How To Keep Coffee Hot? 9 Easy Methods All Coffee Lovers Must Know

Are you wondering how to keep coffee hot longer? I have rounded up nine easy methods ranging from simple approaches to advanced devices you can try right now.

keep coffee hot
The easiest way to keep coffee hot is by wrapping your cup with a scarf

More people prefer to have iced coffee and cold brew nowadays, but hot coffee will never go out of style. Kicking back and enjoying each sip of your hot brew makes a lazy morning more enjoyable.

The downside to hot coffee is that it takes effort to retain the heat and aroma as long as possible. If you’re wondering why your coffee doesn’t stay hot, it can either be the low brew temperature, stale coffee, improperly roasted beans, or too-coarse grinds.

Tip: If you want hot coffee on demand, you could invest in a hot tap. Our barista did. Read our Quooker review to learn more.

Let me give you a heads-up; the easiest way is wrapping your cup with a scarf or a koozie. To make sure the drinking temperature last longer, invest in some advanced gadgets like an immersion heater, a thermos, or a hot plate that you can buy on Amazon. Let’s dig in.

Wrap The Cup With A Scarf

When in a rush, grab a thick piece of cloth near you and wrap it around your cup of coffee to keep it hot on the go. A small scarf, a sock, or even your jacket are some of the best things you can use when you don’t have a heat source around.

Even though these items won’t guarantee long-lasting heat, they are easy to find and still do the trick before you have a chance to find a proper coffee heater. Check out our explainer on can you microwave coffee?

Materials Needed

  • A scarf, a jacket, or a thick sock
  • A rubber band (if needed)


Step 1: Fold The Scarf

Fold the scarf over itself on a flat surface. Make sure the width of the scarf is big enough to wrap around the cup and small enough so you can hold it firmly.

Step 2: Keep The Scarf In Place

Tie two ends of the scarf together to keep it in place, or use a rubber band to hold it down.

Wrap The Cup With A Koozie

Also known as a stubby holder, a koozie is a thoughtful and inventive drinkware that thermally insulates your hot beverage and keeps your coffee warm longer. It looks like a cup sleeve that protects your fingers from being burned by the heat of the cup.

A koozie can be found in various materials such as paper, neoprene, and foam. Some koozies are also hand crocheted to fit a large-size French press.

Sustainable bamboo eco-friendly cup with silicone holder
A koozie can be found in various materials such as paper, neoprene, and foam

Materials Needed

  • Your favorite koozie


Step 1: Choose The Right Cup

Measure the size of your cup to make sure it fits the koozie.

Step 2: Pair It With The Cup

Place the koozie over your cup before adding the coffee.

Use An Immersion Heater

The best thing about a coffee immersion heater is its portability. You can fold it in to take it on a trip, then plug it in a power outlet, and your coffee is heated in no time.

The immersion heater comes in handy if you usually drink hot coffee during a road trip or camping trip. If you haven’t bought one, check out this Norpro Lightweight And Portable Immersion Heater.

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Materials Needed

  • An immersion heater
  • A power outlet
  • A heatproof coffee cup


Step 1: Immerse The Wand Into The Coffee

Turn on the immersion heater and place the wand into the coffee. Rest the hook on the rim of the cup.

Step 2: Activate The Heat

Turn on the heater and wait for the coffee to reach the ideal temperature. Unplug the heater out of the socket before removing the wand from the coffee. Enjoy your drink.

Place The Cup On A Candle Warmer

Candle warmers are widely found in many coffee shops to keep the hot beverage at the right temperature for customers to enjoy. They usually work for small cups of coffee and are available in various designs.

The flip side to candle warmers is that you need to keep the flame away from the wind and place it on a flat surface. You can buy a whole set online that usually comes with a warmer base, a cup, and tea candles. Alternatively, you can also make it yourself at home.

Materials Needed

  • A tea candle
  • A lighter
  • A candle warmer


Step 1: Light Your Candle

Put a tea candle inside the base of the warmer. Carefully light the candle.

Step 2: Heat Your Coffee

Slowly place your coffee mug on top of the warmer. Wait until your coffee is heated to the right temperature. Keep the flame going while you’re sipping on your hot drink.

Place The Cup On A Hot Plate

A hot plate is also known as a mug warmer or a coffee warmer. Think of a hot plate as a drink coaster, but it’s way thicker and has a heating coil inside to transfer heat and thermal energy. Speaking of materials, you will find them in polyimide, stainless steel, and silicone.

Materials Needed


Step 1: Set Up The Hot Plate

Plug the cord into the nearest power outlet. Tap the switch of the hot plate to turn it on.

Step 2: Heat Your Coffee

Place your cup on top of the plate, and it will stay warm until the last drop. Tap the one-button touchscreen to adjust the temperature control to your liking.

Use A Quality Travel Mug Or Tumbler

A tumbler and a travel mug are pretty similar in design. Some models can keep coffee hot for up to five hours for commuting purposes, and you can place them in your car cup holder. Some other units are double-walled and vacuum-insulated mugs that you can carry on a cycling trip.

Thermo mug in the Cup holder in the car
It can be placed in your car cup holder

The best material for a coffee mug comes down to your preferences. I prefer ceramic mugs as this material is excellent for heat retention, but stainless steel mugs are sturdy. Learn more in our round-up of the best travel mugs for coffee.

Materials Needed

  • A travel mug of choice


Step 1: Wash The Mug

Disassemble all parts of the mug and carefully wash them with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Let them dry.

Step 2: Fill The Mug With Coffee

Attach the lid properly to the body and screw it down completely. Slowly pour freshly brewed coffee into the mug up to the Fill Line.

Let the coffee cool with the lid open for at least three minutes before closing. Press the lid down. The Autoseal technology will stop the liquid from spilling.

Keep Your Coffee Hot In A Thermos Or A Thermal Carafe

A thermos is slightly different from a tumbler as it doesn’t have a mouthpiece on top for sipping. Most thermoses come with a screwcap and a cover that can turn into a drinking cup when needed. All you need to do is pour freshly-brewed coffee into the container, and the coffee stays warm for several hours.

Materials Needed

  • Two cups of boiling water or hot water
  • A thermos or thermal carafe


Step 1: Preheat The Thermos

Pour hot water into the thermos to prepare for preheating. Close the lid of the thermos and let the boiling water warm up the interior for a few minutes.

Step 2: Pour Coffee In And Keep It For Later Use

Open the lid and get rid of all the water. Pour freshly-brewed coffee in, close the lid, and enjoy.

Put Metal Coffee Beans In Freshly Brewed Coffee

On the lesser-known side, stainless-steel coffee beans are designed to keep your coffee warm for hours by absorbing extra thermal energy in the drink and releasing the absorbed energy back to the brew when the drink falls to room temperature.

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Materials Needed


Step 1: Brew Fresh Coffee

Brew about 20 oz of your favorite coffee with any kind of coffee maker or espresso machine you have at home. Pour the coffee into a cup.

Step 2: Keep Coffee Warm With The Metal Beans

Submerge the metal beans into your coffee right after the brew is ready. Make sure the beans are dry and clean. Let the beans absorb the thermal energy.

The beans will release the absorbed energy back into the liquid when it’s gradually losing its warmth. Enjoy your drink.

Invest In An Ember Mug

I saved the best for last; an Ember mug is my favorite item to keep coffee hot. The stainless steel mug comes with an interior ceramic coating to keep the coffee flavor at its best. The base of the mug envelops a system of dual lithium-ion batteries that transfer electricity to the heating element.

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Materials Needed

  • An Ember mug
  • A smartphone (optional)


Step 1: Activate The Ember Mug

Pour coffee into the cup. Press the power button at the base of the mug to turn it on. When the LED light is on, it automatically reaches the perfect temperature and keeps your coffee warm at all times.

Step 2: Adjust The Temperatures Via A Wireless Device

Download the Ember app on your smartphone. This is completely optional.

Browse the app and modify the temperature of the coffee to your liking. The app also notifies you when your Ember cup has reached your set drinking temperature.


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