Is Café Bustelo Espresso?

If you’re wondering “Is Cafe Bustelo Espresso?” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I answer this question and also provide other useful information regarding Cafe Bustelo coffee.

Is Café Bustelo Espresso?
Café Bustelo markets its coffee as an espresso-style coffee

Coffee lovers like me are very finicky when it comes to espresso. When a brand like Café Bustelo markets their coffee as “An authentically Latin, espresso-style coffee,” we immediately wonder “Is Café Bustelo espresso?” I took a closer look at the products the brand offers, and the answer is “It depends.”

Espresso is not a type of coffee. It is a brewing method. And, since the company does offer finely ground coffee, I see no reason why these grounds can’t be used to brew authentic espresso. However, the company also produces other coffee products, which cannot be used to make true espresso. Here are some more details about Café Bustelo espresso.

What is Café Bustelo Espresso?

woman closing her eyes while smelling the aroma of her coffee
The company Café Bustelo offers even a cup of instant coffee

Café Bustelo is a Cuban brand that provides Latin-inspired coffee in various forms. The company’s versatile product line includes colorful canisters of ground coffee, K-Cups, and also instant coffee options.

Due to the variety of coffee products that Café Bustelo offers, you can use various methods to brew this company’s coffee, including brewing coffee in Keurig machines, espresso machines, pour overs, and drip coffee machines.

Depending on the type of coffee you opt to brew, you can enjoy a variety of coffee drinks with Café Bustelo coffee products, including a cup of pour-over coffee, a cup of instant coffee, and also espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. This brings us to the main question of this article, which is whether Café Bustelo can be viewed as true espresso.

Can Café Bustelo Be Regarded as True Espresso?

As I mentioned in the introduction, espresso is a brewing method. To make authentic espresso, you need an espresso machine with a strong pump. This is because espresso is made by forcing hot water through coffee grounds under high pressure.

Although opinions tend to differ on the ideal pressure needed to produce the best espresso, many experts seem to think that nine to ten bars of pressure are ideal.

Since the brewing time for espresso is very short — you’re looking at between 20 to 30 seconds — lots of pressure is needed to extract the coffee properly. It is also through pressure that the layer of crema on top of an espresso beverage is created.

According to Café Bustelo, its Ground Espresso Coffee Brick and other ground coffee products consist of finely ground coffee, which is the grind size that’s required to make authentic espresso. This means that you can use this coffee in an espresso machine to make yourself a delicious and authentic espresso drink.

Café Bustelo Products

a woman using Keurig machine on her cup of coffee
Coffee products from Café Bustelo could be brewed in a Keurig machine

Apart from the Ground Espresso Coffee Brick, Café Bustelo offers a wide range of other coffee products. Here are a few examples:

  • Ready-to-drink espresso: These are tins of ready-to-drink espresso. Options include Café con Chocolate and Café con Leche.
  • Ground coffee: Their ground-coffee products are available in bricks, cans, or canisters. These pure ground coffee products include Brazil Ground Coffee, which is sold in a can, and Supreme by Bustelo, which is sold in a brick.
  • Instant coffee: The company also offers instant coffee for those times when you’re in a hurry. Options include Café con Leche Instant Coffee and Espresso Instant Coffee.
  • K-Cup pods: You can even use Café Bustelo to brew coffee in your Keurig machine. Options include Espresso Style K-Cup pods and 100% Colombian K-Cup Pods.
  • Wholebean coffee: You can buy Supreme by Bustelo Whole Bean Coffee if you wish to use the company’s coffee for a brewing method that requires a coarser grind, such as the pour-over method.

The Last Word on Is Café Bustelo Espresso

Café Bustelo provides a wide range of coffee products, which you can use for different brewing methods. Since the company does offer finely ground coffee, you can brew authentic espresso in an espresso machine.

You can also use the company’s K-Pods in Keurig machines. Or, you can buy their whole coffee beans and grind them coarser for use with other brewing methods, such as pour-over coffee.

FAQs on Is Café Bustelo Espresso

Is There Such a Thing as Instant Espresso?

No, true espresso cannot be made with instant coffee powder. Espresso is a brewing method that requires pressurized water.

What Does Café Bustelo Coffee Taste Like?

Café Bustelo coffee is full-bodied and rich and bold in flavor.


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