How To Store Coffee Pods: 4 Ideal Methods

Wondering how to store coffee pods? Consider glass jars, ready-to-buy options such as dispensers, cake tins, and pullout drawers.

coffee capsules in a jar - how to store coffee pods
Coffee pods are by far the beau ideal for brewed beverages

For coffee enthusiasts, coffee pods are by far the beau ideal for brewed beverages. These inventions come in the form of pre-quantified and pre-ground coffee neatly packed in paper receptacles.

Users must pop a pod into a coffee machine, and their next cup of luscious delight will be ready in seconds. However, with this invention comes a new kind of headache-how to store coffee pods.

Since there is a wide selection of coffee pods and somewhat bulky, efficiently storing these items is a significant annoyance for most coffee drinkers across the globe. They take up a lot of space, especially for people with small kitchens.

Moreover, without a systemic means of arranging your pods, you are likely to spend a lot of time every morning trying to locate one particular kind of capsule from a massive pile of variegated pods. This inconvenience causes a lot of frustration and might end up ruining your entire morning.

Historically, people have been storing coffee pods in refrigerators as they offer ample space and what is perceived to be a safe preservation method for these capsules. In reality, however, it is not advisable to store your coffee pods in a refrigerator as they are likely to soak up odors from that cold environment.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that coffee drinkers have a neat and compact means of storing their coffee pods. You might also find our explainer on ESE coffee pods helpful.

Here are some creative methods for storing coffee pods:

1. Use Pullout Drawers

Glass jars with products on shelf in drawer
Pullout drawers are ideal especial for kitchens with limited spaces

For those with minute kitchens with limited space to install counters, this is an ideal solution to your coffee pod storage conundrum. You can purchase kitchen pullout drawers from online merchants or any container store near you. DIY stores are also a viable alternative as they offer ready-to-assemble kitchen drawers.

Assembling such drawers should not worry you…it is as easy as one-two-three as long as you follow the directions to the letter. For convenience purposes, it is prudent to install the drawer right beneath your coffee machine. This arrangement ensures the coffee pods are easily accessible from the get-go.

However, make sure the drawer you select is strong enough to support the weight of your coffee machine; otherwise, you will come home to a wrecked drawer and coffee machine.

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2. Reuse Cake Tins

If you feel adventurous, you could also reuse cake or cookie containers to create a unique DIY solution to your storage predicament. It would help if you had a threaded metal rod, a drill, nuts, washers, a firm base, and 2 to 4 cake tins. Start by drilling holes at the center of each cake tin.

Ensure the hole is big enough to fit the metal rod. Then firmly attach the rod to your base using the nuts and washers. Lastly, neatly arrange the tins within the metal rod, starting from the largest to the smallest.

Use the nuts to thread the rod at specific locations and the washers to hold the tin in place. Noteworthy, ensure there is sufficient space to fit coffee pods between one container and the next. You can comfortably fit this storage structure next to your sink or on the kitchen counter. You might also be wondering can you bring coffee beans on a plane.

3. Pick A Ready To Buy Product

If your schedule is exceptionally tight, you could go for one of the many ready-to-buy alternatives available in the current coffee market. Among these options is the capsule dispenser-a compact storage system that rotates stored capsules 360 degrees for easy access.

There are also rock dispensers that can hold up to 60 pods at a go. It makes for a voguish addition to your kitchen as it comes in an assortment of colors ranging from red to shiny black.

4. Try Glass Jars

Pink glass jars with a handle
Glass jars are also good storage for coffee pods which is a less demanding option

A less demanding option would be to use glass jars as a storage mechanism. If you do not have empty glass jars at home, grab some at any of your nearest retail stores. Size is a significant factor since you need to ensure the jars are sizeable enough to fit several coffee pods.

You could also add ribbons to give the jars some sparkle.

The Final Word On How To Store Coffee Pods

In sum, it is essential to store your coffee pods reliably and safely. Refrigeration is not viable as the capsules absorb odors that ultimately tamper with the coffee’s flavor and taste. Some creative alternatives include glass jars, ready-to-buy options such as dispensers, cake tins, and pullout drawers.


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