Is Black Tea Good For Under Eye Bags? Answered

Sometimes the best skin care products are found in nature – for free. So that being said, is black tea good for under eye bags? Keep on reading to learn more.

Is Black Tea Good For Under Eye Bags
Tea bags can be used to get rid of under-eye bags

Skincare is not always expensive — you can take good care of your skin without spending too much money. You’ve probably heard that tea bags can be used to get rid of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Tea bags have traditionally been used to reduce inflammation or irritation in the eyes and are still used today. Black tea is good for under-eye bags because it contains caffeine and antioxidants, but it’s not your only option. 

Causes Of Dark Circles And Under Eye Bags

You may have dark circles and under-eye bags for several reasons. 

Swollen eyes can be caused by sleep deprivation. According to John Hopkins Medicine, your eyes may get irritated due to seasonal allergies. 

Because sodium causes your body to retain fluid, it can also cause your eyes to swell. The skin surrounding your eyes may change as you age, leading to under-eye bags or dark circles.

woman checking her eyebags in a mirror
The skin surrounding your eyes may change as you age

If none of these explanations seems to be the cause of your issue, ask your family if they also experience dark circles. If so, genetics may also be a factor in your problem.

Tea Bags For Under Eye Bags: How It Works

Dark circles and swollen eyes can be treated at home using tea bags. 

The caffeine in the tea bags helps to alleviate inflammation and swelling by compressing the blood vessels around your eyes. The antioxidants in black and green tea can help tighten the skin and remove extra fluid.

Tea bags have a pleasant aroma, so putting them on your eyelids while taking a few minutes to unwind can also be quite calming.

The tea bags should not be hot, as this can damage your skin and cause pain. Use lukewarm tea bags at the warmest. Don’t use tea as a substitute for medical intervention, either; if you have a serious eye problem, consult a medical professional. 

Types Of Tea You Can Use

Black, White, And Green Teas

These teas contain antioxidants and caffeine, which may reduce eye circles, swelling, skin physical property, and even fine lines.

Herbal teas

Teas made up of herbs might scale back swelling and inflammation.

a cup of roiboos tea leaves
Roiboos tea

Here are a few well-liked herbal tea choices:

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Rooibos
  • Eyebright
  • Fennel
  • Calendula
  • Comfrey
  • Fenugreek

Cold Tea

Compresses created with cold tea might reduce pain, swelling, and symptoms. Cold compresses can relieve discomfort from minor injuries and pink eye by reducing inflammation and constricting blood vessels.

Warm Tea

Warm compresses can relieve dryness, itching, infections, and inflammation by providing heat and moisture.

It may relieve blepharitis, a technical term for eyelid inflammation brought on by bacteria, scalp dandruff, or issues with the oil glands within the eyelids.

By placing a warm compress over your eyes, you will be able to soothe the irritating flakes caught around your eyelashes and prevent future oil gland clogging. It can also help you relax.

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What Teas Are Best For Different Conditions

Dark Circles

You can use a cold compress of black or green tea to treat dark circles. 

Enlarged blood vessels underneath the eyes could be one of several causes of those dark circles. 

Blocked Oil Glands

You can use black tea to ease blocked oil glands. Oil glands will be soothed and unclogged with a warm compress, reducing irritation. 

Puffy, Swollen Eyes

You have many options for puffy eyes, like black, green, eyebright, rooibos, or chamomile tea. These are best approached with cold tea bags. 

The caffeine in black or green tea can ease swelling. The teas also have an anti-inflammatory impact and may promote skin tightening. 


You can treat a stye with warm chamomile tea.

The most common explanation for a stye is an infection. The pus from the stye will be discharged with the help of the tea. Placing a warm chamomile tea bag compress for 10 to 15 minutes daily can help heal it. 

Pink Eye

Pink eye can be eased with cold eyebright, green tea, or chamomile tea. 

a cup of chamomile tea outdoor
Chamomile tea can ease pink eye

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, results from inflamed and swollen secretion membranes. Eyebright tea has antibacterial properties and can reduce inflammation. Moreover, green tea may help to reduce inflammation. 


The anti-inflammatory qualities of lavender, green, or chamomile tea will also help if you have rosacea around your eyes. These teas may relax the skin by reducing inflammation and redness. It’s best to use a cold compress. 

Red Eyes

A compress made of a cooled tea bag from chamomile, rooibos, or green tea may assist in calming irritated, red eyes. These teas’ anti-inflammatory qualities will also enable them to reduce swelling.

A Black Eye

Applying a cold tea compress can ease pain and swelling from a black eye. While lavender and chamomile may assist in soothing irritability and easing discomfort, green and black tea help decrease inflammation.

Dry Eyes

When you don’t release enough tears, dry eyes develop. You can ease this with a warm compress containing black tea, eyebright, or lavender tea. This will encourage the flow of those glands, improving tear quality and reducing irritation.

Pros And Cons Of Tea For Under Eye Bags 


  • Tea bags are a natural treatment for under-eye bags and dark circles. If applied properly, this method is beneficial for your skin.
  • Tea bags can be purchased in bulk and are affordable. Anytime you want, you can enjoy a quick spa day at home. 
  • Tea bags are quite widely available. You may simply buy some at your local grocery store.


  • If you use hot tea bags, you risk hurting yourself. Before applying the tea bags to your skin, check their temperature. When applied to the skin, the tea bags should feel warm and comforting rather than hot or burning.
  • Because staples are in tea bags, check them before putting them on your eyes.
  • Bleached tea bags may irritate your eyes even further. 

An Eye Mask May Be A Good Alternative

While using tea bags to remove eye bags and dark circles could be simple and affordable, you could also choose a solution designed to deal with this problem.

You won’t run the chance of unintentionally burning your skin, getting sharp metal parts close to your eyes, or inhaling harmful chemicals from bleached tea bags when you use an eye mask.

Eye masks are typically designed to offer all the advantages of tea bags while avoiding the drawbacks. Your eyes will receive a much-needed caffeine boost from the infused caffeine, leaving them feeling fresh and minimizing redness and swelling. Additionally, it will moisturize and calm your skin, making you look like you just left a spa. 

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