCT oil powder from H.V.M.N. This creamer is one of the tastiest on the market, with a mocha flavor that also tastes great in protein shakes or sugar-free brownies. Who doesn’t love a creamer that can work double-duty? A 12-ounce container has 25 servings, so you’ll get your money’s worth. 

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9. Preferred Elements Keyto Collagen Protein Powder 

Although this is more of a protein powder than a coffee creamer, it has a great taste to it and dissolves well in coffee. There are two flavors to choose from – vanilla and chocolate. It has keto-friendly ingredients, such as MCT oil, and is both gluten-free and non-GMO. 

10. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer 

Vital Proteins is another well-known brand in the keto world, and their vanilla collagen creamer is an excellent option for your morning keto coffee fix. It is made with the coconut milk powder, is dairy-free, gluten-free, and has no added sugars. It’s also great for people doing Whole30 or on the paleo diet. 

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