How To Cold Brew Chai Tea In 2 Simple Ways

Want to know how to cold brew chai tea? In this article, we’ll share how to make some delicious cold brew chai tea. 

How to cold brew chai tea?
Chai tea can be cold-brewed

Chai tea is typically drank warm in a latte, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a mean cold brew. Cold-brew chai is perfect for those warm autumn afternoons! The flavor profile is savory and nostalgic, but it keeps you cool if the sun is still out.

Chai tea can be cold-brewed, just like any kind of tea can.

Tea is usually brewed hot and drunk immediately. Cold-brew tea brews the tea leaves more slowly by allowing them to steep in cold water for a longer period of time. Many believe this creates a less bitter tea. Generally, any tea can be cold-brewed.

Chai tea is made with a blend of black tea and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. Most people opt to use ready-to-use chai tea bags, while others prefer to mix chai from scratch – either way, you shouldn’t have trouble cold brewing it.

Anyone can make chai tea cold brew in a few simple steps!


Chai tea bag


Glass pitcher

Ice (optional)

Milk or dairy alternative

Sweetener (optional)

Espresso (optional)

How To Cold Brew Chai Tea

How to cold brew loose leaf tea?
You can use a chai tea bag or loose-leaf tea

This method will talk you through making the perfect cold-brew chai tea for any day of the week. 

Step 1: Brew Your Tea

Put a chai tea bag or an equal amount of loose-leaf tea in a glass pitcher and put it in the fridge. Generally, one teabag per eight ounces of water should be enough.

Step 2: Allow The Tea To Brew In The Fridge

Place the pitcher in the fridge. Allow the tea to brew for 6 to 10 hours. That said, you can leave it in the fridge longer if you want a stronger brew, but tea steeped for more than 24 hours might not taste good.

Step 3: Add Sweetener (Optional)

Once you already have your brewed tea, you can remove it from the fridge and pour it into a tall glass. Remove the teabag at this stage. If you brewed with loose-leaf tea, strain the cold brew over your glass, so no leaves are left in your drink.

Feel free to add sweetener or anything else you might enjoy. You can also add an espresso shot to make it a dirty chai.

Step 4: Serve

Add some ice and straw to your glass and enjoy your cold brew chai tea.

How To Cold Brew Chai Tea Latte

Does chai latte have sugar? Top view of Chai tea latte.
You can add milk or an espresso shot to your cold brew chai latte

This method talks about making a cold brew chai tea latte for those days you feel like treating yourself.

Step 1: Make A Tea Concentrate

Instead of adding 8 ounces of water per tea bag, make a more concentrated cold brew tea. For a tea concentrate, boil 64 ounces of water and pour it into a tempered glass pitcher.

Add 15 chai tea bags – or an equivalent amount of loose-leaf chai tea – and steep for five minutes. With the brewed tea on hand, remove the tea or tea leaves, then allow it to cool to room temperature. 

Step 2: Refrigerate The Tea

Pour the tea into smaller air-tight containers and place it in the fridge.

Step 3: Add The Milk

When you want your cold brew, remove it from the fridge and mix one part chai concentrate with three parts milk (or water) and stir. You can also opt to add an espresso shot to make a cold brew dirty chai latte or some sweetener.

Step 4: Serve

Add some ice, a straw, and anything you want to garnish your cold brew chai tea with whipped cream, a cinnamon stick, or cocoa powder. Then sit back and enjoy! You might also be interested in our guide on whether you can make tea in a moka pot.


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